INSIGHT: Innovation in the construction industry

Construction 5

Innovation within the construction industry is necessary to accommodate the needs of the growing African population through infrastructure development.

MANAGEMENT: Choosing a Chief Financial Officer

Alvaro Arias

The Chief Financial Officer’s position is the most complex within the Steering Committee. The business impact is greater given associated business risks. Choosing a good CFO has important immediate benefits in decision making and risk assessment.

INVESTMENT: Investing in a new franchise brand

Investment 3

What should investors consider when choosing to invest in a franchise brand? Ethel Nyembe, Head of Small Enterprise at Standard Bank gives a guide.

PROPERTY: Where is the most action taking place today?


Looking to buy property? The Western Cape seems promising, writes Michael Prince.

INVESTMENT: As milestones are crossed, be selective

global trade

Ross Koesterich of BlackRock comments on the week’s market movements, record stocks and Asian investments.

INVESTMENT: Gambling on climate risk

Investing offshore

Some of the world’s largest investors continue to gamble on climate risk. They’re choosing to invest in heavily carbon-exposed assets. Only a small minority are investing in safer, low-carbon assets.

OPINION: Bosses guilty of time-wasting and abuse of privileges

Auguste Coetzer Close Up (lo-res)

As Worker’s Day approaches, Auguste Coetzer of Talent Africa says it’s important to note that bosses adn other managerial figures are also guilty of time wasting, privilege abuse and cheating in the workplace.

PROPERTY: Should you let short-term or long-term?

House 2

Short-term rental is not just common in holiday and tourism destinations, but has increased among business districts, student zones and the areas around airports and conference centres.

OPINION: Mediation and the Tax Ombud


Can mediation facilitate the resolution of taxation related issues? Erika Wessels says the mandate of the Tax Ombud has to be revisited and broadened in order to ensure its neutrality.

PROPERTY: How to get the price right for a smooth sale


When selling your property, you need to make sure you put the right price tag to it. The asking price will determine how long it will take to sell your home.