TECHNOLOGY: How retailers can own 2015

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Everybody is anxious to see how the festive season will pan out due to the current weak economic growth in SA, leaving companies under a lot of pressure to perform. Lynette Hundermark looks at how retailers can use mobile technology to connect with customers.

INSIGHT: Talent management can improve service delivery

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If local authorities paid more attention to talent management, their service delivery levels should rise accordingly. Read more here to understand how talent management can improve local government institutions.

TECHNOLOGY: Benefits (and risks) of the mobile organization

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Mobile usage in today’s corporate environment has skyrocketed. Blair Burmeister investigates the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era and how this affects companies and its employees.

MANAGEMENT: The trouble with unpaid internships

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A company in the US broke federal law by employing two interns without any pay during a film production. In South Africa, unpaid internships are legal but it prompted Blair Burmeister to investigate the situation.

INVESTMENT: Keeping an eye on that dividend cover


Simon Brown talks about the role of dividends and how they are regularly neglected by investors. Read more here.

EXCLUSIVE: Phuti Mahanyele’s five secrets to success

Phuti Mahanyele Shanduka Group CEO

Finweek editor asked Shanduka Group CEO and ForbesWoman Africa 2014 Business Woman of the Year Phuti Mahanyele to share her secrets to success with young and ambitious Finweek readers. Here Mahanyele shares five secrets to success.

MANAGEMENT: Gamification in the workplace

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Gamification, or the use of game-like mechanics in a non-game environment, like a business, has gained popularity in recent years, particularly in the world of marketing and customer loyalty. It can also now be used as a form of management to measure and reward progress in the office.

MANAGEMENT: How to keep employees happy

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In any organisation you’ll find two types of employees, the motivated and the de-motivated employees. The role of the manager is to keep all the employees fuelled to perform at their best. Olivia Eleanor Timothy from Werksmans Attorneys discusses a few important tips on how to keep your employees inspired.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Avoid festive season delivery disasters

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As the commotion of the festive season approaches, SMEs are advised to plan their logistical requirements in such a away to avoid last minute delivery disasters. Shane de Beer from TNT talks about various measures companies need to be on the lookout for.

MANAGEMENT: Peeking into your future office

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It is no secret that office spaces as we know it are changing rapidly. Jessica Hubbard talks about how new ways of working are currently changing the business environment.