BUSINESS: Capitalize on the changing workforce for success

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As more women take up leadership roles and as millennials enter the workforce, it is important for companies to capitalize on these business drivers.

NEWS: SA avoids recession, but economic growth constrained


South Africa’s economic growth is curbed by energy shortages, lower commodity prices and global uncertainty, according to report by rating agency, Moody’s.

PROPERTY: Inheritance- making the right call for your heirs


Unless it is held by a trust, property is not an easy asset to deal with as part of an estate. Determine whether property adds value to the inheritance you leave behind for heirs.

NEWS: Economic slowdown affects new vehicle sales


According to the latest figures from the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa, sales of new vehicles during August declined 8.2%. The slow economic growth combined with interest rate hikes have contributed to the new vehicle sales decline.

INSIGHT: Local start-ups can transform Africa’s seed industry


Africa’s seed industry is currently dominated by local start-ups and they are well positioned to promote food security and improve livelihoods among marginalised rural communities. However, better access to credit, research facilities and human resources are necessary for the industry to achieve its full potential, writes Prof. Calestous Juma of Harvard University. This article originally appeared in the Conversation.

NEWS: Mines escape windfall taxes – dealing with the bonanza


The Davis Tax Committee has rejected the introduction of new mining taxes such as windfall taxes, surcharges based on cash flows, separate flat royalty charges and rent resource taxes, saying they are not necessary given the existing mineral royalties, which should be retained. This may not seem significant now, given that the mining industry finds […]

INSIGHT: Employment engagement in SA is lacking

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A radical shift is needed to narrow declining levels of employee engagement in South Africa. A 2015 survey on the State of Employee Engagement in South Africa reveals that senior managers do not see the need to improve communication with lower staff structures, while non-managerial employees believe communication is lacking.

OPINION: Enable women for transformation in business

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Women play a crucial role in society and the economy. CEO of the JCCI, Joan Warburton-McBride shares on the importance of eradicating the barriers limiting women in business.

VIDEO: Spring clean your finances


This week’s debate in Finweek Money Matters has experts sharing on ways consumers can fix up the state of their finances. Finweek Money Matters is a weekly programme aired every Friday 13:00 CAT on CNBC Africa (DSTV Channel 410). The programme focuses on trends, investment analysis and economic debates.

INSIGHT: Longer term dangers in the market economy?


Dramatic movements on global equities market have stirred up concern for the economic future. Professor of economics at the University of New South Wales, Australia, Richard Holden shares insight on the market economy. This article originally appeared in the Conversation.