IDEA: How to create an energetic workplace


It is important that businesses devote resources to creating high energy zones that support their staff from both a mental and physical point of view. In other words, providing spaces that generate energy. In this post we tell you how.

INSIGHT: Emerging vs developed market challenges


For any business to enter a new market can be risky and terrifying. Finweek looked at opportunities presented by the nascent African e-commerce industry and ways for companies to position themselves for success in emerging African markets.

CORPORATE IDEA: Cross-border expansion – The fast and fleet-footed


Despite the risks associated with Africa, South African businesses are now looking to expand into the rest of the continent. We look at what can be expected from the growing African economy within the next few years.

CORPORATE IDEA: Embracing the e-commerce opportunity


The hype around e-commerce (electronic commerce) is growing at a rapid rate in South Africa. While the total portion of online retail sales is only around 2% currently, people are steadily gaining access to smartphones and cheaper broadband. We look at the fueled growth of this opportunity.

OPINION: Social media should be on exco agenda


Far from being the realm of forward thinking advertising types, social media has become integral in the management of all aspects of a business. Gordon Geldenhuys of 25AM argues it’s high time to bring social media into the boardroom.

INVESTMENT: Follow the momentum


Simon Brown provides some pointers on the infinite number of strategies available to fit almost all requirements, risk profiles or time frames of investments. We take a closer look.

INVESTMENT: The post-QE landscape

money road

Marriott, the Income Specialists, contemplates the investment landscape in a post-QE world. We look at why low yields resulted in foreign money flowing into emerging markets in search of higher yields.

POWER LUNCH: Understand economics in 30 minutes


In this video, basic economic principles are explained in a way that is easy to understand and even easier to remember. Spruce up your future dinner table conversations, understand the economy and be awesome by the end of your lunch hour.

INSIGHT: Marijuana revolution


The legalisation of medical marijuana remains a contentious issue in many countries around the world. This week we investigate the possible economic implications of the legalisation of medical marijuana.

Finance for non-financial sorts: In response to marketing matters


This is a new series prepared by Finweek that aims to unpack financial jargon in an easy-to-understand and accessible format. Instead of making accounting dry and boring, we show readers how to apply it to their businesses and investments.