AFRICA: SMEs still reluctant to operate on the continent

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While many reports highlight growth opportunities and investment potential across the African continent, a recent report found that SMEs are still reluctant to tap into this vast market.

ECONOMY: Crime deals a blow to SA business confidence


The findings of the quarter-on-quarter Grant Thornton International Business Report paint a dire picture of the South African business environment, with crime and poor service delivery major culprits for low business confidence.

MONEY: 6 things to consider before buying a new car


It might be tempting to spend your December bonus on a deposit for a new car, but you might be adding unnecessary pressure to your finances if you don’t consider all the financial implications.

MONEY: When penny-pinching doesn’t pay

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Sometimes trying to save money in the short term can end up costing you more in the long term. Here are three instances where the cheapest option is not always the best.

MARKET SNIPPET: 26 November 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

South African business confidence rose in the last quarter, writes Mabyanine Phiri in today’s Market Snippet. Can government keep it up? Find out here?

SME: How systems can change the way you do business


Introducing effective systems can radically transform your small business, says ActionCOACH’s Pieter Scholtz. If you find your time and energy swallowed whole by your entrepreneurship, this is a must-read.

FRANCHISE: Match your business to your personality

Simone Cooper

Franchising might be the ideal business opportunity, but deciding which franchise to invest in requires a little thought. Here are a few tips to find the franchise to match your personality.

ECONOMY: SA links to China risk to sovereign credit quality


Moody’s predicts downside risk for sub-Saharan Africa due to the region’s strong trade ties with China. South Africa’s resource exports and reliance on foreign direct investment contributions means the country will be strongly affected by a slowdown in the Chinese economy.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 3 marketing tips for beginners


Not all entrepreneurs are natural marketers. Here Donna Rachelson on Branding & Marketing You shares three easy tips to get you started.

SOUTH AFRICA: Kickstarting the economy is easier than you think

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To ensure a local growth rate above the projected global average of 3.5%, Adrian Saville proposes proper integration with the rest of the continent and speedy roll-out of the infrastructure expenditure programme.