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MONEY: 10 money questions to ask before you get married

Getting married has a huge impact on your finances. In the 9 May edition of Finweek, we’ll investigate how the different aspects of your financial life is affected by getting married. In this article, we recommend ten questions you have to answer before tying the knot.


INSIGHT: The executive merry-go-round

Recent moves in South Africa’s C-Suites prove that an “inner circle” of tried, tested and trusted managers – that show quality leadership and achieved noteworthy business results – are first choice when it comes to replacing exiting CEOs or non-executive directors on boards. We look at what is referred to as the merry-go-round.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Fin-tech matchmaking leading to new love

New marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist, AngelList, Etsy and Zando have thrived on the Internet for a long time. These platforms seek to remove friction between innovative ideas or products and their potential buyers. We look at how this is happening in financial services.

Simon Brown

JSE Direct #146

In this week’s JSE Direct, Simon Brown talks about the latest Finweek cover story called, “Hot sauce, big money” by Blair Burmeister. He takes a look at what’s happening to gold, when to take profits and The Investment Checklist by Michael Sheam.

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INSIGHT: Treaty shopping may leave companies empty handed

According to Deloitte, tax treaty benefits may not be granted as easily as they were in the past due to the implementation of stricter rules by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. We take a closer look.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Economic growth boosted by entrepreneurial development

Unemployment is one of the biggest factors driving entrepreneurship in South Africa. We look at why opportunity-driven entrepreneurship is required in SA rather than necessity-driven entrepreneurship and how it can be achieved.


OPINION: Social media should be on exco agenda

Far from being the realm of forward thinking advertising types, social media has become integral in the management of all aspects of a business. Gordon Geldenhuys of 25AM argues it’s high time to bring social media into the boardroom.


Finweek Quiz #22

Welcome to this week’s Finweek Quiz! Flex your brain with our questions on the most recent edition of the magazine and to see how much attention you’ve paid to the recent current events.

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