ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Fin-tech matchmaking leading to new love


New marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist, AngelList, Etsy and Zando have thrived on the Internet for a long time. These platforms seek to remove friction between innovative ideas or products and their potential buyers. We look at how this is happening in financial services.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Economic growth boosted by entrepreneurial development


Unemployment is one of the biggest factors driving entrepreneurship in South Africa. We look at why opportunity-driven entrepreneurship is required in SA rather than necessity-driven entrepreneurship and how it can be achieved.

TED TUESDAY: You don’t need an app for that

Toby Shapshak

South African technology writer Toby Shapshak takes the TED stage to explore the frontiers of mobile invention in Africa. He asks us to reconsider our preconceived notions of innovation by explaining that while the rest of the world is updating statuses and playing games on smartphones, Africa is developing useful SMS-based solutions to everyday needs.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Your SME’s credit rating

Lee Bromfeld

Due to economic pressure, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make credit decisions when you’re a business owner. We look at a few factors that may help you to ensure the credit eligibility of your business.

TED Tuesday: The strangeness of scale at Twitter

TED Tuesady

Del Harvey, who heads Twitter’s safety team, is tasked with the job of keeping users safe. Although the vast majority of activity on Twitter is unlikely to harm users – the sheer scale of the social network, where millions of Tweets are fired every three hours, means that a 1 in a million chance happens 500 times a day. For Harvey, these odds aren’t good.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Your business and new VAT regulations

Fingers crossed

According to Deloitte, the long anticipated VAT amendments on internationally supplied Internet services to SA, will be enforced from 1 June 2014. We examine the details.

TED Tuesday: What we can learn from dirty jobs

Mike Rowe

If you are sick of your desk job, today’s TED talk is for you. Television personality Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame talks about the important lessons we can learn from jobs that we’ve come to regard as dirty. Click here for your weekly inspiration!

INFOGRAPHIC: Medical marijuana in numbers

medical marijuana statistics

In this edition of Finweek, journalist Glenda Williams looks at the economic potential of legalising medical marijuana. This infographic illustrates the earning potential of marijuana and how legislation can change the economic outlook for many South Africans.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The cannabis business

Medical marijuana cover

In this week’s cover story, jouranlist Glenda Williams investigates the potential economic benefits of legalising medical marijuana. Brendan Kennedy’s Privateer Holdings is cashing in on the medical maijuana industry in the USA and Canada. Is there potential for SA?

Finance for non-financial sorts: In response to marketing matters


This is a new series prepared by Finweek that aims to unpack financial jargon in an easy-to-understand and accessible format. Instead of making accounting dry and boring, we show readers how to apply it to their businesses and investments.