MANAGEMENT: Important financial management mistakes

Ravi Govender

Managing your personal finances apart from your business can result in financial stability for both. In this article, Standard Bank’s Ravi Govender takes us through mistakes to avoid when managing business and personal finances.

OPINION: How we view our salaries


Ellen Edwards from Fintech talks about an article she read about how people view the salaries of their co-workers, by our very own Gavin Symanowitz. Read more here to see the surprising reactions.

MANAGEMENT: Mine’s bigger than yours


Have you ever wondered what your colleague in the cubicle next to you takes home every month? Gavin Symanowitz highlights some interesting questions about the social taboos around the disclosure of our incomes.

INSIGHT: How to ensure safe online trading


The use of online trading has increased immensely over the past few years. But some traders still fear online trading due to safety reasons. Mabyanine Phiri from ACM Gold shares some guidelines to remember when trading online.

OPINION: Sales is dead


Sales isn’t what it used to be. Re-engineering the old sales machine requires a revolution in the way business treats its clients. What businesses need to focus on now is trust and insight. Finweek takes a look at a few important factors that need to be considered.

MANAGEMENT: Attracting talent in the economic downturn


In tough economic times companies often cut back on recruitment activities. According to Universum South Africa, hard times are ideal for sourcing new talent. Here are a few tips to help you find the best people for your business.

MANAGEMENT: Why e-learning is great for training in workplace


The benefits of electronic learning (e-learning) in companies are immense, despite South Africa catching on a bit slow. Ansie Snyders from Sage VIP Payroll & HR gives five reasons why companies should take on this approach.

INVESTMENT: Three attitudes to adopt when trading in the stock market


Having the right attitude towards your investments can be very important to set you apart from others in the long run. Moxima Gama identifies three areas you have to look at before committing to a trader’s life.

MANAGEMENT: Foster innovation in your business

business team work

When you’re too busy at work and under immense stress, you often overlook creative opportunities around you. Gavin Symanowitz talks about how to promote innovation in your company and get those creative juices flowing.

MANAGEMENT: Boost your business this Spring

Aki Kalliatakis

Spring is a great time to re-energise your business and a good time to reorganise and spruce up what your customers experience. Aki Kalliatakis points out the top six tips to revitalise the experiences that your customers have.