OPINION: The mind games of job interviewers


When you go for that next interview at the company that you’ve been dreaming about, keep in mind that this interview may go completely different to what you expected. Moxima Gama talks about certain mind games that recruiters are known to play. Your answers may just cost you the job.

INVESTMENT: Comparing retirement annuities

Hugo Malherbe

The retirement annuity (RA) remains in many instances the best vehicle of choice towards future savings by investors. We look at a few factors that evaluate why investors prefer this option above others.

INSIGHT: Covering all (legal) bases


With regards to countries where expansion is being considered by means of SMMEs, the issues surrounding intellectual property and counterfeiting deserve to be highlighted. We look at the importance of IP and why it’s often neglected.

INSIGHT: Emerging vs developed market challenges


For any business to enter a new market can be risky and terrifying. Finweek looked at opportunities presented by the nascent African e-commerce industry and ways for companies to position themselves for success in emerging African markets.

NEWS: IMF projects global recovery


The International Monetary Fund forecasts global growth to rise from 3% to 3.6% in 2014 and to accelerate to 3.9% in 2015. We take a closer look at the global projected growth for the future.

INSIGHT: Nigeria’s dominance of the African continent

Dave Mohr

To measure overall economic activity, statisticians calculate gross domestic product (GDP). In Nigeria’s case, GDP calculations were done until recently using 1990 as the base year. The economy has changed substantially since then and only 33 sectors were covered in the calculation. The rebased GDP estimate now includes 46 sectors.

INVESTMENT: Time to tighten your belt – and drink less cappuccino


Finweek takes a look at a few interesting pieces written by Finweek contributor, Garth Theunissen. Today, he talks about the unchanged repo rate as explained by Governor Gill Marcus recently. We take a look.

MONEY: Understanding STC credits


Shareholders can save significantly due to accumulation of credits by the Secondary Tax on Companies (STC) regime. Companies now only have one more year to use their STC credits.

INVESTMENT: Short-term vs long-term


It is very important to examine investment strategies when owning a business. We look at a few much needed factors to consider when evaluating long-term and short-term investments.

INVESTMENT: Passive investments different to active management techniques

City of Gold vs City of Cold Gallo images thinkstock

There has been numerous articles lately on active investment managers defending their investment methods relative to passive index tracking investment techniques. We look at factors that make it difficult for active managers in South Africa to defend their turf.