BUSINESS: eCommerce opportunities for local entrepreneurs


Technological advancements have changed business leading to many opportunities for local entrepreneurs to take in the eCommerce environment.

BUSINESS: Creating multidimensional client relationships

Customer service

There is a benefit to creating multidimensional client relationships. In order to uphold a strong and positive relationship, you need to be connecting with your clients on multiple levels to stand out from the crowd.

BUSINESS: Reasons to take your small business into the cloud


SME adoption of the cloud is sure to explode as bandwidth increases, connectivity costs fall, and a new generation of digital entrepreneurs move into business, according to Ivan Epstein of Softline and Sage AAMEA. He gives five reasons to take your small business into the cloud.

ENTREPRENEUR: 5 lessons from the most famous sling in history

Challenge 3

David was the underdog in his fight against Goliath. What lessons can entrepreneurs learn that will help than against big business?

BUSINESS: Localising like a pro!

business plan, brainstorm

Localising your business or product offering to suit the needs of a market is essential when expanding into foreign countries. The localisation maturity model may help your business go global, by thinking local.

ENTREPRENEUR: Teacher to industrial fastener entrepreneur


Surendra Padayachee graduated as a teacher but he is now an industrial fastener entrepreneur. His story is shared.

BUSINESS: Leadership lessons in franchising

Morne Cronje_FNB Franchising2

The quality of leadership may be a determining factor in the success of a franchise. Morne Cronje, head of FNB Franchise gives advice on the leadership companies have to introduce when franchising.

BUSINESS: SMEs under pressure to use tech more effectively

small business Cropped shot of two handsome men in their workshop

SME development in South Africa is of great importance if we are to grow our economy but SMEs have to keep up with technological advancements to give them the edge and increase their revenue opportunities.

ENTREPRENEUR: Avoid making foolish business mistakes

Entrepreneur thinking

Entrepreneurs starting out with their ventures make business mistakes that see the untimely termination of their endeavours. Christo Botes, spokesperson of the 2015 Sanlam/Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year advises entrepreneurs on avoiding some of these pitfalls.

INSIGHT:Creating new markets instead of new competition

ZipZap mPos

Why rack your brains for new ways to outsmart competitors when you can create new markets? Finweek contributor Lisa Illingworth speaks to entrepreneurs who dared to differ from the competition by breaking into untapped markets.