MONEY: Choose your medical scheme wisely


Understanding the difference between health insurance products and medical scheme cover is of grave importance. We look at why it’s wise to choose the appropriate form of cover for your family.

INSIGHT: It’s your tattoo, but do you own the copyright?


When it comes to tattoos people tend to forget about the copyright implications. We look what is stated about intellectual property rights when it comes to body art.

TECHNOLOGY: New era of data breaches for cybercriminals


A new Symantec report reveals the number of mega data breaches went from one in 2012 to eight in 2013. This resulted in 552m identities exposed last year. We take a closer look.

OPINION: The balance between social media and unsocial teens

Brain 2

Is excessive use of social media by young people in South Africa one of the main reasons for unsocial behaviour amongst friends and family? Moxima Gama answers this question by looking at the Annual SA Social Media Landscape report.

LIFE HACK: Three tips to go from working mom to super mom

female entrepreneur

In the next issue of Finweek (17 April), reporter Lisa Illingworth investigates the contribution of working mothers to the economy. Here she shares a few tips to help working mothers find a balance between familial obligations and rocking at your job.

MONEY: Annuities and Divorce


One of the biggest questions in the case of a divorce is, why can’t a spouse claim from an annuity? Lize de la Harpe from Glacier by Sanlam provides some much needed clarity on this issue.

INVESTMENT: Bricks, mortar and listed property


Finweek takes a look at a few interesting pieces written by Finweek contributor, Garth Theunissen. Today, he talks about some questions you need yourself when considering investing in bricks and mortar.

RETIREMENT: It starts in your twenties


Alarmingly, few South Africans can afford to retire comfortably. Momentum’s Joe Karabus explains why young employees should start thinking about retirement from their first day of work.

POWER LUNCH: Understand economics in 30 minutes


In this video, basic economic principles are explained in a way that is easy to understand and even easier to remember. Spruce up your future dinner table conversations, understand the economy and be awesome by the end of your lunch hour.

INSIGHT: BB-BEE Scores in Fetola


SME growth accelerator, Fetola, and global leader in mobile messaging, Clickatell, define a new way of allocating enterprise development funds. We take a closer look.