This Finweek portfolio delivered 27% since January

Mock portfolios are always something of a mugs game. Those who have a good year trumpet their successes while those who perform poorly are quick to write them off as not being reflective of how investors would operate with their own money.

Having said that, we thought it would be fun to revisit our "Acorn" portfolio which we developed in January 2012. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it had delivered 27% return which is significantly better than the JSE Top40 which has only delivered 16.5% to date.

Below are the constituents that we included in the Acorn portfolio and their return since 6 January 2012. :

  • Stanlib Small-Cap Fund (12.6%)
  • Investec Opportunity Fund (14.5%)
  • Brait (78%)
  • PSG (35.8%)
  • RE:CM & Calibre (2%)
  • Reinet (19%)

(We have excluded dividends and costs for the purposes of this calculation)

If you had invested R10000 into each of the components, the portfolio today would be worth R76273. A fairly tasty return in a tough year.

Check out the next edition of Finweek to find out how we are going to be updating this portfolio in 2013 and why we think it could deliver a similar return in the new year. Get onto our subscribers list now.

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