PROPERTY: Are sole mandates the right choice?


A sole mandate can be defined as an exclusive contract between the seller of a home and a real estate agent, allowing that agent to market the property and find the right buyer for the home at the highest price in the shortest period of time. Finweek looks at why mandates have more benefits than meets the eye.

MONEY: 5 ways to keep holiday spending under control


Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, the holidays can be hard on your pocket. We share five tips to help you stay in control of your finances this festive season.

BUSINESS: Is the traditional CV enough?


As technology evolves with social media and online professional networking on the rise, Angelique Robbertse from Job Mail talks about the relevance of CVs when looking at job opportunities. Is the use of online job portals suppressing the traditional CV?

INVESTMENT: Glacier on multi-asset class fund portfolios

Investment 3

Imraan Jakoet from Glacier Research talks about some of the benefits of industry assets moving towards funds which may invest into multiple asset classes. This has thus resulted in many portfolios comprising exclusively of multi-asset class funds.

INVESTMENT: Credit health should build form the bottom


Having a good credit record or history is very important to South African consumers when trying to purchase houses or cars. But being denied credit is increasing among a certain percentage of the population. Glenda Williams talks about credit health and behaviour in South Africa.

NEWS: New app to keep an eye on the JSE


VectorVest has announced major enhancements in to its new release of VectorVest Mobile. Finweek investigates.

Finweek Quiz #43


Visit any large shopping centre anywhere in the country and you’re bound to see a Sorbet beauty salon – without a doubt, this local chain is a massive entrepreneurial success. This week, we’re giving away one copy of Sorbet founder Ian Fuhr’s autobiography, ‘Get that feeling – the story of a serial entrepreneur’. Test your knowledge for a chance to win!

LIFE: FNB Whisky Live returns to Jozi


The FNB Whisky Live Festival will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre from 12-14 November 2014. Whiskey enthusiasts and connoisseurs can prepare themselves to be treated to a new and unique guest.

MONEY: How compounding works


One very important aspect of long-term investing is compound interest. If you ever wondered how your investment is compounded, then this simple and informative explanation is for you.

MONEY: Legal insurance of a swimming pool


One of the last things people think about when going into summer, is the insurance implications regarding a swimming pool. Finweek considers a few relevant facts about pool safety rules that you need to keep in mind.