Best places to invest in Africa

There is plenty of data to suggest that the African continent is one of the most attractive investment destinations around. However there is an overall sense of a "high risk, high reward" trade-off for investors.

According to the Ernst & Young’s Africa 2012 Attractiveness Survey, interest in the African continent as an investment destination is on the up. The research shows that foreign direct investment (FDI) projects into Africa have grown at a compound rate of almost 20% between 2007 and 2011. This trend continued last year, with projects increasing at a rate of 27% year-on-year and Africa’s global share of FDI rose from 4.5% in 2010 up to 5.5% in 2011.

Unfortunately Africa tends to get lumped together as a single investment destination with little regard for country or regional specific risks and opportunities.

This excellent graphic from Ernst & Young provides an easy to use starting point for assessing risk on the continent:

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