Finweek Quiz #40


LIFE: Cognac dissected


Getting into cognac drinking? A bottle of a special blend could set you back thousands. So, what makes a bottle worth so much? Finweek investigates.

PROPERTY: Prepare your home for summer


With summer just around the corner, now is the time to prepare your home for the warmer months. Consider these useful tips to help keep your home cool and to save on energy costs.

MONEY: Beware when buying a used car

Entrepreneur thinking

When purchasing a second-hand vehicle, it might be a good idea to learn how to spot a lemon – a word used by the motor industry to describe what is commonly known as a dud. Auto Mart’s Esta Pretorius gives a few tips on what to look out for.

MANAGEMENT: Important financial management mistakes

Ravi Govender

Managing your personal finances apart from your business can result in financial stability for both. In this article, Standard Bank’s Ravi Govender takes us through mistakes to avoid when managing business and personal finances.

LIFE: Irma Stern paintings to be sold in London


It has been announced that Bonhams London are set to sell 11 paintings by legendary grand dame Irma Stern. The South African art sale will commence on 1 October 2014. Get all the details here.

LIFE: Zonnebloem fetches top prices at Nederburg Auction


Zonnebloem wines has attracted some of the highest prices at the 2014 Nederburg Auction. Finweek takes a look at the prices achieved by this classic brand.

INSIGHT: Become a Chartered Financial Analyst

savings culture

It is a well known fact that local charter holders are in high demand in South Africa. Garth Theunissen looks at how choosing chartered accounting as a career may just open a few doors in the international investment industry.

Finweek Quiz #39


Welcome to another Finweek quiz! This week one lucky participant who gets all the answers right will win a copy of ‘Raising the Bar’ by Songezo Zibi. In this book, Zibi explores why South Africa is the way it is, and discusses the issues South Africans must confront in order for SA to become a prosperous nation.

INVESTMENT: Importance of life assurance and life insurance


Many people are confused when it comes to life insurance and life assurance. Moxima Gama took the time to simplistically explain the difference between the two policies.