OPINION: Africa must build industries for the continent


Brands are taking advantage of the increasing and developing markets in parts of Africa and so South Africa is experiencing a consolidation in the marketing services sector. Oresti Patricios looks at what African entrepreneurs should really be considering.

ECONOMY: In the age of low interest rates

Innovative Entrepreneurs

We have a generation of traders and investors who see any dip as a buying opportunity and policy makers who argues everything being equal. Steen Jakobsen from Saxo Bank talks candidly about what we know as the stock market bubble.

OPINION: The purpose of fixing rates


There is no right or wrong when it comes to fixing rates. But it is perhaps important to consider some factors when deciding whether or not to fix rates, as well as to point out that the usual times when people normally rush to fix rates are not always what you would expect. We take a look.

INSIGHT: Women still struggling for recognition in higher education


It’s fair to say that the continuous exclusion of women in higher education undermines some of the central ideals of higher education and perpetuates gender inequality and social injustice. We take a closer look at this.

OPINION: World Population Day – Inequity is the problem not population


World Population Day was established by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It deals with the notion of an over-populated Earth and how inequity is the true reason behind starvation in many countries. We take a closer look.

MONEY: Retirement ages and why they need to be revised


The concept of retiring at age 65 and then surviving for another 20 years is a hopelessly old way of thinking and it will be changing everywhere in the near future. Lisa Illingworth looks into retirement and what it will look like in the years to come.

Finweek Quiz #29


The new Finweek quiz is here! Test your knowledge for a chance to win a hamper consisting of a Finweek T-shirt and key ring as well as a Freakonomics DVD!

Finweek Quiz #28


The brand new Finweek quiz is here! This week we’ve got more general knowledge and current affairs questions than usual. See how you do!

INSIGHT: The meaning of selfies


People have become obsessed with selfies. They are symbolic to our new, empowered citizenry in the world. Jason Xenopoulos takes a look at what the meaning of the selfie craze is in our society today.

Finweek Quiz #27


The latest Finweek quiz is here! Give it a shot and see if you have some luck on this Friday the 13th!