INSIGHT: Bright future for online retail in SA


Following the sudden closure of four online shopping portals – SA Camera, Style36, 5 Rooms and Kinderelo – we’re faced with some questions surrounding the future of online retail in South Arica. We look at factors that are actually driving e-commerce in SA as well as promoting development of the industry.

INSIGHT: SA SME industry not for the unprepared


Running a small or medium enterprise in South Africa despite all the challenges we face, is definitely not for the faint hearted. Gerrie van Biljon from Business Partners Limited assesses macro and micro risks local businesses need to be aware of.

INSIGHT: Are SA companies lacking a healthy cash culture?


According to the latest Hackett Working Capital study, there are R297bn in payables, receivables and inventory to be claimed in South Africa. We look at what SA companies need to do in order to stay in line with their global counterparts.

INSIGHT: Is South Africa losing its mojo?

Mojo cover

Not too long ago, foreign executives were desperate to participate in the promising dynamic business platform that South Africa offers. This however, has changed over the past few years. Foreigners are just not that into us anymore.

INSIGHT: Weak rand knocks confidence in economy


South Africa’s graduate professionals believe that the value of the rand is likely to depreciate even further in 2014; and as a result are showing an increased concern about the local economy, according to a survey conducted by PPS.

INSIGHT: Western models presents high risk for emerging healthcare systems


Around the globe, people of developing countries are struggling to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of a new, emerging middle class. Because of this, emerging health economies face long term financial problems if they try replicate hospital-based western models.

INSIGHT: Donor funding diminishing


One group of organisations that has suffered tremendously due to the unstable economy are those that are dependent on donor funding and sponsorships. Organisations like Feed a Child has had to cut on food, education and medical supplies for people in need. We look at the implications of this.

INSIGHT: A look at the latest measure of world markets

global trade

Finweek journalist Jessica Hubbard investigates the validity and space of adding yet another market index. According to Dr Lyal White from the Gordon Institute of Business Science, there definitely is.

OPINION: How the porn industry has driven Internet innovation


We have a lot to be grateful for when it comes to the global porn industry. This sounds a bit strange, but think about it. Thanks to porn we have access to streaming video, online payment systems and live video chat. Colette Symanowitz takes a deeper look into the extent of this industry on the web.

What the policymakers want and how to get it


Since we are in the process of retirement reform in South Africa, we are very keen to see what we can learn from the UK Pensions Regulator and whether we can successfully apply certain aspects in our own retirement fund industry. The regulator identified six principles and 21 quality features relating to the design, governance and other features which, if present in a defined contribution (DC) retirement fund, are more likely to result in a good outcome for its members.