NEWS: SAA takes Boeing 737-800 replica to schools


In an attempt to raise awareness about career options available in the aviation industry, South African Airways, in partnership with Boeing, unveiled a Boeing 737-800 aircraft replica over the weekend, which will be visiting schools around the country. Glenda Williams investigates.

INVESTMENT: Tread carefully when investing in construction


Construction stocks are cyclical as they are characterised by boom periods followed by bust periods. According to Finweek contributor Simon Brown, this boom-and-bust nature means that we need to time investments in this sector. Here’s what to look out for when investing in construction stocks.

MONEY: The right to self-government

Andile khumalo 2

After leaving your nine to five behind and creating your own stable business, you consider taking it up a notch by getting an investor in to promote business growth. Andile Khumalo talks about the pros and cons of self-government in a company.

MANAGEMENT: Skills required to grow a business

Ravi Govender

SA entrepreneurs are often faced with the challenge of retaining skilled and experienced people in their businesses. Standard Bank’s Ravi Govender looks at ways in which to attract and keep skills within a company to ensure long-term growth.

MARKET SNIPPET: 22 September 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

The monetary policy as a corrective instrument is proving insufficient for the troubled economy. Local economic issues will require strategic fiscal policy efforts together with the monetary policy as an effective solution. All this in today’s Market Snippet.

INVESTMENT: How to position and protect your portfolio

Investment 3

Many investors worry about when a market downturn will occur and plan on selling their shares before it takes place in order to get back in at the bottom. Selling at the top and buying at the bottom is a total pipe dream. But Simon Brown explains how you can position your portfolio for the inevitable market decline.

INVESTMENT: Insurance for small businesses

Rain cover

It’s a known fact that insurance is one of the most neglected small-business responsibilities, and not having insurance can create immense complications with your assets. Moxima Gama gives some reasons why a small business should cover itself.

ECONOMY: Consumers relieved over stable interest rates


Increasing debt levels in South Africa require roughly 76% of household income. This is why highly indebted South Africans are very pleased with the unchanged interest rate, announced on the 18th of September 2014.

PROPERTY: Stable repo rate good news for housing market


The Monetary Policy Committee’s decision to keep the repo rate stable is good news, particularly for mortgage-dependent homeowners and aspirant home buyers. Andrew Golding of the Pam Golding Property Group explains further.

MARKET SNIPPET: 19 September 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

Mabyanine Phiri explains how the slow growth in the South African economy, together with the depreciating exchange rate, are among the factors contributing to the the decision to keep rates unchanged. All this and more in today’s Market Snippet.