Tweeting on the throne?

Yes we know that the "Twitterverse" has been alive with speculation around the next Royal Baby and this has set social networks alight. However, we’re not talking about the British monarchy, but rather a study by Nielsen's which reveals that nearly a third of Americans use social networking while in the bathroom.

Considering that Americans spent a total of 121.18bn minutes on social media in July alone, it’s not surprising that the multi-tasking doesn’t end there. According to the survey, 44% of tablet and 38% of smartphone users access social networking sites while watching TV. In fact, almost a third of active US twitter users tweeted TV-related content in June this year and those between the ages of 35 and 44 were the most likely to do so. Couch potatoes in the Middle East/Africa region are even more likely to be keeping one eye on their social feeds – up to 63% of consumers surveyed interact with social media while watching TV.

Reinforcing the stereotype that women are more social creatures – women spent nearly 1.5 times as long as men accessing social media.

The survey also highlights social media’s significant influence on consumer’s decisions and actions. In the Middle East/Africa region, for instance, 30% of online consumers use social media to gain insight about brands, products and services. Consumers in this region are most likely to use social media product views to inform their purchases of entertainment, home electronics, food and beverages and clothing.

- Simona Levet

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