Finweek Quiz #82


A lot has happened these past few days. Take our quiz and find out if you’re up to speed with current affairs.

Finweek Quiz #81


It’s time for another quiz! This week one brainy reader could win a copy of ‘The E-Toll Saga: A Journey from CEO to Civil Activist’ if they get all the answers right. The book details how Wayne Duvenage started the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa) and the challenges the organisation faced in its ongoing quest to bring down the e-tolls. Good luck!

Finweek Quiz #80


Let’s give that grey matter a workout! This week one lucky reader stands the chance to win a copy of Douglas Kruger’s ‘Relentlessly Relevant: 50 Ways to Innovate’, which guides business owners away from traditional thinking where customer needs are concerned, setting them on the path to becoming trendsetters in their industries. Good luck!

Finweek Quiz #79


Welcome to yet another Finweek quiz! This week, we are giving away a copy of the book ‘How South Africa works and must do better’ by Jeffrey Herbst and Greg Mills to one lucky reader who gets all the answers right. The book details the reasons behind South Africa’s high unemployment rate and offers solutions to this massive problem.

Finweek Quiz #78


Let’s see how well you’ve been keeping up with events making headlines around the world and the country. Good luck!

Finweek Quiz #77


Welcome to another quiz! As usual, we’ve got a combination of current affairs and general knowledge questions for you.

Finweek Quiz #76


Welcome to another quiz! Here’s your chance to test your general knowledge and to check whether you’re on top of the past few days’ happenings.

LIFE: Simple steps to prevent damage during severe weather conditions

Property insurance.

During the cold winter months, some of your property is more susceptible to damage. Here are some easy steps to help you protect your property and ensure you can claim your insurance if anything happens.

LIFE: SA youth believe in political engagement for change


South African youth are interested in the political state of the country. They are optimistic about South Africa’s future but believe corruption should be addressed. These were some of the findings by a recent survey conducted by the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

LIFE: Ford returns to Le Mans in 2016

Ford GT race car Picture: quickpic

The new Ford GT race car was launched and will race at Le Mans next year. Glenda Williams spoke to executives at Ford to find out about the plans for this super car.