INVESTMENT: Questions over new vehicle for investing in BBBEE shares

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Ngonyama Capital was launched by Cartesian Capital. It enables investors who want to participate in BBBEE share schemes without investing directly to do exactly that in a very basic manner. We take a closer look.

AFRICA: Nigeria’s expanding economy


According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the Nigerian economy has the potential to become one of the world’s leading economies by 2030. But we look at continuing challenges in Nigeria that might restrain development.

MANAGEMENT: The worst CEOs of 2013


Bruce Whitfield has taken share prices as a guide and identified the worst CEOs of 2013. Although some sectors are struggling due to economic difficulty, he decided to use sectors individually. We take a closer look.

MANAGEMENT: The persuasive power of video

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We live in a time where people are showered with non-stop information in all shapes and sizes. How can companies ensure that their product or service will stand out from the rest? We take a look at animated explainer videos.

INVESTMENT: The investment case for Vietnam


Vietnam is a powerful consumer growth story. It is home to 92m people and it also boasts a 97% literacy rate. We look at growth and investment opportunities in Vietnam.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Keep your personal estate safe when signing surety


When signing surety to start your business, be prepared to put protective measures in place to secure your debt. We look at tips on how to protect what’s your when signing surety.

MANAGEMENT: Are you ready for future business challenges?


Planning for the future can be useless because there is no set template for fitting into the future. The future is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous and business leaders are unable to identify and understand the problems facing them. Lisa Illingworth investigates.

AFRICA: Understanding the Nigerian market


Nigeria remains an untapped source of growth in Africa, and with internet and telecommunications technologies providing global reach, there has never been a better time to explore cross-border trade opportunities. We take a closer look.

TREND: Support for local business could boost SA’s economy

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61% of jobs are with small business in South Africa. There is a rising interest in reasoning out why buying local and supporting small business makes sense to the consumer. We look at how supporting local businesses can improve the economy.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Repeatable model or one-hit wonder?


Many businesses have achieved success in the past from one idea that resulted in a commercial breakthrough. We look at why a one-hit wonder doesn’t mean that your company will be valuable going forward.