Finweek Quiz #76


Welcome to another quiz! Here’s your chance to test your general knowledge and to check whether you’re on top of the past few days’ happenings.

MONEY: Five money tips to teach teenagers


Teaching children to be savvy with their money from a young age is important for their future. Eunice Sibiya has four important principles all parents should teach their children.

LIFE: Simple steps to prevent damage during severe weather conditions

Property insurance.

During the cold winter months, some of your property is more susceptible to damage. Here are some easy steps to help you protect your property and ensure you can claim your insurance if anything happens.

INSIGHT: Greek-creditor referendum called for 5 July


A referendum has been called for Greek creditors on 5 July 2015. Tristan Hanson discusses what the implications will be for Greece, Europe and the rest of the world.

NEWS: Mining Wages – Playing a dicy numbers game

Mathunjwa Joseph

As wage negotiations in the mining sector begin, the mining minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi has warned companies against playing a “numbers game”. David McKay writes about some battles that are likely to play out during talks.

Finweek Quiz #75


This week we’re giving away a copy of the documentary ‘Freakonomics’ to a lucky reader who gets all the answers right.

Finweek Quiz #74


Welcome to yet another quiz! This week, we have a ‘Freakonomics’ DVD to give away to one lucky entrant who gets all the answers right.

INSIGHT: SA home foreclosure laws in Stone Age


In countries across the globe, property is sold at market value after a home foreclosure. In South Africa however, homes are sold for as little as R100. Finweek contributor Ciaran Ryan writes about how and why our laws need to change.

Finweek Quiz #73


As promised, here’s the second quiz for this week! Good luck!

Finweek Quiz #72


Due to a technical glitch, we didn’t publish last week’s quiz, so you will be getting two this week. Here is the first one! Complete the quiz for a chance to win a copy of Tom Burgis’s ‘The Looting Machine’, a hard-hitting exposé detailing how Africa’s natural resources are being plundered by unscrupulous traders, bankers and corporates working in tandem with warlords and corrupt politicians. Good luck!