Taking the Gap: 27 November

Simon chats to Dave Loxton of Werksmans Attorneys about protecting your business from fraud, putting policies in place and the link for the week - The Entrepreneur's Creed

Dave Loxton director at Werksmans Attorneys

Dave is a specialist in the white collar crime and forensics practice and we talk about spotting potential risks for fraud within your company as well as being proactive to reduce the potential for fraud. Importantly, he also suggests leaders set the right example to staff.

Thought for the week

Have policies in place. Sure, we want to be a fun, footloose sort of company but policies are critical in setting the standards and ensuring that everybody knows where they stand. They also protect not only the company but also the individual and certainly policies can be designed in conjunction with staff - making them fair and ensuring everybody understands why they are in place.

Link for the week: The Entrepreneur's Creed

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