BUSINESS: Three technologies for any growing business


It is important for small businesses to make investments in “technology fundamentals”. James Smith of Vox Telecom advises on these important technologies to help your business grow.

PROPERTY: Commercial brokers key in lease negotiations

young couple worried need help in stress at home couch accounting debt bills bank papers expenses and payments feeling desperate in bad financial situation

Having a broker becomes extremely useful when setting up or terminating lease agreements. By objectively mediating and negotiating in the best interests of all parties, unnecessary disputes can be avoided.

BUSINESS: SMEs seek mutual relationship with government

Businessman running to success

Government could play a bigger role to improve the success of SMEs. Working closely along SMEs, government can have a better understanding of the direct implications of policies on business owners.

BUSINESS: 5 ways to approach marketing in Africa differently

Africa 5

Africa, the diverse and complex continent, requires a unique marketing approach. There are five things marketers should eb doing differently.

BUSINESS: 6 Tips for kick-starting an e-commerce site


Joining the world of e-commerce may seem daunting if you’re running a small business, but it is easier than ever to get up-and-running with a digital storefront.

MONEY: Selective Invoice Discounting as alternative funding

personal finance

Small and medium-sized businesses should consider using Selective Invoice Discounting to release funds and improve cash flow. Selective Invoice Discounting increases turnover, improves cash flow and improves total profitability.

BUSINESS: Key tips to managing a family business

Winning success

Some of the world’s leading businesses were started by families. Sanjeev Orie of FNB Business gives tips on how to make a family business successful.

BUSINESS: Making SIM management SME-friendly

Sexual Harassment

With our reliance on smartphones and tablets, SIM cards are integral to staying connected. For SME’s where cost efficiency are essential, managing SIMs have never been more important. SIMs play an essential role in machine to machine communication.

ENTREPRENEUR: Your business is not a retirement plan


South African business owners are reluctant to take profits out of their businesses and allocate these towards a dedicated wealth creation strategy as a means to become financially independent. The biggest mistake a business owner could ever make is to regard his business as his retirement savings plan.

MONEY: Saving for a rainy day

Savings 2

July is the month to start saving for a rainy day. Entrepreneurs, as well as consumers, need to adopt a savings culture. It is vital for any business to have a contingency plan in place and cash is a very important lifeline in any sector. Cash can determine the difference between its existence, expansion or failure.