MARKET SNIPPET: 24 November 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

Following a narrow escape from a technical recession in the second quarter, South Africa will keep a keen eye on the third quarter GDP data to be released later this week.

ENTREPRENEUR: Basic accounting knowledge leads to sound decisions

Accounting Value Cycle

Not all entrepreneurs are natural bean counters, but a basic understanding of accounting could be the difference between poor decisions made out of desperation and good decisions based on facts.

MONEY: Gambling revenues grow in tough economy

gambling chips

Gambling in South Africa has increased with 4.3% over the past year, with the country currently having the largest overall gambling market in Africa. Finweek looks at ‘Raising the stakes in Africa: Gambling outlook 2014-2018′ report to see the effects of a weak economy on the gambling sector.

MARKET SNIPPET: 21 November 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

We’ll get a hint of what to expect in the economic climate on 25 November when the GDP figure is announced, writes Mabyanine Phiri in today’s Market Snippet.

PROPERTY: Stable prime interest rate good for home owners


The news that the prime interest rate will remain unchanged for the rest of 2014 is fantastic news for homeowners in South Africa, where as many households still struggle with debt-to-income ratios.

NEWS: Rate stability throughout festive season

announcement 2

It has been announced that the prime lending rate of 9.25% will remain unchanged following the decision earlier today by the SARB Monetary Policy Committee to leave rates unchanged through the festive season.

OPINION: Youth troubles may be solved through entrepreneurship

Ideas 2

Have you ever thought of an effective solution to youth crimes in under privileged areas? Abram Molelemane from Fetola seem to think entrepreneurship is the answer to keeping young people out of trouble. He talks about tips on how to create youth entrepreneurship.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Is all the hype creating the wrong pressure?

Entrepreneur thinking

Entrepreneurship tends to be epitomised in the form of individuals who successfully harness it and attain extraordinary personal wealth and social advancement. This has had the effect of making heroes out of the people or personalities who have succeeded rather than of the process of becoming an entrepreneur. Nyasha Mugadza from BDO Innovation explains.