ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Apply the ‘Four Ps’ to your business

Ravi Govender

To ensure the long-term sustainability of your business, consider applying the ‘Four Ps’ of marketing. Finweek explores these roles and looks at some relevant examples.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Courageous leaders face the heat

Entrepreneur thinking

Colette Symanowitz talks about how the success of a company can regularly be attributed to the courageous and often tough decisions made by the owner. Today it can be referred to as counter-intuitive decision-making. Read more here.

START-UPS: Connecting with Johann Jenson


SleepOut.com is a short-term accommodation business that has recently tapped into the African market. The service connects travellers looking for places to stay with accommodation hosts throughout Africa. Finweek spoke to Johann Jenson to find out more.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How your business can prosper


Tough economical times for consumers usually mean very tough times for small businesses. We take a look at the importance of balancing costs and finances in a company during hard times.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Go big or go home – lessons for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur thinking

At what point in your new business should you accept reality and start from the beginning? Finweek unpacks the issues around entrepreneurial turning points and the important lessons they hold for entrepreneurs.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Risking your way out of the nine-to-five

Caprese_Pizza_ 012

How does one make real money in the current South African economy? Bruce Whitfield explains.

START-UP: Meeting Justin Coetzee

Justin Coetzee

Justin Coetzee, founder of GoMetro – a mobile information service for Metrorail commuters – is one of a small handful of South African entrepreneurs in the smart city sector. Blair Burmeister talked to him about this exciting new venture.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: SMMEs cashing in on loyalty programmes

Sanjeev Orie

Loyalty programmes are among the most useful solutions to help SMMEs curb the cost of month-to-month variable expenses. We take a look at how SMMEs in South Africa can benefit even more from loyalty programmes.

TED TUESDAY: Achieving greatness is a choice

Byon Reese

In this week’s Ted Tuesday, eternally optimistic Byron Reese challenges us to consider the excuses we conjure to explain why others are achieving what we aren’t.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The perks of business mentors

Ravi Govender

Starting your own business as a new entrepreneur can be very hard work and very lonely. We take a look at business mentors, someone who can provide support and valuable advice when times get tough.