JSEDirect: Episode 76

Simon chats Finweek cover story, results from Verimark and MiXTelematics, and what is the most important part of the trade?

Finweek editor Marc Ashton on the cover story for 16 November - 'Africa’s expat billions,' by Mandy de Waal & Jonathan H Pienaar

Stefan Joselowitz - CEO, MiXTelematics

A very good six months with a first interim dividend and very strong growth in subscribers. Annuity and international revenue continued to improve as both are now over 50% of total revenue. Fleet solutions remains the major source of revenue but they are looking to roll consumer solutions to other countries.

I encourage everybody to read the 'A word from the CEO' from these results. It is the best I have read in terms of helping one explain a company and what is and isn't working.

Mike van Straaten - CEO, Verimark

A tough six months in which the rand's weakness took a lot of shine off profits as prices were only hiked around mid-year. The new warehouse has been delayed until 2013 and, working out of four different warehouses, they still managed to keep the increase in expenses to 1%.

Trader Talk

A simple question, what's the most important part of the trade? Simon suggests it is not the chart, it is not the buying but rather it is the selling.

Link for the week: The changing African consumer


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