INSIGHT: Mobile payment adoption on the increase

money road

One of the biggest challenges faced by small enterprises these days are issues around card-based payments for services rendered at customer sites or local markets. This is due to the high cost of point-of-sale devices needed to process sales. Finweek takes a closer look at the SnapScan trend.

INVESTMENT: Confusion around compulsory retirement contributions


According to the Old Mutual Corporate Auto Enrolment Research Report, South Africans without pension or provident funds are uncertain whether a Government-sponsored pension fund should be compulsory or not.

TECHNOLOGY: The fibre ‘land grab’ is on


Fibre broadband Internet access is widely acknowledged as a foundation for digitally-enabled prosperity, so connectivity providers are eager to cover as much ground as possible with increasingly high-capacity fibre access at aggressive prices and with minimal lead times. Finweek takes a closer look at the growing market.

MARKET SNIPPET: 2 October 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

While the ECB rate decision affects global trade and investors await the scope of ECB asset purchases, the rand and various commodity currencies will also be grossly affected as Europe is a key trading partner. Mabyanine Phiri explains more in today’s Market Snippet.

START-UPS: In the mind of Sylvia Gruber


Sylvia Gruber is the Austrian-born entrepreneur that launched Rubybox in South Africa. Kelly Berold spoke to Gruber about e-commerce and pitching to investors.

FRANCHISING: Ignoring staff needs could harm your business

female entrepreneur

Managing people is an important part of managing any business. Buying a franchise, complete with staff, can prove difficult if not approached with care. In this article we offer a few tips on managing staff in your new franchise.

INVESTMENT: How to spot the end of a bear trend

Global markets

With scepticism and panic in the market, a good buying opportunity always presents itself when the bear trend reaches its last leg. But how does one detect or spot a fading bear trend and determine the time to get in, asks Moxima Gama.

VIDEO: The killer workforce

The Killer Force

Happiness in the workplace is a very popular topic these days, but do happy employees have any significant impact on your business? In this episode of Finweek: Money Matters we take a closer look at happiness in the workplace and how it can affect your business.

MARKET SNIPPET: 1 October 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

Investors in ETF products backed by minerals are likely experiencing a dip in performance, writes Mabiyanine Phiri in today’s Market Snippet.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Don’t ask your customers for ideas

Entrepreneur thinking

While focus groups can sometimes be reasonably successful for coming up with ideas to improve existing products, they are useless for coming up with completely new product ideas. Gavin Symanowitz explains why it’s not always smart to get ideas from your customers.