OPINION: Let’s stop throwing stones in the well


Anton Ressel took some time to explain how small and medium businesses in South Africa are perceived and how they affect jobs, opportunities and overall growth in the South African economy.

OPINION: Want to be the boss?


Does your dream job include a lavish office and fat paycheck? Bruce Whitfield talks about the negativity surrounding a CEO position.

ECONOMY: Austerity – the latest buzz word


The term ‘austerity’ is being used all over stock markets. Austerity measures are when Government tightens its belt to help bring expenditure more in line with revenue in tough economic times. Moxima Gama investigates.

OPINION: Because I could…

money road

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan has been warning us that South Africans have been living beyond their means for years and yet some don’t seem to feel the pressures of rising living costs. Marc Ashton provided some insight on what he thinks about these big spenders.

OPINION: Should we still be celebrating Women’s Day?

Donna Rachelson 2

Why do we still celebrate Women’s Day? Donna Rachelson talks about the history of Women’s Month and how she thinks we should actually be commemorating this event.

INVESTMENT: Representing the true risk of Money Market


Many investors consider money market and income funds to be low risk and assign a low probability to losing their money. But do investors actually consider the consequences when a larger majority of the investor community, require withdrawal at the same time? We take a look.

INVESTMENT: Investing in real estate vs the stock market


It’s no secret South Africans have a severe savings-culture problem. We regularly discuss numerous ways in which to save money, but today Moxima Gama compares investing in real estate versus the stock market as successful platforms to saving.

OPINION: South African CIOs behind the software curve


Robert Harreman, CEO of Yellowtail Consulting takes a look at the looming regulatory changes that are about to hit the South African financial services sector and the impact they’ll have on the industry.

STEP RIGHT UP: The 7 August edition

Finweek cover 7 August

In the 7 August edition of Finweek, reporter James Styan gets his head around South Africa’s energy crisis, we share tips on buying second-hand cars and tell you what the whole “going mobile” thing is all about.