CEO WATCH: Satrix’s Helena Conradie

Satrix CEO Helena Conradie

Helena Conradie took over the reins as CEO of passive investment house Satrix in November 2013. In the 28 August edition of Finweek, we talk to Conradie about her new role and the strong competition from and newcomer EasyEquities.

MANAGEMENT: Choose the right location for your franchise


If you’re considering opening a franchise, you might want to take a look at these few pointers on how to select the perfect location for your business. We take a closer look.

WORKPLACE: Working through conflict

businessman want to fight with his competitor

The very existence of conflict in the office is toxic, and potentially damaging to the organisation on a variety of levels. We take a look at factors surrounding conflict in the workplace and how it can be solved effectively.

INSIGHT: Breathalysers in the workplace


South Africa genuinely has a problem with frequently employed alcohol abusers missing work and costing the economy millions. We take a look at the implications of employees under the influence of alcohol during work hours.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Gaining access to new markets

Ravi Govender

Ravi Govender from Standard Bank talks about the necessity of having access to the right market when entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. We take a closer look.

INSIGHT: Strategy and the role of your board

Bashir Khan

The term strategy refers to a framework of holistic strategic thinking that includes the formulation of the strategy, the implementation thereof and the continuous review and improvement of the steps taken along the way. We take a look at what strategic management can mean to your business.

WORKPLACE: Tips for a productive home office

Richard Henn

Times are changing and people are becoming more flexible when it comes to the work environment. We take a look at a few tips on how one can create a productive home office.

ECONOMY: The true price of absenteeism

happy employees

According to statistics, employee absenteeism costs the South African economy between R12- to 16bn annually. We look at a few contributing factors that affect the lack of productivity amongst employees that also result in absenteeism.

WORKPLACE: How to deal with sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is still very relevant and still occurs daily. We look at a few tips on how to handle sexual harassment and approach this problem in the best possible way.

MANAGEMENT: Honouring the psychological contract


It is widely known that employee engagement is a significant driver of employee and organisational performance. And like with any other relationship, employers and employees have certain expectations of one another. We take a look at psychological contracts in the workplace. Unwritten but undeniable.