ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Sorbet founder on passionate service

Ian Muhr - Sorbet CEO

Not many business owners would allow customers not to pay if they weren’t happy with their experience or refund products that were bought somewhere else, but Sorbet’s visionary founder did, with great success. In this article, Ian Fuhr explains what he was thinking and how it paid off.

FUEL: South Africans still pay less

car petrol vacation

You might grumble every time you have to fill up, but fuel in South Africa is relatively cheap compared to countries like Norway, the UK and Sweden. The The South African Petroleum Industry Association explains how the fuel price is calculated and offers a global perspective on fuel prices.

NEWS: Shift in pharmaceutical industry


According to the PPS Profession Confidence Index survey, attitudes towards the expansion of pharmacies in large retail businesses are steadily changing. This is due to the new criteria for granting pharmacy licenses. Independently owned pharmacies will probably however not be affected.

AFRICA: Intra-Africa trade essential to least connected continent


60% of goods produced in Europe are traded within the continent while 40% of goods produced in North America stay within the region. In Africa, however, only 20% of goods produced remain on the continent. Charles Brewer, Managing Director of DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa, makes a case for increased intra-Africa trade.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Workspaces to suit start-ups

Over worked

Any start-up owner will tell you that finding a workplace in the ideal location comes at a steep price. Shared and virtual office spaces are currently trending in South Africa offering cost saving benefits. Blair Burmeister investigates.

NEWS: JSE amends listing requirements

JSE Building

The JSE yesterday introduced a fast track listing process for companies intending a secondary listing on the JSE. Will less paperwork attract more companies to the Johannesburg Exchange?

ENTREPRENEURS: Eight traits successful entrepreneurs share


Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of discipline and hard work. Standard Bank’s Ravi Govender works with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. In this article he shares eight traits successful entrepreneurs have in common and offers advice on how to cultivate these behaviours in your own life.

INSIGHT: PC market vastly declining

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The continued decline of South Africa’s PC market signals the end of the desktop computing era. Finweek takes a look at how the plummeting costs of connectivity, cloud-based storage and cloud-based applications are driving a strong move away from the PC market.

PROPERTY: Finding the perfect buy-to-let


Investing in physical property is very popular among many South Africans, especially in the buy-to-let space. However, choosing the right property is imperative to ensure regular rental income and good tenants. In this article we share a few tips to help you find the perfect buy-to-let property.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Is your start-up making these marketing mistakes?

Donna Rachelson 2

You may find that start-up entrepreneurs don’t always know how to approach marketing effectively. Donna Racheslon gives a few tips on how to avoid certain mistakes in order to enjoy long-term business growth.