OPINION: The mind games of job interviewers


When you go for that next interview at the company that you’ve been dreaming about, keep in mind that this interview may go completely different to what you expected. Moxima Gama talks about certain mind games that recruiters are known to play. Your answers may just cost you the job.

OPINION: Investing in Brazil

Cash - Dr. Mark Moebius

Mark Mobius from Franklin Templeton Investments talks about the negative economic consequences that Brazil faces due to their spending habits. We look at reforming efforts that are in the works that may just help get the country back on track.

OPINION: Social media should be on exco agenda


Far from being the realm of forward thinking advertising types, social media has become integral in the management of all aspects of a business. Gordon Geldenhuys of 25AM argues it’s high time to bring social media into the boardroom.

Finweek Quiz #22


Welcome to this week’s Finweek Quiz! Flex your brain with our questions on the most recent edition of the magazine and to see how much attention you’ve paid to the recent current events.

INSIGHT: It’s your tattoo, but do you own the copyright?


When it comes to tattoos people tend to forget about the copyright implications. We look what is stated about intellectual property rights when it comes to body art.

OPINION: The balance between social media and unsocial teens

Brain 2

Is excessive use of social media by young people in South Africa one of the main reasons for unsocial behaviour amongst friends and family? Moxima Gama answers this question by looking at the Annual SA Social Media Landscape report.

OPINION: Become your own brand ambassador


Personal branding focuses on your uniqueness or your unique selling proposition (USP). There is a strong case for personal branding whether you are an entrepreneur or work in a corporate environment. We look at tips on how to build your own brand.

OPINION: Because that’s the way things are done around here!

Gavin Symanowitz Feedback Rocket

Have you ever wondered why certain things are conducted in a certain way for generations in your family? Gavin Symanowitz explains why the cultural routines of people is strikingly similar to that of companies.

Finweek Quiz #21


Welcome to this week’s brand new Finweek Quiz. Give it your best shot – you never know, it could be your ticket to Twitter fame!

OPINION: TPT increases threat to manufacturing


The Transnet Port Terminals have increased their tariffs with 9.25% which threatens manufacturing, jobs and also promotes stagflation. We take a closer look.