ENTREPRENEUR: 13 Things I wish I’d known before starting up

Westleigh Wilkinson, Director of OPEN, in collaboration with the V&A Waterfront.

Getting a start-up off the ground can be very challenging. That’s why receiving words of wisdom from those who have walked the journey before you is essential in ensuring you don’t repeat their mistakes. Director of OPEN, Westleigh Wilkinson, shares things he wishes he would have known before launching into entrepreneurship.

TED TUESDAY: Five tips for women in business

Jay Layfield TED

Want to have it all? Jay Layfield, CEO of backcountry.com says you can. She has come a long way from scraping gum off the bottom of desks at school to CEO of an online retail mega house. She talks about five interesting tips on how you as a women you can achieve professional success along with family life.

FRANCHISING: Consumer-driven opportunities on the continent

Repo rate 2

South African franchisors hoping to expand to neighbouring countries, or even to East or West Africa, can expect challenging conditions and lacking infrastructure, but with great potential rewards. Some of these challenges were recently discussed at the FNB Franchise Leadership Summit.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The cost of credit

Lee Bromfield_FNB_2

Lee Bromfield, CEO of Core Lending at FNB Business address a very common question often presented to FNB by entrepreneurs. We take a look at what exactly credit is and how it will affect your new business.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Good customer service is no longer good enough

Donna Rachelson 2

Donna Rachelson, author of Branding and Marketing You Through Teams, examined teams in six leading companies to establish what distinguishes the good from the great. We look at her six tips for becoming a key strategic partner in a company.

TED TUESDAY: African innovation to solve real problems


In this TED Talk, South African technology journalist Toby Shapshak makes a case for African innovation and how it’s changing the world. A must-see talk for South African innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Six tips to insure your small business


Annually small businesses contribute up to 30% to South Africa’s GDP. Due to the high unemployment rate, more people are looking to entrepreneurship to create employment opportunities. However, running your own business is no walk in the park and not understanding how to insure a small business can cripple your small enterprise. Consider these tips when taking out business insurance.

VIDEO: I made a million, and so can you!

How to make a million

In the latest issue of Finweek, we look at tips on how to make a million in five years or less. We spoke to one entrepreneur in particular, Chris Bischoff. Bischoff and his brother raised R1.5m on Kickstarter for their new computer game, Stasis.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Hunting for African entrepreneurs

Kenny andam

After spending many years in the US, and working as part of the Microsoft team, Kenny Andam returns to Africa to revolutionise entrepreneurship among African youth through his television show. Blair Burmeister caught up with this promising entrepreneur.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: An entrepreneur with a conscience

Wesley Vos 2

Wesley Vos, an up-and-coming 26-year-old entrepreneur from Cape Town, is the proud owner of VOSK Shoes, an independent for-profit business with a philanthropic component. With every pair of VOSK shoes purchased, a new pair of shoes will be donated to a child in need.