Finweek Quiz #33


We have a book to give away for today’s quiz – Why States Recover by Greg Mills features dozens of fascinating case studies from all over the world on how and why states fail and what is needed for them to recover. If you are interested in politics and economics, you definitely want to check out this book!

BLOG: One Rand Man #3

One rand man logo

July is National Savings Month and while the rest of us will spend the month feeling guilty over how little we save, one Capetonian will put his money where his mouth is… in R1 coins. Follow the One Rand Man’s journey right here every week with a blog about his experience.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: James Caan on the entrepreneurial journey – Pt 2

James Caan, Lisa Lllingworth

Journalist Lisa Illingworth spoke to James Caan of Dragon’s Den fame about his Step Up 2 a Start Up initiative for the 31 July edition of Finweek. In this article she speaks to Caan about his own entrepreneurial journey and who is really responsible for the development of SMMEs.

MARKET SNIPPET: 25 July 2014

Global markets

To get your daily fix on all things related to global market movements, tune in to for a snippet of what the experts have to say.

MONEY: It’s tax return time for individual taxpayers


17 000 South African taxpayers have already submitted tax returns in mid-July, so it is wise to avoid the stampede when the deadline approaches. We look at tips and advice on what you need to know when filing your tax returns.

STEP RIGHT UP: This week in Finweek

Tour de Force

In the 31 July edition on Finweek, we’re all about the Tour de France. We look at the economics of the race and its impact on world sports. We also spoke to celebrity investor James Caan and we take a look at the situation in Russia.

SPORT: Tour de Force

Tour de France Sprint

We take a look at The Tour de France in this week’s issue of Finweek. Glenda Williams highlights how the world’s premier cycling race contributes to tourism and its influence on world sport.

INVESTMENT: Profits are made at a time of economic and political unrest

global trade

The foreign exchange or the forex market is the biggest and most active financial market in the world. With the forex market being such a global and interconnected marketplace, events from all corners of the globe can have an immediate effect on exchange rates and currency values. We look at the effects.

NEWS: New structure for MG and Maxus products

CMH Brands

Combined Motor Holdings has announced major changes in the structure of Maxus and MG, which will now fall under a new company trading as CMH Brands following the buy-out of Mandarin Motors. We take a look.

NEWS: Alexander Forbes lists on the JSE

announcement 2

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has welcomed Alexander Forbes as the 11th company to list on the exchange this year. We take a closer look at the good news.