INVESTMENT: The people who look after your investment


Have you ever wondered who makes the decisions regarding the business you’re invested in? Simon Brown explains how the people at the top manage your investment in a company.

INVESTMENT: The importance of mining codes

Mining Rustenburg

Simon Brown emphasizes the importance of reserves as part of the entire mining landscape in this article. He also explains the difficulty companies face while complying with the Samrec code.

INVESTMENT: Selecting a unit trust

Investment 3

Many people lack in knowledge about investment schemes and unit trusts. Not doing enough homework can result in an investor’s hard-earned-savings not realising the returns they should. Consider these five factors when selecting a fund.

INVESTMENT: How to position and protect your portfolio

Investment 3

Many investors worry about when a market downturn will occur and plan on selling their shares before it takes place in order to get back in at the bottom. Selling at the top and buying at the bottom is a total pipe dream. But Simon Brown explains how you can position your portfolio for the inevitable market decline.

NAMIBIA: The phenomenal growth of Trustco

Erik Venter cover

In the 25 September 2014 issue of Finweek, we take a look at the investment landscape of Namibia. This article focuses on the success story of Trustco Group Holdings Ltd.

INSIGHT: Opportunities for CFO organisations


According to a study conducted by ACCA and IMA, companies increasingly encourage their business departments to liaise with the finance team to increase better decision support. Finweek investigates the opportunities presented by business partnering in CFO organisations.

INVESTMENT: A spotlight on the banking sector


Simon Brown has taken the time to explain what the nuances are of all the sectors in SA. Today he discusses the banking sector and focuses mainly on what can be defined as the impairment ratio.

INVESTMENT: How to manage investment risk


The collapse of two Bitcoin exchanges has Finweek contributor Simon Brown concerned. A big part of investment is managing risk, and if an investment offers returns that seem too good to be true, you should probably steer clear.

ECONOMY: ‘Goldilocks’ scenario for equity investors


The world economy continues to muddle along at a pedestrian rate of growth. Tristan Hanson from Ashburton Investments shares some insights on the current pace of global economic growth.