ENTREPRENEUR: Basic accounting knowledge leads to sound decisions

Accounting Value Cycle

Not all entrepreneurs are natural bean counters, but a basic understanding of accounting could be the difference between poor decisions made out of desperation and good decisions based on facts.

OPINION: Youth troubles may be solved through entrepreneurship

Ideas 2

Have you ever thought of an effective solution to youth crimes in under privileged areas? Abram Molelemane from Fetola seem to think entrepreneurship is the answer to keeping young people out of trouble. He talks about tips on how to create youth entrepreneurship.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Don’t ignore your personal brand

Old entrepreneur

Do you pay as much attention to your brand as you do to your company’s? In this article Finweek looks at how your own unique personal brand in your business can guarantee consistent business and career growth.

TED TUESDAY: Five tips for women in business

Jay Layfield TED

Want to have it all? Jay Layfield, CEO of backcountry.com says you can. She has come a long way from scraping gum off the bottom of desks at school to CEO of an online retail mega house. She talks about five interesting tips on how you as a women you can achieve professional success along with family life.

TED TUESDAY: Africa’s next boom

Charles Robertson

The past decade has seen slow and steady economic growth across the continent of Africa. But economist Charles Robertson has a bold thesis: Africa’s about to boom. Watch his informative talk right here.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Plan ahead for festive sales boom

Happy employees 4

The holidays are fast approaching, and businesses should plan ahead for all contingencies to ensure a successful and rewarding holiday season. Effective management and planning strategies are discussed in this article.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Using invoices to free up cash

Finweek 16 October 2014

Invoice discounting could offer a quick solution to cash flow troubles for small and medium enterprises, but FNB’s Michael Naidoo warns that this form of financing does have its pitfalls.

ENTREPRENEURHSIP: Three clever questions to ask your clients


Asking your customers better questions can improve your service delivery and ensure customer satisfaction. In this article, Donna Rachelson of Branding and Marketing You offers three suggestions to help you ask better questions.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How to shave 10 hours off your work week


It’s essential for entrepreneurs and business owners to master the use of their precious and irreplaceable time. Pieter Scholtz from ActionCOACH gives a few tips on how to effectively take 10 hours off your work week without sacrificing income.

TED TUESDAY: Don’t wait to be hospitalised to start a business


Mike Soutar, co-founder of Shortlist Media, takes the time to encourage others to start a business. In this Ted Talk he talks about what it took for him to realise he didn’t want to make other people rich any more.