OPINION: Change yourself before you take on the world


Zelda la Grange served former President Nelson Mandela for 19 years in different capacities until his death on 5 December 2013. In this article she talks about her life with Madiba and the valuable lessons she has learned.

STEP RIGHT UP: The 6 November 2014 issue

Idris Elba

In this week’s issue of Finweek we look at the declining South African market, stressing where investors should actually be investing. We also talk about the South African brandy label Oude Meester and what Idris Elba has to say about the industry. All this and more, right here.

BEE: Confusion in verification sector


The DTI recently raised uncertainty and confusion with the self-certification process in the BEE verification sector. Finweek looks into some important aspects of this very complicated industry.

BUSINESS: Is the traditional CV enough?


As technology evolves with social media and online professional networking on the rise, Angelique Robbertse from Job Mail talks about the relevance of CVs when looking at job opportunities. Is the use of online job portals suppressing the traditional CV?

OPINION: Legislation not enough to end strike violence


The DA’s proposal that trade unions should be held accountable for violence during industrial action won’t be enough to curb violent strikes in South Africa, opines SEIFSA executive Gordon Angus in this thought-provoking opinion piece.

OPINION: Legislative reforms compromising SA judiciary


Until roughly 2004, South Africa saw an initial unified, independent judiciary. Unfortunately, recent legislative activity and the attitude and statements of the ANC have caused concern for the sacrosanctity of such independence. Kathleen Louw from Werksmans Attorneys elaborates.

OPINION: Macro digest – the mood sours


In this timely analysis, Steen Jakobsen from Saxo Bank shares his sentiment towards the current macro-economic climate in South Africa. Read more here.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Awakening your entrepreneurial spirit

Old entrepreneur

Dr John Demartini from the Demartini Institute took some time to explain what entrepreneurship really consists of and how to activate one’s entrepreneurial spirit in today’s busy market.

OPINION: Pension reformists should heed warning signs from African Bank 

Entrepreneur thinking

If proposals by National Treasury are implemented, all pensioners will find themselves compelled to purchase an annuity upon retirement. Shalin Bhagwan from Ashburton Investments talks about the financial institutions from which the pensioners will have to purchase an annuity.

INVESTMENT: Dividends capture investor imagination

Management 2

The need to generate income in an uncertain investment landscape with record low interest rates has lured investors into riskier parts of the bond market. Rynel Moodley talks about alternative features of generating income through investments.