BUSINESS: Club travel solutions for small businesses

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Small businesses can look at business travel in a whole new light thanks to a new online subscription based service. Club Travel Business Solutions aims to transform travel for small to medium enterprises. Finweek investigates.

MARKET SNIPPET: 22 October 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

It’s Mid-term Budget day and the entire financial community is eager to hear what Nhlanhla Nene has to say about the lethargic economy, writes Mabyanine Phiri in today’s Market Snippet.

INVESTMENT: Boosting SME development with Social Impact Bonds


The National Treasury is looking into the feasibility of a new financial instrument for social programmes called Social Impact Bonds. Blair Burmeister talks about how SIBs will work in South Africa.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 5 tips for outstanding customer service

Customer service

Although customers aren’t always right they do have the power to make or break a reputation, and good customer service forms the basis of a successful business to consumer organisation. Dale Carnegie Training gives us five tips for great customer service.

MANAGEMENT: When individuals flourish, organisations prosper


We’ve all read research on what makes people miserable at work, but what happens when we start thinking about what makes happy and productive employees? What effect does a happy employee have on her environment? Prof Ian Rothmann and his team found the answers.

MARKET SNIPPET: 21 October 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

The challenges posed by the Ebola outbreak in Africa are increasing. Mabyanine Phiri talks about the economic growth horizon in Africa in today’s Market Snippet.

MANAGEMENT: Why interns make good business sense


Many South African business owners are hesitant when it comes to hiring interns in their organisations. Initiatives such as the Graduate Asset Programme can assist businesses in finding interns to suit their requirements.Timothy Stuurman discusses five reasons for taking on interns.

OPINION: Legislation not enough to end strike violence


The DA’s proposal that trade unions should be held accountable for violence during industrial action won’t be enough to curb violent strikes in South Africa, opines SEIFSA executive Gordon Angus in this thought-provoking opinion piece.

OPINION: Legislative reforms compromising SA judiciary


Until roughly 2004, South Africa saw an initial unified, independent judiciary. Unfortunately, recent legislative activity and the attitude and statements of the ANC have caused concern for the sacrosanctity of such independence. Kathleen Louw from Werksmans Attorneys elaborates.

MARKET SNIPPET: 20 October 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

South Africans are anticipating to hear more about our current economic challenges as the national budget approaches. Mabyanine Phiri talks about the biggest concerns in today’s Market Snippet.