This article originally appeared in the 3 September 2015 edition of Finweek. Click on the image above to download.

COVER: 10 Ways to spring-clean your finances

It’s that time of the year when your spending is about to increase. Holidays, gifts and a new year – which brings increases in your big ticket items – are a couple of months away. Finweek contributor Marcia Klein, ensures you are prepared and enter the holiday season and new year with a spring in your step.

Brian Molefe. CEO of Eskom. Photo: James Oatway.

NEWS: Clash of the titans: Eskom vs Glencore

It’s questionable whether Eskom will have any success extracting R2bn in penalties from Glencore over a claim for non-performance of their coal supply to the parastatal. Finweek contributor David Mckay delves deeper into the complex battle.


OPINION: Oil at $40/barrel? 
You wouldn’t really say

Ever wondered how things are fairing in Nigeria since the drawn-out battle the country has been experiencing with low oil prices? There seems to be a mixed bag of reactions on how both the Nigerian state and its citizens experience the current state of the country’s economy.

Worker in front of the electric arc furnace in steel mill.

INSIGHT: Is SA’s steel industry a lost cause?

With the local steel industry hanging by a thread, and failing to make profits, analysts say it might be on its way to becoming irrelevant to the economy. Finweek contributor Ciaran Ryan writes about how some are calling for import duties on steel, while others say any move to turn things around might only offer a temporary solution.


MARKET: What happened to the emerging markets dream?

Emerging markets, once viewed with so much optimism, are now at the point of widespread pessimism. Tristan Hanson, Head of Asset Allocation at Ashburton Investments, reflects on the reasons behind this and what the future holds for these economies.


ENTREPRENEUR: How to spark life into your start-up

Starting your own business is an exciting endeavour that offers both personal and professional fulfilment. Before you start though, save yourself time and money by making yourself aware of what’s needed to start a business. entrepreneur and CEO of SMEasy, Darlene Menzies, shares some tips.

Chart1 China Yuan_USD

Market: Making sense of the current global financial market turmoil

Since the devaluation of China’s currency started last Monday, global financial markets have been roiled by increasing “risk aversion” on the back of worries about the impact of China’s perceived faltering growth prospects on the global economy. Momentum Investments’ Head of Macro Research and Asset Allocation, Herman van Papendorp, and Economist Sanisha Packirisamy unpack what this means.

Westleigh Wilkinson, Director of OPEN, in collaboration with the V&A Waterfront.

ENTREPRENEUR: 13 Things I wish I’d known before starting up

Getting a start-up off the ground can be very challenging. That’s why receiving words of wisdom from those who have walked the journey before you is essential in ensuring you don’t repeat their mistakes. Director of OPEN, Westleigh Wilkinson, shares things he wishes he would have known before launching into entrepreneurship.


MARKET: As JSE cracks and the hunt for stable income intensifies – don’t panic

Midway through 2015, the JSE All Share Index has taken a huge knock and the hunt for stable income sources for annuity investors continues. And it seems to be increasingly challenging, says Cannon Asset Managers’ Private Client Portfolio Manager, Doug Turvey.


MARKET TURMOIL: Where Investec Asset Management sees value

Over the past few months we have seen markets start to retreat, and the most recent turmoil is a more violent expression of this. While this may come as a surprise to many, Investec Asset Management’s portfolio managers Clyde Rossouw and Sumesh Chetty, say they have believed for some time now that the elevated market levels are not sustainable.