ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 21 years of growth in SA

Entrepreneur thinking

Since the first democratic election in 1994, South Africa has witnessed the rise of small businesses and entrepreneurial growth in the past 21 years.

BUSINESS: Potential growth the basis for financing SMEs


Potential growth, rather than achievements, should be the basis for financing SMEs in future. This indicates a shift away from traditional criteria for assessing creditworthines

BUSINESS: Establishing a real estate agency brand


Prospective franchisees investing in a real estate agency franchise are often concerned about how long it will take to establish a recognisable brand in their area. Building a client base in a new area is difficult when your brand is unknown.

BUSINESS: Franchise sector growing entrepreneurial base

Entrepreneur thinking

Growth in the franchise industry makes it an attractive entrepreneurial investment.

ENTREPRENEUR: Franchise sector to grow entrepreneurship


The franchise sector has a lower failure rate than start-up business. In this article, Gerrie van Biljon explains how franchising can grow entrepreneurship in South Africa.

BUSINESS: eCommerce opportunities for local entrepreneurs


Technological advancements have changed business leading to many opportunities for local entrepreneurs to take in the eCommerce environment.

BUSINESS: Creating multidimensional client relationships

Customer service

There is a benefit to creating multidimensional client relationships. In order to uphold a strong and positive relationship, you need to be connecting with your clients on multiple levels to stand out from the crowd.

BUSINESS: Reasons to take your small business into the cloud


SME adoption of the cloud is sure to explode as bandwidth increases, connectivity costs fall, and a new generation of digital entrepreneurs move into business, according to Ivan Epstein of Softline and Sage AAMEA. He gives five reasons to take your small business into the cloud.

ENTREPRENEUR: 5 lessons from the most famous sling in history

Challenge 3

David was the underdog in his fight against Goliath. What lessons can entrepreneurs learn that will help than against big business?

BUSINESS: Localising like a pro!

business plan, brainstorm

Localising your business or product offering to suit the needs of a market is essential when expanding into foreign countries. The localisation maturity model may help your business go global, by thinking local.