COVER STORY: The year that was

The 18 December 2014 edition of Finweek available for download now and on shelves from 11 December 2014.

2014 was a political and economic roller coaster. In this week’s cover story, journalist Liesl Peyper gives a round-up of all 2014’s top stories.

ECONOMY: A plan that unites business

South Africa

The National Development Plan has for the past few years been a highly supported Government-commissioned plan. Finweek takes a look at what can be expected for South Africa’s private sector in the following years.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Labour regulation hampers entrepreneurial growth


Although South Africa embraces a culture of entrepreneurship, there are still significant stumbling blocks of which labour regulation tops the list. The report found the cost of firing workers as the most notable detractor for entrepreneurship, and the results of the World Economic Forum (WEF) confirms this.

NEWS: No state funding for injured Marikana miners

South Africa

Radebe and his ministry held a press briefing this morning after both the Gauteng High Court and the Constitutional Court had rejected the Marikana miners’ request that the courts compel government to pay their legal fees. Radebe said government departments which take part in the hearings are represented by private legal practitioners because they are entitled to legal representation at government’s expense as employees of government.

Good and bad in government Development Indicators


“Welcome to a good-news briefing,” is how Collins Chabane, Minister in the Presidency for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, greeted journalists this morning at parliament.

City finances under the spotlight


Rapid urbanisation is putting more pressure on South Africa’s large metropolitan cities to deliver services to more people, pushing up service charges to consumers.

NYDA’s existence questioned


Scandals, malfunctioning and mismanagement continue to rock the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), but ANC MPs insist that the controversial body “gives hope” to the youth of South Africa.

NEWS: NHI green around the gills


The preparation phase of the NHI pilot project kicked off in April last year and was funded by a R1bn conditional grant from National Treasury. This morning’s report, however, paints a grim picture: as of 1 June this year, 556 primary healthcare facilities in the identified districts have been prioritised, but their readiness for the rollout of primary healthcare leave a lot to be desired.

NEWS: Tax review dream team announced


Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan yesterday announced the names and terms of reference for the long-anticipated tax review committee. In his budget speech in February, Gordhan announced his intention to assess South Africa’s tax policy framework and to see whether it is supporting inclusive growth, employment, development and fiscal sustainability.