INVESTMENT: Opportunities for investment in SA


The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the Economist Intelligence Unit have compiled a detailed study highlighting economic and investment potential in Sub-Saharan Africa. Finweek takes a look at the growth in the African economy.

MANAGEMENT: Boost your business this Spring

Aki Kalliatakis

Spring is a great time to re-energise your business and a good time to reorganise and spruce up what your customers experience. Aki Kalliatakis points out the top six tips to revitalise the experiences that your customers have.

OPINION: Let’s stop throwing stones in the well


Anton Ressel took some time to explain how small and medium businesses in South Africa are perceived and how they affect jobs, opportunities and overall growth in the South African economy.

ECONOMY: Legislative uncertainty in the minerals industry


There has been some talk around difficulties in the South African minerals industry. Chris Stevens from Werksmans Attorneys discusses the legislative uncertainty with regards to the minerals, mining, oil and gas industries.

INVESTMENT: Understanding the retail sector


Understanding different sectors is an important part of building an investment portfolio. In this article, Finweek contributor Simon Brown explains the retail sector.

MARKET SNIPPET: 1 September 2014

Global markets

To get your daily fix on all things related to global market movements, tune in to for a snippet of what the experts have to say.

INSIGHT: The challenge of talent mobility

Challenge_talent mobility

According to the PwC report, Talent Mobility 2020, the perception around human capital across the world is changing. Lisa Illingworth looks at challenges facing the African continent in the form of human resources and talent management.

OPINION: Want to be the boss?


Does your dream job include a lavish office and fat paycheck? Bruce Whitfield talks about the negativity surrounding a CEO position.

ECONOMY: Austerity – the latest buzz word


The term ‘austerity’ is being used all over stock markets. Austerity measures are when Government tightens its belt to help bring expenditure more in line with revenue in tough economic times. Moxima Gama investigates.

NEWS: Travelling to Ebola high-risk areas?

announcement 2

Are you planning on a trip to West Africa any time soon? Finweek takes a look at a list of important procedures that must be followed to prevent the Ebola virus from entering South Africa.