PROPERTY: Home buyers discouraged by SA’s economy

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Many potential home buyers are held back by South Africa’s lacklustre economy. Less than 35% are estimated to realize their ambitions within the next ten years.

INVESTMENT: Understanding cash as an asset class


Portfolio manager Paul Bosman looks at cash as an asset class and the risks and benefits associated with it as an investment instrument. He also gives insight on the different options available to investors.

BUSINESS: A sharper emotional quotient equals success

Key to success

An employee’s emotional quotient (EQ) trumps intelligence and technical skills. Job candidates need the interpersonal skills to give them a comparative advantage in doing their jobs. EQ forms the foundation for a host of critical skills and is applicable to every human interaction in the workplace.

NEWS: SA’s emerging companies face multiple challenges

Businessman running to success

A report by PwC reveals the challenges some emerging and small enterprises face. Among these are limited market access, funding and skills shortages.

INSIGHT: Business debt rises with poor economic conditions

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The financial health of South African businesses has fallen to its lowest point since the financial crisis in 2009. In Declining trend Q2 2015, with the Business Debt Index falling close to 0. The decline is linked to the deterioration of domestic and international growth environments.

OPINION: Become a social listener


Done well, tapping into existing conversations and trends on social media can be an effective way for your brand to reach and build a rapport with a wider audience. Done badly, it can be a one-way ticket to self-implosion. Here are top five steps to become a successful social listener – and to engage authentically with new and existing followers.

BUSINESS: Building a digital business? Don’t sacrifice agility


If your business is going digital then one of the things to focus on is creating agility. Mobility, cloud computing and connectivity are key aspects for digital business.

OPINION: Millennial consumers and the changing face of retail


Businesses that do not keep up with change are falling behind. The retail business model should be adaptable to changing consumer demands.

INSIGHT: Current measures underestimate SA’s poverty level


South Africa does not have one official “poverty line”. Instead there are thresholds to describe SA’s poverty level, but the appropriateness of these thresholds is questionable. This article originally appeared in the Conversation.