OPINION: How we view our salaries


Ellen Edwards from Fintech talks about an article she read about how people view the salaries of their co-workers, by our very own Gavin Symanowitz. Read more here to see the surprising reactions.

OPINION: Sales is dead


Sales isn’t what it used to be. Re-engineering the old sales machine requires a revolution in the way business treats its clients. What businesses need to focus on now is trust and insight. Finweek takes a look at a few important factors that need to be considered.

OPINION: The business of churches

savings culture

Gareth Ochse has been curious about a number of churches popping up in his area recently. He talks about the business around these churches and how they just might surprise you.

LEGAL: Buying a farm fraught with pitfalls

counting money

Buying a farm in South Africa is an involved and complicated process. Pierre le Roux from Werksmans Attorneys highlights some of the pitfalls of buying a farm in South Africa and emphasizes on what you need to know.

ECONOMY: ‘Goldilocks’ scenario for equity investors


The world economy continues to muddle along at a pedestrian rate of growth. Tristan Hanson from Ashburton Investments shares some insights on the current pace of global economic growth.

OPINION: How to write and present an effective elevator pitch

Fingers crossed

In order for your business/product to stand out from competitors, you need to step up your elevator pitch. Coenraad Swart from The Hope Factory gives some tips on how to do exactly that.

OPINION: Let’s stop throwing stones in the well


Anton Ressel took some time to explain how small and medium businesses in South Africa are perceived and how they affect jobs, opportunities and overall growth in the South African economy.

OPINION: Want to be the boss?


Does your dream job include a lavish office and fat paycheck? Bruce Whitfield talks about the negativity surrounding a CEO position.

ECONOMY: Austerity – the latest buzz word


The term ‘austerity’ is being used all over stock markets. Austerity measures are when Government tightens its belt to help bring expenditure more in line with revenue in tough economic times. Moxima Gama investigates.

OPINION: Because I could…

money road

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan has been warning us that South Africans have been living beyond their means for years and yet some don’t seem to feel the pressures of rising living costs. Marc Ashton provided some insight on what he thinks about these big spenders.