LIFE: The success in failure

Moxima Gama

When it comes to failure our egos are our own worst enemies, writes Moxima Gama. Successful people fail too, but they do not accept it as a verdict. they see it as an opportunity.

Finweek Quiz #71


Welcome to yet another quiz! This week, you can stand to win a copy of Steve Cavanagh’s ‘The Defence’, about a conman-turned-lawyer who has 48 hours to win a court case involving a Russian mafia boss, or he will never see his daughter again. If that isn’t enough pressure, he also has a bomb attached to his back. If you’re a fan of courtroom drama, this riveting thriller is a must-have for your collection.

LIFE: Meditation becoming a trader’s medication


Trading is stressful. Finweek contributor, Moxima Gama recommends meditation to ease the pressure of financial planning and investing.

LIFE: Top SA model presents the Maserati range to the world


Top SA model, Genevieve Morton has been chosen to present Maserati’s new range across a worldwide social media campaign.

Finweek Quiz #70


Welcome to our latest quiz! This week, you could win a copy of Maya Fisher-French’s book ‘Maya on Money – Implement your money plan’ if you get all the answers right.

LIFE: Rewire your procrastinating brain


Finweek contributor Moxima Gama gives ways for you to stop procrastinating so that you can meet your deadlines.

LIFE: Winning ways to drink your whisky


There seem to be as many recommended ways to drink whisky as there are whiskies, but there are some basics you should get right to make your experience memorable.

Finweek Quiz #69


Take the quiz for the chance to win a copy of ‘Winning the Unfair Fight’ by Sam Hazledine, as featured on page 52 of this week’s magazine (1-7 May edition). Vul die vasvra in vir die kans om ’n kopie van ‘Winning the Unfair Fight’ deur Sam Hazledine te wen, wat op bladsy 52 van vandeesweek se tydskrif (1-7 Mei uitgawe) bespreek word.

LIFE: Blender’s tongue insured for R5 million

Tetley 794

Tea-blender and director of Joekels tea, Jonathan Kelsey insured his tongue and sensory bud for R5m to ensure consistency of the blends for customer satisfaction. He’s not the first person to insure a body part… writes Mike Caminsky.

LIFE: Are you suffering from a mental blockage?

Moxima Gama

If you’re sluggish and can answer the questions in this week’s column by Moxima Gama, you probably have a mental blockage…