MONEY: Shiller’s secret weapon says: Beware!


Nobel Prize laureate and one of the world’s top economists, Professor Robert Shiller of Yale University warns that the New York Stock Exchange may be on the brink of a bear market. His past predictions have been accurately fulfilled. His secret weapon, the Cyclically Adjusted Price-Earnings ratio indicates that investors should take caution.

MONEY: Consumers cautious on spending


Reports released by the National Credit Regulator indicate that consumers have been cautious about their spending in the second quarter of the year. One of the trends observed indicate that there has been a marginal uptick in mortgages credit extension.

INSIGHT: Is SA the most unequal society in the world?


It is often said that South Africa is the most unequal society in the world. Conversation Africa’s Business and Economy Editor Andile Makholwa put a few questions to Haroon Bhorat, Professor of Economics and Director of the Development Policy Research Unit at the University of Cape Town. This article originally appeared in The Conversation.

OPINION: The benefits of leveraging others

business team work

What a person can achieve by themselves is limiting. By leveraging the strength of others can help you achieve more than you can by yourself.

OPINION: Investment- It’s all about the process


Whether the challenge is low growth or complex monetary policy, financial advisors need a strong process to help them deliver the right advice to their clients.

VIDEO: Tell your money where to go

Marriage savings

The second episode of the “Change in your pocket” series by BrightRock focuses on making that pay cheque work for you. Financial Journalist Maya Fisher-French in this episode talks to you about taking control of your money by drawing up the ideal budget.

COLUMN: We need more foreign direct investment. Not less.

Johan Fourie

A new NBER working paper reveals how FDI encourages domestic innovation, writes Finweek Columnist Johan Fourie.

MONEY: The basics when applying for car finance


When applying for car finance, it is important that you draw up a budget showing your disposable income so that banks can grant you affordable credit. A personal budget, relevant paper work are only the first part of getting a car loan. You can still negotiate the structure of the deal.

BUSINESS: Financial literacy skills crucial for SMEs

Entrepreneur thinking

Many owners of SMEs do not have the financial literacy skills to effectively manage the full financial component of a growing business. SMEs need to be given support by equipping them with the ability to understand and manage financial structures and to grow business sustainably.