Cover: Kevin Hedderwick – The man who built Famous Brands

If South Africa’s corporate establishment is guilty of anything, it’s the penchant for appointing chief executives cast almost routinely from the same boring mould. White, male, privately educated, chartered accountant and preferably a golf handicap in the low single digits are the credentials most-treasured in SA’s corporate echelons.

Against this backdrop Kevin Hedderwick, CEO of fast-food group Famous Brands, is a breath of fresh air. He may be a pale male, but in many ways he breaks the mould. For starters there’s no obligatory business school qualification in the short biography that accompanies his picture in the Famous Brands annual report. Mercifully, there is no clipped, private school accent either.


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  1. Mr Kevin I can name him new name “Dr kevin Heddewick he is my inspirator I like tha way he doing things

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