Taking the Gap: 13 November

Simon chats to Andy Hadfield about raising capital for start-ups in South Africa, rewarding staff with time off and brings this week's link on 'returnships'.

Andy Hadfield, Andyhadfield.com & RealTimeWine

Officially, Hadfield is not an expert on raising capita but has real world experience having raised money for what was essentially a blog and an idea - RealTimeWine. What is the state of angel and venture capital raising in South Africa? It seems bleak but maybe it is just early days?

Timeless advice

How do you reward staff? Money is great but is it everything? What about time off? Get your team to select the best member every month and give the winner a Monday or Friday off? A lazy day at home is a real reward.

Link for the week - Returnship: The 40-year-old intern


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