MANAGEMENT: Backup is no longer enough


Businesses employ backup systems as a measure of insurance. But what may be more important is availability and access to data centres.

MANAGEMENT: Environmental law moves to the boardroom


Compliance with environmental law is receiving more prominence among issues discussed in the boardroom.

INSIGHT: Online credit card spend increases 7%

Online shopping 2

The growth in online credit card shopping amounts to 12% for 2014. This comes as consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping.

MANAGEMENT: Is multi-banking good or bad for business?


Multi-banking is a rising trend among businesses, public institutions and individuals. Yudhvir Seetharam, Head of Analytics at FNB Business gives advantages and disadvantages to consider being multi-banked.

MANAGEMENT: Customers are not always right

Moxima Gama

Contrary to popular belief, the customer is not always right. Finweek contributor Moxima Gama gives tips on how to manage these situations politely.

MANAGEMENT: Tips to keep data safe in the cloud


Having credible cloud software doesn’t mean you can slack on information security. Steven Cohen gives tips for you to protect your business from data security threats.

MANAGEMENT: Wrapping up retirement funds


Employers, beneficiaries and trustees can avert long-tail risks by liquidating retirement funds instead of simply deregistering funds after all assets and members have transferred out of the fund.

INSIGHT: Which companies benefit from the lower oil price?


The lower oil price appears to be benefiting smaller, SA-facing stocks, according to Andrew Newell of Canon Asset Managers.

BUSINESS: Top three qualities of a good manager

Emplyees 90

Managers have the power to make or break a business. Experts say they need three very important qualities to retain staff and run profitable business.

BUSINESS: Ensure that your franchise remains successful

Morne Cronje_FNB Franchising2

South African franchises are confident in the growth prospects. A rejuvenated work environment is essential for the survival and growth of a franchise, says Morne Cronje, head of FNB Franchise.