JSEDirect: Episode 78

Simon chats to Marc Ashton on Finweek cover story, results from Arrowhead Properties and new incarnation Sherbourne Capital, and the link for the week - '50 Unfortunate Truths About Investing.'

Marc Ashton - Editor, Finweek (30 November)

'SA’s five worst CEO jobs,' by Bruce Whitfield

Mark Kaplan - COO and Gerald Leissner CEO, Arrowhead Properties

Smaller property stock with A and B units that let investors decide on different risk levels and with quarterly payments. Widespread of geographies and with gearing now down at 28% - likely to be shopping for more properties.

Sagie van Niekerk - CEO, Sherbourne Capital

The plan is to buy into non-listed companies to help them grow and reap the benefits, but it is still very early days.

Trader Talk

Talking single-stock futures with Lavan Gopaul of 28E Capital

Link for the week: 50 Unfortunate Truths About Investing

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