Finweek Quiz #60


Welcome to another Finweek quiz! There’s one last copy of Holger Meier’s ‘The Beer Book’ up for grabs. Good luck! Welkom by nog ‘n Finweek vasvra! Ons gee ook weer ‘n eksemplaar van ‘The Beer Book’ deur Holger Meier weg aan een gelukkige wenner. Die Afrikaanse weergawe van hierdie vasvra is onder die Engelse weergawe.

INVESTMENT: Greed often leads to investment ruin


Trading on the stock market is a risky task but what happens when you get to greedy? Moxima Gama advises you on how to make good investment choices.

INVESTMENT: Watch for risk hidden in offshore returns

Investing offshore

A weakened rand means great returns for offshore investors but when the rand starts to fair up against other currencies what should offshore investors look out for?

LIFE: The petrol price is down, but now what?


Most consumers don’t feel the benefits of a decrease in the petrol price. This is because the money saved often gets absorbed in household expenditure.

INVESTMENT: The evolution of multi-asset strategies


Multi-asset portfolios have attracted interest around the world in recent years as investors have sought new ways to try to capture equity-like returns with less volatility. Many of these approaches have focused on traditional asset allocation methods such as shifting between stocks, bonds and cash. However, Toby Hayes, vice president and portfolio manager, Franklin Templeton Solutions, is using a different strategy, one that makes use of a larger toolkit to seek out value based on diversifying the risk factors, not the asset class.

PROPERTY: Why discerning investors opt for industrial property


An increase in the demand of industrial property has seen this sector grow in the last couple of months. As an investor identifying the right kind of asset does not need to be a difficult task.

MONEY: How to manage your inherited estate

savings culture

Mthokozisi Bhengu shows consumers the important role of professional administrators in managing the assets and liabilities of an inherited estate.

MONEY: Provisional tax payers- file early to avoid penalties


The submission date for the second provisional tax returns and payments is due February 28. Tax payers should note the amendments to the South African provisional tax system to avoid penalties.

Finweek Quiz #59


Welcome to another Finweek quiz! We apologise for the delay. You will find this quiz in the back of the issue dated 26 February, on shelves now. If you get all the answers right, you can win a copy of Holger Meier’s ‘The Beer Book’. Welkom by nog ‘n Finweek vasvra! Ons gee ook weer ‘n eksemplaar van ‘The Beer Book’ deur Holger Meier weg aan een gelukkige wenner.

INVESTMENT: Investing overseas in uncertain times

Derry Pickford

Some investors prefer to keep their portfolios in domestic assets but this can make them vulnerable in times of crisis. Investing overseas can mitigate this risk, says macro analyst, Derry Pickford.