OPINION: Want to be the boss?


Does your dream job include a lavish office and fat paycheck? Bruce Whitfield talks about the negativity surrounding a CEO position.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Risking your way out of the nine-to-five

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How does one make real money in the current South African economy? Bruce Whitfield explains.

MANAGEMENT: The worst CEOs of 2013


Bruce Whitfield has taken share prices as a guide and identified the worst CEOs of 2013. Although some sectors are struggling due to economic difficulty, he decided to use sectors individually. We take a closer look.

INVESTMENT: SA’s best bank CEO


It’s not surprising that retail banking confidence has plunged, consumer confidence is down, the country has lost twice as many work days to strike action this year and consumers are increasingly turning to credit. We look at how the performance of SA’s top banks affects the economy.

OPINION: Who really wants to be the Eskom CEO?

Bruce Whitfield

Eskom still has no new CEO for when the current CEO Brian Dames leaves the position at the end of March. Finweek journalist, Bruce Whitfield talks about this and explains what the future holds for Eskom.

INSIGHT: Is South Africa losing its mojo?

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Not too long ago, foreign executives were desperate to participate in the promising dynamic business platform that South Africa offers. This however, has changed over the past few years. Foreigners are just not that into us anymore.

OPINION: Unwinding Empires

Bruce Whitfield

Some South African companies have enjoyed tremendous success over the years and some have failed. But Bruce Whitfield identifies an alarming trend that has grown in the South African corporate industry.

What’s that echo at Abil?

Bruce Whitfield

The rambling executive suite at African Bank’s Midrand headquarters is an increasingly lonely place for its beleaguered CEO Leon Kirkinis following the resignation of another two executive directors. Bruce Whitfield unpacks this further.

INVESTMENT: China’s our China

Bruce Whitfield

The Chinese are coming to South Africa to do business. Bruce Whitfield investigates the property development venture otherwise known as the “Manhattan in Africa” which promises some good investment in South Africa over the next fifteen years.

African Bank – connecting the dots

Bruce Whitfield

Finweek journalist Bruce Whitfield has a theory around who the next bidder for troubled furniture retailer Ellerines might be after a board shake-up at African Bank Investments Limited