NEWS: Rolling blackouts, renewable energy and lessons learned

Namibia in power crunch

The year 2008 brought with it the phenomenon of blackouts. the power cuts caused losses to productivity spurring on alternative solutions like renewable energy. Paul Semple unpacks the lessons learned in trying to resolve the energy crisis.

MANAGEMENT: Backup is no longer enough


Businesses employ backup systems as a measure of insurance. But what may be more important is availability and access to data centres.

PROPERTY: Beware of criminal syndicates


A number of criminal syndicates are operating in sectional title complexes, in which they fraudulently apply for lease agreements, warns Sheree Peach of Renprop.

MANAGEMENT: Environmental law moves to the boardroom


Compliance with environmental law is receiving more prominence among issues discussed in the boardroom.

PROPERTY: Avoid these home pricing mistakes


Homeowners placing their houses on the market want to get the best possible return on their investment. having a good pricing strategy for your home is essential. CEO of Remax, Adrian Goslett gives tips to avoid home pricing mistakes.

INSIGHT: Online credit card spend increases 7%

Online shopping 2

The growth in online credit card shopping amounts to 12% for 2014. This comes as consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping.

MONEY: Fire- Are you adequately insured?


Making sure your assets are insured from fire disasters can save you from costs related to property damage. Rikus Visser, CEO of PSG Insure discusses a few things to bear in mind regarding home insurance for when the fire season blazes.

MARKET SNIPPET: 30 March 2015

Mabyanine Phiri

South Africa may face a risk of strikes as government and unions fail to reach an agreement in wage negotiations. More in the Market Snippet.

MANAGEMENT: Is multi-banking good or bad for business?


Multi-banking is a rising trend among businesses, public institutions and individuals. Yudhvir Seetharam, Head of Analytics at FNB Business gives advantages and disadvantages to consider being multi-banked.

ENTREPRENEUR: Avoid making foolish business mistakes

Entrepreneur thinking

Entrepreneurs starting out with their ventures make business mistakes that see the untimely termination of their endeavours. Christo Botes, spokesperson of the 2015 Sanlam/Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year advises entrepreneurs on avoiding some of these pitfalls.