SA bookies missed out big time with this punch

Social media shy South African bookmakers missed out on some good money this morning when Juan Manuel Marquez knocked out Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao in the sixth round of their fight.

This fight had garnered a lot of interest both locally and abroad and while it has been a relatively big sporting weekend with the Soweto Derby and  Rugby "Sevens" taking centre stage, one has to believe that local bookmakers could have done a bit more in the build-up to engage their audience a bit more.

Sure it was an early Sunday morning fight but here's a wrap of exactly what the bookies did on the social media front:

It is nearly two hours after the fight and here is what is trending on Twitter right now:

In case you missed it, this is the punch that knocked out PacMan:



  1. Hardly surprising. Most South African businesses will only jump on online marketing when they see someone else do it not because it actually benefits their business. I know this first hand from constantly providing these products to various industries. They only get the light bulb moment AFTER seeing what they have missed already. Oh well!

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