START-UPS: In discussion with Arthur Attwell

Arthur Attwell

Arthur Attwell is the brain behind Paperight. Kelly Berold spoke to this impressive entrepreneur and Shuttleworth Foundation fellow about shop and about the future of responsible publishing in Africa.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The economics of branding


In this article Gerhard Reinecke from Yellowwood Future Architects discusses the economics of branding with regards to supply and demand in business.

FRANCHISING: Consumer-driven opportunities on the continent

Repo rate 2

South African franchisors hoping to expand to neighbouring countries, or even to East or West Africa, can expect challenging conditions and lacking infrastructure, but with great potential rewards. Some of these challenges were recently discussed at the FNB Franchise Leadership Summit.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Awakening your entrepreneurial spirit

Old entrepreneur

Dr John Demartini from the Demartini Institute took some time to explain what entrepreneurship really consists of and how to activate one’s entrepreneurial spirit in today’s busy market.

START-UPS: Accelerating forward with Kresten Buch

Innovative Entrepreneurs

88mph assists young African entrepreneurs with the resources, skills and whatever is needed to compete on a global scale. Kelly Berold spoke to 88mph founder Kresten Buch about his company’s programme, how to pitch to an investor and the real problems with the start-up ecosystem in SA.

REAL ENTREPRENEUR: Teaching Mitchells Plain to swim

Rushana Charles 2

This is the story of Rushana Charles. She is the proud owner of the the Little Mermaid Swim School. Read more to find out how this entrepreneur is making a definitive change in the lives of kids in Mitchells Plain.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Time to get back in the box


In this article, Gavin Symanowitz discusses why constraints help innovation rather than hinder it.


Sexual Harassment

While the South African economy relies on small businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs and create wealth, the vast majority of SMEs fail within two years.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Why succession planning matters


Most small enterprises don’t survive more than one generation, but a bit of succession planning can go a long way to keep your business alive long after you’ve passed on.