Finweek Quiz #33


We have a book to give away for today’s quiz – Why States Recover by Greg Mills features dozens of fascinating case studies from all over the world on how and why states fail and what is needed for them to recover. If you are interested in politics and economics, you definitely want to check out this book!

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Tour de Force

In the 31 July edition on Finweek, we’re all about the Tour de France. We look at the economics of the race and its impact on world sports. We also spoke to celebrity investor James Caan and we take a look at the situation in Russia.

Finweek Quiz #32


It’s time for another Finweek quiz! Try your luck for a chance to win a Finweek hamper consisting of a ‘Freakonomics’ DVD as well as a Finweek T-shirt and key ring. Remember to include your email address so we can contact you if you win.

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Lifestyle cover

In the 24 July edition on Finweek, we look at whether Johannesburg or Cape Town is better for business and are widely surprised by a wild card entry. We also look at a PwC report that shows how executive pay is looking and are taken aback by how young some CEOs are.

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Finweek cover R1 man

In the 17 July edition on Finweek, we celebrate National Savings Month by looking at the One Rand Man as well as the latest market insights, investment advice and entrepreneurship stories. Have a look.

Finweek Quiz #30


Welcome to another Finweek quiz! We’ve still got a few hampers consisting of a Finweek T-shirt and key ring as well as a ‘Freakonomics’ DVD to give away, so here’s your chance! Winners will be contacted via email, so make sure to include your address.

LIFE: Ranger Odyssey 2014 competition open to the public


The Ranger Odyssey 2014 competition has officially opened to the public. This competition aims to bring a group of ordinary people together with an adventurous spirit to experience the best Africa has to offer.

TED Tuesday: How you speak can change your life


Your voice is a powerful instrument, yet very few of us command our voices and language to ensure that we are heard when it matters. Today’s Tuesday inspiration offers very practical advice on using your language and your voice to ensure that others listen when you speak. This short, powerful talk addresses the content others don’t like to hear, offers advice on how to engage in conversation in a way that helps others hear what we have to say, and deals with different voice techniques that help us sound more authoritative and trustworthy. No hums, ahs, or buts! Watch this now!

Finweek Quiz #29


The new Finweek quiz is here! Test your knowledge for a chance to win a hamper consisting of a Finweek T-shirt and key ring as well as a Freakonomics DVD!

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 8 reasons why you need an accountant


Many small businesses prefer not to employ a professional CA in order to save on costs. This articles outlines eight ways your business can benefit from the services of a professional accountant.