INSIGHT: Government bottlenecks increase ID and passport fraud


Fraudulent IDs and passports issued by Crooked home affairs officials are adding to the crime by syndicates forginfg IDs, passports, drivers’ licences and documents.

INSIGHT: Technology shaping Africa’s financial sector


Advanced technology is driving growth and innovation in the financial services sector. Compard to global markets, Africa’s financial services sector has room for technological disruption.

INVESTMENT: Deriving value from derivatives

Warrants are still an option

Derivatives can help investors manage risks. there are three main financial strategies investors can take, these being options, futures and forward contracts and swaps.

BUSINESS: Why your brand needs a purpose


Di Springer and Robert Grace of M&C Saatchi Abel give tips on ways your brand can stay relevant.

INSIGHT: The upside of rising interest rates

Repo rate 2

Rising interest rates are an opportunity to improve the country’s saving’s culture. Savings and investments are equally important to small and big businesses.

BUSINESS: Integrated reporting needs thinking and strategy


Integrated reporting goes along with integrated thinking and strategy. Reporting should flow from the strategy, as a realistic representation and act of accountability of the business’s impact on the wider economy.

INSIGHT: Public-private partnerships create sustainability


Public-private partnerships are not only needed to benefit commercial enterprises, but also to boost the economies economies in which they operate. It is through partnerships and working together that public and private sectors can both attain their goals and objectives.

BUSINESS: 5 ways to approach marketing in Africa differently

Africa 5

Africa, the diverse and complex continent, requires a unique marketing approach. There are five things marketers should eb doing differently.

MONEY: One Rand Family takes Durban


Last year, we followed the trials and tribulations of the One Rand Man. This year, a family has stepped up to take the challenge. Follow their story, as they budget and take a trip to Durban, using only R1 coins to make purchases.

INSIGHT: Outlook for Anglo American


Market analyst, Shaun Murison provides insight on Anglo American ahead of the announcement of their financial results.