OPINION: Putting ‘Africa rising’ under the microscope


Are executives overestimating the growth potential of the middle class in Africa? Our correspondent from Nigeria finds out that the real money in Africa lies in technology and innovation enterprises.

INVEST DIY: Diversifying your portfolio


Simon Brown looks at the returns of the main local indices since the end of the financial crisis and finds that investors will do best in diversifying long-term portfolios.

NEWS: Edcon has tough issues to iron out


Just 10 years ago, the Edcon group was making R1.3bn in net profits. But for the year to March, net loss came in at R2bn on the back of R29.4bn in revenues. The only piece of good news, strictly for eternal optimists, is that net loss has narrowed from last year’s R2.4bn. Finweek contributor Shoks Mzolo finds out where the group went wrong?

COVER: Is property still a safe haven?

This article originally appeared in the 27 August 2015 edition of Finweek. Click on the image above to download.

Many investors think property is as safe as houses. But the truth is this sector, like any other, is not immune to economic setbacks and market movements. Finweek contributor Liesl Peyper takes a look at what is in store for the South African property market over the coming months.

NEWS: China’s future currency fluctuations unsure


China’s currency depreciation was the most significant one-day devaluation against the US dollar since the People’s Bank of China adopted exchange-rate reform on July 21, 2005. Rocky Tung unpacks the risks of the adjustments.

INSIGHT: SA’s economy is growing slower than its potential


Government policy is limiting South Africa’s growth potential, writes Jakkie Cilliers from the University of Pretoria. Cilliers highlights three factors contributing to the deterioration of growth forecasts for the economy. This article originally appeared in The Conversation.

INSIGHT: How current economics affect local interest rates


Chief economist from Investec, Annabel Bishop shares insights on the global and local economy and how it would affect interest rates at the end of the year. Bishop spoke at the Business Matters Conference which highlighted key factors affecting South African business.

INSIGHT: How will rising interest rates affect equity returns?

Repo rate 2

Returns on equities tend to be better when interest rates are falling. Even though interest rates are rising, equity investors should not make hasty decisions yet as the current interest phase is not at its worst.

INSIGHT: SA consumers opt for international purchases


There is a growing interest in South African consumers to shop online, from international retailers. A study reveals that 79% of online shoppers in South Africa plan to engage in cross-border shopping in the future.

PRO PICK: Vodacom- The future is red


So far telecommunications and data company, Vodacom has had a steady earnings outlook and should achieve reasonable growth in the coming years, says Rhynhardt Roodt, portfolio manager at Investec Equity Fund.