MANAGEMENT: Risks SME owners should be managing


SME owners should take a disciplined approach to managing the risks their businesses face. Risk management is a balancing act.

INSIGHT: Outlook for MTN

Technology 7

Market analyst, Shaun Murison provides insight on MTN ahead of the announcement of their interim results.

MANAGEMENT: White men still dominate SA’s private sector


Stella Nkomo from the University of Pretoria explains why white men still dominate top positions in South Africa’s private sector. This article originally appeared in The Conversation.

MANAGEMENT: The expanded audit opinion


Auditors, in collaboration with clients, are now looking at different aspects of the organisation when preparing audit reports. Revisions call for more informative opinions from auditors as their roles and financial reporting is changing.

NEWS: New car sales on the back foot


Car sales declined 6.1% in July 2015. Even though sales look bleak, they are doing well considering current market conditions.

INSIGHT: Europe- Back to business

The National flag of Greece

Following negotiations about a possible “Grexit” and the agreement to offer Greece a third bailout, the rest of the eurozone shows signs of economic improvement. However, prospects for the euro do not look so bright given that interest rates in the US are likely to rise.

INSIGHT: Cloud technology key for global competitiveness


Cloud technology can help improve productivity and has been beneficial in global expansion strategies for small and medium-sized businesses.

BUSINESS: Closing the curtain on counterfeiting


Sales of counterfeit goods are a concern to businesses worldwide, which lose up to an estimated €26.3bn. Counterfeiting has caused over 518 000 direct and indirect job losses.

INSIGHT: Pan-African expansion not simply replicable


Companies planning on expanding in Africa must realise that simply implementing a “cut and paste” approach does not always work. Every African country is different.

INVESTMENT: Little margin of safety in South African equities


Novare Investments’ economic report for the second quarter of 2015 reveals that the South African economy risks further weakness. There is little margin of safety in the local equity market.