Taking the Gap – 18 December 2012

Simon revisits the top four interviews from 2012; staffing, meetings, thank you and apps.

Barrie Brameley - Chief imagination officer at BarrieBramely.com

How to find and retain talented staff. Staffing is a vexing issue and maybe more so with smaller businesses due to typically smaller staff size. Barrie gives some ideas on how to spot great potential staff and also how to work with them so that they stay and benefit your business. My thinking is that small companies can have an edge on the larger corporate but we need to use that edge to our advantage

Samantha Willan - Gender HIV/Aids Consultant

5 Tips (+ a bonus) on productive meetings. For most everybody meetings are at best a total waste of time at worst they are killing our brain. So how do we make sure meetings are productive with real tangible out comes and not a waste of everybody's time? Samantha has five tips plus one bonus tip on ensuring super productive meetings.

Colette Symanowitz - MD and Founder of MBAconnect.net

The power of thank you. A simple deserved thank you. We were all taught please and thank you as children, but are we still using thank you in our personal and professional life? Bottom line in this hectic and busy world it is a simple tool that if well used can make you stand out from the crowd.

Andy Hadfield - founder RealTimeWine.com

Apps for business; the world is going app crazy. We have them on our smart phone, tablet and soon our TV. But does every businesses need an app? What do they cost? What's the process? What format? Are there alternatives?

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