ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 5 tips for outstanding customer service

Customer service

Although customers aren’t always right they do have the power to make or break a reputation, and good customer service forms the basis of a successful business to consumer organisation. Dale Carnegie Training gives us five tips for great customer service.

MANAGEMENT: Why interns make good business sense


Many South African business owners are hesitant when it comes to hiring interns in their organisations. Initiatives such as the Graduate Asset Programme can assist businesses in finding interns to suit their requirements.Timothy Stuurman discusses five reasons for taking on interns.

OPINION: Legislation not enough to end strike violence


The DA’s proposal that trade unions should be held accountable for violence during industrial action won’t be enough to curb violent strikes in South Africa, opines SEIFSA executive Gordon Angus in this thought-provoking opinion piece.

OPINION: Legislative reforms compromising SA judiciary


Until roughly 2004, South Africa saw an initial unified, independent judiciary. Unfortunately, recent legislative activity and the attitude and statements of the ANC have caused concern for the sacrosanctity of such independence. Kathleen Louw from Werksmans Attorneys elaborates.

WORKPLACE: How to email like a pro

Email 2

Many people often don’t realise the negative impressions their email behaviour is creating in the minds of their peers. Donna Rachelson from Branding and Marketing You gives a few tips on how to properly use email in the workplace.

DEBATE: Do execs earn too much?


The very contentious issue of bonuses and compensation packages will once again come up as the year comes to a close. Executive pay is often criticised due to the business risk it poses, but does it really affect the potential growth and sustainability of a company?

OPINION: Macro digest – the mood sours


In this timely analysis, Steen Jakobsen from Saxo Bank shares his sentiment towards the current macro-economic climate in South Africa. Read more here.

PROPERTY: Maximising profits in property


Like with all investments, the key to maximising profits is buying well and then ensuring that you sell well. Finweek takes a look at a few factors to keep in mind when trying to generate wealth when investing in property.

INVESTMENT: Dividends capture investor imagination

Management 2

The need to generate income in an uncertain investment landscape with record low interest rates has lured investors into riskier parts of the bond market. Rynel Moodley talks about alternative features of generating income through investments.

PROPERTY: Buyers still determine the price


As the property market continues to turn, it seems that buyers still determine the price. Market-related pricing is however very important when trying to sell your house. Finweek explores a few important factors home buyers are on the lookout for.