PROPERTY: Should you let short-term or long-term?

House 2

Short-term rental is not just common in holiday and tourism destinations, but has increased among business districts, student zones and the areas around airports and conference centres.

OPINION: Mediation and the Tax Ombud


Can mediation facilitate the resolution of taxation related issues? Erika Wessels says the mandate of the Tax Ombud has to be revisited and broadened in order to ensure its neutrality.

OPINION: Avoid getting “wasted” in the food industry

Canned food

Radical change in the food processing industry to avert global food wastage, so as to increase “food productivity” and provide amplified nutritional quotients to feed the 7 bn is necessary says Roy Henderson, CEO of Green Cell Technologies.

NEWS: Resignation of SAA CEO


SAA CEO, Monwabisi Kalawe’s resignation has been finalised, settling months of legal proceedings.

BUSINESS: Integrated payments can help SMEs


Managing bulk payments to a diverse range of suppliers, employees, statutory bodies and creditors is an inflexible, manual exercise for many SMEs.
Integrated payments can help SMEs reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

NEWS: SA Airlink- From the city to the bush


SA Airlink’s plan to grow its feeder flight network is a reality now that a finance deal with Nedbank Capital has been concluded.

INVESTMENT: Trends in the market

Warrants are still an option

Ross Koesterich of BlackRock comments on the week’s market movements, falling stocks, consumer saving and quantitative easing and how they impact investment.

INSIGHT: Schizophrenia or rational exuberance in China?


The schizophrenic sentiment that has historically characterised China’s equity markets has been further cemented, indicating risks for investors?

LIFE: Upcoming Business Technology Show


The Business Technology Show, taking place 25 – 26 August 2015 at the Westin hotel in Cape Town, promises to showcase the latest tech trends, examine ever-changing mobility and application, and focus on the evolution of cloud adoption. Expert speakers from industry and government will share knowledge and insights.

MANAGEMENT: SA businesses guard against liability risks

Business risk

With the introduction of the new Companies Act, South African businesses are guarding against negligent decisions that lead to liability risks.