ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Why franchises fail


Why do franchises fail? Morne Cronje, head of franchising at FNB, discusses five reasons why many franchisees aren’t successful in this article.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Business trends for the future


For small businesses to grow they need to keep up with changes in the global business environment. Some trends in the South African business scene are discussed in this article.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How to turn a bad idea into a good one

Idea on paper

Sometimes an idea which seems really poor on the surface can be an incredibly good idea in a completely different context. Gavin Symanowitz talks about how to transform a less-than-great idea into something unique in your business.

TED TUESDAY: Why is India so filthy?

Anamik Nagrik

Travellers throughout the world agree that India, while culturally diverse and beautiful, is filthy. Why is India has such a hard time keeping its streets clean? Moreover, what can South Africans, who regularly protest poor service delivery and terrible living conditions, learn from The Ugly Indian movement?

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 10 retail trends to transform your business

Gold 3

A new report indentifies ten South African consumer retail behaviours that might transform the way you do business.

ENTREPRENEUR: 5 alternatives to bank loans for SMEs

Money 6

As a South African business owner or entrepreneur, looking for financing to start or expand your business can be a difficult task. Luckily there are a number of alternatives to bank loans for financing to grow your business. Steven Cohen from Sage Pastel Accounting gives a few options.

REAL ENTREPRENEUR: Small franchisee, big success

Burgers and coke

Alma Grobler is the proud owner of a Wimpy franchise. Finweek looks at the success story behind this ambitious businesswoman.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Tips to effectively brand your business

Investment 3

Customers often have interaction with the brand of your business long before they interact with your products or services. Ravi Govender, Head of Small Enterprises at Standard Bank offers a few tips on how go effectively go about branding your business.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 5 tips for outstanding customer service

Customer service

Although customers aren’t always right they do have the power to make or break a reputation, and good customer service forms the basis of a successful business to consumer organisation. Dale Carnegie Training gives us five tips for great customer service.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How to make your business grow like Facebook


Everybody knows the extent of Facebook’s global success with 1.3bn active users. Ian Henderson from Rubric talks about how other tech companies can try and replicate the level of international success achieved by Facebook.