2015: Africa outlook

Paul Jooste

How will development on the continent affect the South African economy? Who will the big players be in 2015? Coface’s Paul Jooste gives an Africa outlook for 2015.

2015: World economic outlook

Innocent Dutrio

Innocent Dutrio of Bain & Partners says while the players in the world economy will still be the same in 2015, their roles might change in the coming year.

2014: Our favourite infographics

The business world of women

Our favourite infographics of 2014, all in one place!

2015: Healthcare outlook

Stavros Nicolaou

National healthcare and local manufacturing are expected to affect the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in 2015, according to Stavros Nicolaou.

INSIGHT: What is delaying transformation?


Transformation is a government mandated business imperative, yet companies seem to be dragging their feet. Why is transforming the workforce taking so long?

INSIGHT: Retail trends in 2015


In 2015, the retail industry will become even more customer-centric, Black Friday will become an even bigger global phenomenon and the line between online and offline service will be blurred.

INSIGHT: Playing poker with OPEC

World 4

Why did the oil price suddenly fall? What will it mean for the economy and the oil price going forward? Ashburton Investments’ Richard Robinson explains the whys and hows of the falling oil price.

INVESTMENT: 10 Outrageous Predictions for 2015

Over worked

The world can be a strange place, but what will happen to the markets if the most outrageous political, natural and economic events transpire? Saxo Bank has a few ideas.

INVESTMENT: Valuing markets and forecasting returns

Year Real Returns on the S&P 500 V Returns Predicted by q Ratio

There are many theories on how to value markets and forecast returns, but on which theory should your portfolio be based. Derry Pickford from Ashburton Investments sheds some light on the matter.

INVESTMENT: BlackRock’s 2015 world outlook


BlackRock Investments expects economic acceleration in the US, is keeping a close eye on Japan and recommends emerging markets should do more to unlock their own potential. Find out more about their 2015 outlook here.