MANAGEMENT: Why business disruption?


It is clear that any company can be disrupted in today’s dynamically changing market, that’s why it’s important for companies to continuously re-invent themselves to stay ahead of competitors. Finweek explores a few ways in which innovation can help businesses.

ECONOMY: Strategic planning essential in tough economy


Statistics SA are still determining whether South Africa is in a recession or not. Regardless, companies need to consider the effects of tough economic conditions in the long run. Finweek looks at the benefits of good management.

MANAGEMENT: Keeping business in the family

Ravi Govender

With many family businesses comes the difficult task of compiling a legitimate succession plan. We take a look at what to consider when handing over the reins of your business to a younger family member.

MANAGEMENT: Choose the right location for your franchise


If you’re considering opening a franchise, you might want to take a look at these few pointers on how to select the perfect location for your business. We take a closer look.

WORKPLACE: Working through conflict

businessman want to fight with his competitor

The very existence of conflict in the office is toxic, and potentially damaging to the organisation on a variety of levels. We take a look at factors surrounding conflict in the workplace and how it can be solved effectively.

INSIGHT: Breathalysers in the workplace


South Africa genuinely has a problem with frequently employed alcohol abusers missing work and costing the economy millions. We take a look at the implications of employees under the influence of alcohol during work hours.

INSIGHT: Strategy and the role of your board

Bashir Khan

The term strategy refers to a framework of holistic strategic thinking that includes the formulation of the strategy, the implementation thereof and the continuous review and improvement of the steps taken along the way. We take a look at what strategic management can mean to your business.

WORKPLACE: Tips for a productive home office

Richard Henn

Times are changing and people are becoming more flexible when it comes to the work environment. We take a look at a few tips on how one can create a productive home office.

WORKPLACE: How to deal with sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is still very relevant and still occurs daily. We look at a few tips on how to handle sexual harassment and approach this problem in the best possible way.

MANAGEMENT: Honouring the psychological contract


It is widely known that employee engagement is a significant driver of employee and organisational performance. And like with any other relationship, employers and employees have certain expectations of one another. We take a look at psychological contracts in the workplace. Unwritten but undeniable.