ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 5 tips for outstanding customer service

Customer service

Although customers aren’t always right they do have the power to make or break a reputation, and good customer service forms the basis of a successful business to consumer organisation. Dale Carnegie Training gives us five tips for great customer service.

MANAGEMENT: Why interns make good business sense


Many South African business owners are hesitant when it comes to hiring interns in their organisations. Initiatives such as the Graduate Asset Programme can assist businesses in finding interns to suit their requirements.Timothy Stuurman discusses five reasons for taking on interns.

WORKPLACE: How to email like a pro

Email 2

Many people often don’t realise the negative impressions their email behaviour is creating in the minds of their peers. Donna Rachelson from Branding and Marketing You gives a few tips on how to properly use email in the workplace.

OPINION: Macro digest – the mood sours


In this timely analysis, Steen Jakobsen from Saxo Bank shares his sentiment towards the current macro-economic climate in South Africa. Read more here.

MANGEMENT: Train the right people for your franchise


When starting a business, it is very important to have personnel that you trust to ensure everything runs smoothly when you’re away. Finweek takes a look at a few factors to consider when recruiting a team.

MANAGEMENT: Instil change in the workplace

Management 2

Change in a company has to be managed correctly in order for an organisation to stay balanced and for employees to stay motivated. The Dale Carnegie Training Change Model can help implement change in a business to insure long-term success.

MANAGEMENT: Risk management procedures important

Risk management

Tough economic conditions place enormous strain on local companies, whether big or small. It is therefor very important for all businesses to have proper risk management practices in place to avoid financial risks and liabilities.

OPINION: How to handle conflict in the workplace

Donna Rachelson 2

People often underestimate how their daily behaviour can affect their reputation around the office. Donna Rachelson from Branding and Marketing You discusses a few strategies to consider when dealing with conflict in the workplace.

MANAGEMENT: Strategy is key to training employees

Link shortening

When e-learning came to life, many companies invested a lot of money in material with expensive production values. Many are now questioning whether this was a waste of time and resources and whether returning to on-the-job and classroom training is more viable.

OPINION: Offer jobs, not just products


Youth unemployment may seem like a strange topic for marketing and brand strategy, but it isn’t. Al Mackay from Yellowwood Future Architects talks about why marketers should care about joblessness in the same way that consumers do.