ENTREPRENEUR: 4 tips to improve service during the holidays

Customer service

With increased foot and online traffic, it doesn’t take much for customers to have a bad experience during the festive season. With social media it takes even less for the world to know about it. Here are four tips to make sure you are covered.

ENTREPRENEURS: 10 ways to start 2015 on the right note

Meeting 6

With a new year around the corner, the December period is the perfect time to get your affairs in order to rock your business in 2015.

ENTREPRENEUR: Foodpods receives funding following Finweek article

Entrep_Foodpods in Khayelitsha

Following a Finweek article, social entrepreneur Peter Shrimpton received funding to address food insecurity in underprivileged areas. Foodpods provides infrastructure, support and training for small agri-businesses in townships. Mandy de Waal tells the story here.

AFRICA: SMEs still reluctant to operate on the continent

Route 360 Kayamandi Tours LR 7

While many reports highlight growth opportunities and investment potential across the African continent, a recent report found that SMEs are still reluctant to tap into this vast market.

SME: How systems can change the way you do business


Introducing effective systems can radically transform your small business, says ActionCOACH’s Pieter Scholtz. If you find your time and energy swallowed whole by your entrepreneurship, this is a must-read.

FRANCHISE: Match your business to your personality

Simone Cooper

Franchising might be the ideal business opportunity, but deciding which franchise to invest in requires a little thought. Here are a few tips to find the franchise to match your personality.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 3 marketing tips for beginners


Not all entrepreneurs are natural marketers. Here Donna Rachelson on Branding & Marketing You shares three easy tips to get you started.

SMEs: Automation key to SME growth and job creation

Mining 91

“The call for small business in South Africa should be ‘automate and build the future’, rather than ‘stay as you are and avoid the future.’ There is no reason why building a business and building employment shouldn’t be simultaneously achieved,” writes Standard Bank’s Ravi Govender.

ENTREPRENEUR: Basic accounting knowledge leads to sound decisions

Accounting Value Cycle

Not all entrepreneurs are natural bean counters, but a basic understanding of accounting could be the difference between poor decisions made out of desperation and good decisions based on facts.

OPINION: Youth troubles may be solved through entrepreneurship

Ideas 2

Have you ever thought of an effective solution to youth crimes in under privileged areas? Abram Molelemane from Fetola seem to think entrepreneurship is the answer to keeping young people out of trouble. He talks about tips on how to create youth entrepreneurship.