ENTREPRENEUR: How to spark life into your start-up


Starting your own business is an exciting endeavour that offers both personal and professional fulfilment. Before you start though, save yourself time and money by making yourself aware of what’s needed to start a business. entrepreneur and CEO of SMEasy, Darlene Menzies, shares some tips.

ENTREPRENEUR: 13 Things I wish I’d known before starting up

Westleigh Wilkinson, Director of OPEN, in collaboration with the V&A Waterfront.

Getting a start-up off the ground can be very challenging. That’s why receiving words of wisdom from those who have walked the journey before you is essential in ensuring you don’t repeat their mistakes. Director of OPEN, Westleigh Wilkinson, shares things he wishes he would have known before launching into entrepreneurship.

BUSINESS: Passion a driving force for female entrepreneurs


Contrary to popular belief that women want flexibility in the work environment, a study by National Association of Women Business Owners reveals that female entrepreneurs are motivated by doing what they are passionate about.

BUSINESS: Five things you should know as a franchisee

Morne Cronje_FNB Franchising2

In order to make your franchise work, there are five things every franchisee should know.

BUSINESS: Choose the right tech to boost your business


Small business owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to technology to create efficiency in their daily operations. What should you look out for when choosing IT solutions for your business needs?

NEWS: Solid foundation for black franchisees


Franchisees and franchisors have to work together to ensure the sustainability of their enterprises. The Kagiso Enterprises Rural Private Equity Fund for franchises has created more than 130 job opportunities, with black entrepreneurs owning or being mentored to run businesses.

BUSINESS: Pioneering service boosts e-commerce startups

Mobile Payment

There are a number of entrepreneurial e-commerce start-ups but few of them mature into sustainable online businesses. One of the challenges is starting to accept payments for products or services online.

BUSINESS: Three technologies for any growing business


It is important for small businesses to make investments in “technology fundamentals”. James Smith of Vox Telecom advises on these important technologies to help your business grow.

PROPERTY: Commercial brokers key in lease negotiations

young couple worried need help in stress at home couch accounting debt bills bank papers expenses and payments feeling desperate in bad financial situation

Having a broker becomes extremely useful when setting up or terminating lease agreements. By objectively mediating and negotiating in the best interests of all parties, unnecessary disputes can be avoided.

BUSINESS: SMEs seek mutual relationship with government

Businessman running to success

Government could play a bigger role to improve the success of SMEs. Working closely along SMEs, government can have a better understanding of the direct implications of policies on business owners.