MONEY: Annuities and Divorce


One of the biggest questions in the case of a divorce is, why can’t a spouse claim from an annuity? Lize de la Harpe from Glacier by Sanlam provides some much needed clarity on this issue.

INVESTMENT: Bricks, mortar and listed property


Finweek takes a look at a few interesting pieces written by Finweek contributor, Garth Theunissen. Today, he talks about some questions you need yourself when considering investing in bricks and mortar.

PERSONAL FINANCE NEWS: Compulsory 3rd party insurance essential to reduce premiums

Christelle Fourie

According to research conducted by the South African Insurance Association, the number of uninsured vehicles on the road is around 70%. It is currently in consultation with government, so that reduced motor insurance premiums will be applicable to all.

PERSONAL FINANCE TIP: How to soothe the pain of a stock market plummet

Moxima Gama

According to Professors Joseph Engelberg and Christopher A Parsons, an inverse correlation between losses in the stock market and hospital visits existed from 1983 to 2011. For every drop in the market, there was a slight increase in hospital visits. Moxima Gama explains this.

PERSONAL FINANCE NEWS: Consumer credit health remains under stress


Consumer credit health declined more in the last quarter of 2013 than in the other three quarters. This is according to the The TransUnion Consumer Credit Index released today. The risks associated with credit providers are far from safe. We take a look.

PERSONAL FINANCE IDEA: Time to review your equity exposure?

global trade

Allan Gray’s equity funds can be classified across two dimensions – geography and equity exposure. It also touches on some performance in 2013, and the importance of taking a long-term view when it comes to investing in equities. We take a thorough look.

MANAGEMENT: Surviving 2014 as a Small Business


With the Rand/Dollar exchange rate reaching a record high for the first time in five years, economists continue to emphasize that the South African economy is not out of the woods yet. We look at how small enterprises are going to be affected this year.

INVESTMENT IDEA: What will drive the market in 2014?

global trade

Dave Mohr from Old Mutual Wealth explains how economic growth and low inflation have been good for equities over the past year and emphasises how this may drive the market internationally in 2014.

PERSONAL FINANCE IDEA: New year resolutions for a comfy retirement

Steven Nathan (LR)

According to the South African National Treasury, only 6% of people in SA will have accumulated enough money for retirement. Steven Nathan from 10X Investments shares some tips on retirement investing resolutions for the New Year.

NEWS: Joburg ready to host 2014 C40 Mayors Summit


For the first time on the African continent, the fifth biennial C40 Cities Mayors Summit will be hosted in Johannesburg in February. This summit will revolve around the topic of global climate change where cities across the globe will share knowledge, exchange ideas, and forge new partnerships.