JSEDirect: Episode 77

Simon chats about the Finweek cover story, results from Ansys and B&W Instrumentation and Electrical, plus this week's link on how to build a trading plan.


Marc Ashton - Editor, Finweek

'Can Crowdfunding Kickstart SA Business?' - by Jessica Hubbard and Marc Ashton

Teddy Daka - CEO, Ansys

They have completed the restructuring process but mining was hit hard. Rail revenue was up but reported a loss for the segment. The Transnet capex spend is big for Anasys as is the Rope Monitoring Systems.

Brian Harley - CEO, B&W Instrumentation and Electrical

Returning to profit and cash flow positive but it remains very tough. Even with an improving order book it is mostly at lower margins. They do see some positives in the renewable energy and oil and gas spaces, however overall a tough FY2013 is expected.

Trader Talk

Trade the trend. A conversation on a chat forum about shorting FSR and the pain and losses it caused. Short stocks that are going down, by stocks that are going up. Use MA or whatever to determine the trend, but don't trade against the trend. At best you'll get lucky and make a small profit at worse you'll get ripped. Buy new highs - sell new lows.

Link for the week: How to build a trading plan


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