OPINION: The benefits of leveraging others

business team work

What a person can achieve by themselves is limiting. By leveraging the strength of others can help you achieve more than you can by yourself.

BUSINESS: Franchising agreements versus licensing agreements?

Morne Cronje_FNB Franchising

Franchising has become a popular business model across the world and over the years, but is there a difference between a franchise agreements and license-based agreements? FNB Business’ Head of franchising, Morne Cronje, explains.

BUSINESS: Franchisees to plan ahead to finance equipment

personal finance

Sometimes when equipment needs to be purchased urgently, franchisees rely on cash flow. However, it is better to make finance plans instead of relying on cash flow. Toni Fritz of Standard Bank shares on financing options.

BUSINESS: Financial literacy skills crucial for SMEs

Entrepreneur thinking

Many owners of SMEs do not have the financial literacy skills to effectively manage the full financial component of a growing business. SMEs need to be given support by equipping them with the ability to understand and manage financial structures and to grow business sustainably.

BUSINESS: Why SMEs struggle with cash flow


Delayed payments by clients or customers to SMEs is impacting cash flow in these businesses negatively. This restricts opportunities for expansion and job creation.

BUSINESS: SA wine and food exporters take caution in China


South African food and wine exporters should take caution to protect their brands from trade mark squatters. In the past, China’s trademark laws have proved very costly for exporting companies.

BUSINESS: Tips for travelling entrepreneurs

female entrepreneur

A successful and productive business trip does not happen by accident. Darlene Menzies, CEO of SMEasy, provides tips for travelling entrepreneurs.

ENTREPRENEUR: The Lazy Makoti – 5 key business lessons


Getting a start-up off the ground and keeping it running is not easy. We got in touch with owner of The Lazy Makoti, Mogau Seshoene, who shared five key business lessons she has learnt on her entrepreneurial journey this far.

NEWS: New programme assists startups to go global

Business planning

Startups now have an opportunity to go global by participating in a six-month virtual programme which will expose your business to unique technologies and opportunities to test solutions with corporate clients.

BUSINESS: Tips to adapt to a changing business landscape


Successful entrepreneurs need to be flexible and keep up with changes in the business world. Christo Botes of Business Partners offers five tips for entrepreneurs to adapt to the changing needs of consumers in a dynamic business environment.