INVESTMENT: Should you reinvest or cash in dividends?

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Reinvesting your dividends is a good way to increase your wealth. Moxima Gama shares the benefits of reinvesting over taking your dividends in cash.

NEWS: SAA to enforce hand luggage allowances


SAA allows an extra kilogram of hand luggage, the airline announced it will start enforcing these regulations soon, which might result in delays at security checkpoints.

Finweek Quiz #57


Welcome to this week’s quiz! This week we’re giving away a copy of Holger Meier’s ‘The Beer – The most extensive to Beer and Breweries in South Africa’ to three readers who get all the answers right. Good luck!

INVESTMENT: Simon Brown’s tips to handle disruption

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Disruption is a reality of corporate life. How do you ensure that you are backing the disruptor and not the company being disrupted. Simon Brown shares his thoughts on the matter in this edition of Finweek.

INVESTMENT: Retail stocks remain depressed


Oil prices remain low and the central bank will probably keep rates on hold for longer, which means the average household will have a little more disposable income in 2015, but don’t rely on the retail sector for returns, writes Jaco Visser.

MONEY: Why saving is hard (and what to do about it)


If you are struggling to get the ball rolling on your savings account, you’re not alone. In this article, we consider why it’s so hard to save and suggest a few ways to make it easier.

PROPERTY: What to do when your landlord sells


What are your rights if your landlord decides to sell the property you reside in? Can you stay on the property or should you leave? Find out here.

MONEY: Who needs a trust?


We often hear of trusts being spoken about in the financial world and the importance of having one. But when is it necessary to consider a trust and who should set one up?

MONEY: Money tips for young adults

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As a young adult, you’re probably new to the world of budgeting and managing your finances. Here FNB shares a few tips to help you get it right the first time.

INVESTMENT: Capital gains tax explained

Moxima Gama

Capital gains tax is an unfortunate reality of investment. In this column, Moxima Gama explains what capital gains tax is, how to calculate it and when to pay.