INSIGHT: The executive merry-go-round


Recent moves in South Africa’s C-Suites prove that an “inner circle” of tried, tested and trusted managers – that show quality leadership and achieved noteworthy business results – are first choice when it comes to replacing exiting CEOs or non-executive directors on boards. We look at what is referred to as the merry-go-round.

INSIGHT: SOE transformation

Sandra Burmeister 2

A lot of industries in South Africa are still battling to get to grips with the changes in the modern economy. But today we look at what we can learn from countries like Poland who seem to be growing in the midst of the European recession.

NEWS: Top complaints lodged with the Ombudsman


The significant increase in complaints received by the Ombudsman over the past few years have been driven by the number of policies sold by the insurance industry as well as public awareness of Ombudsman offices in general. We take a closer look at the complaints data.

INSIGHT: SA confidence in rand rises


Approximately 5000 of SA’s professionals are more confident about the outlook for the economy and the prospects for the rand than last year. This is according to the PPS Graduate Professionals Confidence Index. We look at what can be expected.

MANAGEMENT TIP: Protecting your businesses’ data


In order to protect your company’s data, you’ll need to know exactly what systems to implement and who to trust with it. We examine a few tips on how data can be adequately protected while ensuring for proper access by users.

INSIGHT: SA needs an internal locus of control


The Insiders event, hosted by Glacier by Sanlam and TIME magazine on the 10th of April consisted of a debate and discussion of key issues pertaining to the economic and political landscape in South Africa. We look at our promising future.

AFRICA: Tackling corporate governance


Over the past 10 years, Africa has managed to rid itself of the image of being a liability, of a continent that mainly featured on the global agenda in terms of humanitarian aid or debt relief. We look at corporate governance in Africa and how it has positioned itself as being a continent of hope.

AFRICA: Opportunity in financial services sector


Africa’s growing economy, has increased political stability and willingness to trade with international partners which presents a significant opportunity for financial service entities to expand their customer base and derive revenue from traditional banking products. We look at DHL’s expansion into Africa.

NEWS: Majority vote secures MOI adoption of SAMA


The adoption of the revised Memorandum of Incorporation and company rules of the SA Medical Association was passed at an extra-ordinary general meeting with an 89% majority vote. We take a closer look at this significant milestone.

MANAGEMENT: Preparing clients for change in interest rate cycle


With the expectation of more interest rate hikes to come this year, it is important for investors to position their portfolios appropriately. We take a closer look.