INVESTMENT: Opportunities for investment in SA


The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the Economist Intelligence Unit have compiled a detailed study highlighting economic and investment potential in Sub-Saharan Africa. Finweek takes a look at the growth in the African economy.

INVESTMENT: Understanding the retail sector


Understanding different sectors is an important part of building an investment portfolio. In this article, Finweek contributor Simon Brown explains the retail sector.

INVESTMENT: Understanding risk and reward


Simon Brown takes a look at whether we’re looking at risk and reward right, and whether we understand the entire equation as part of investing. Read more here.

INSIGHT: BHP Billiton results driven by the “Four Pillars”


A recently released operational review by BHP Billiton revealed a 9% increase in group production with annual output records achieved across 12 operations and four commodities. We take a closer look.

ECONOMY: SA is for the daring and the brave


Glacier by Sanlam and TIME held the fifth of their successful thought-leadership forums, (The Insiders), at the Hilton Hotel in Durban. The panel discussed key issues surrounding the state of the nation as well as other relevant economic and political issues.

INTERVIEW: Exploring Augmented Reality


Finweek journalist Jessica Hubbard has been very curious about the rise in Augmented Reality. It can be defined as an emerging technology that enhances the ‘real world’ with a digital overlay. She spoke to Jason Ried, Managing Director at Fuzzy Logic to learn more.

INVESTMENT: Investing in real estate vs the stock market


It’s no secret South Africans have a severe savings-culture problem. We regularly discuss numerous ways in which to save money, but today Moxima Gama compares investing in real estate versus the stock market as successful platforms to saving.

INVESTMENT: Retail access to RECM fund reopened


Retail investors can once again get exposure to a global portfolio across a range of asset classes that trade at a significant margin of safety to their intrinsic value. RECM has partnered with Prescient to reopen access for retail investors. We investigate.

INVESTMENT: When you should sell a share


Simon Brown talks about the bigger picture when trying to sell your shares. We look at the process of matching buyers and sellers in the market.