MONEY: Who should manage your family trust?

Marteen Michau, head of fiduciary and tax at Sanlam Private Wealth 2

Choosing a trustee for a family trust can be an overwhelming and a somewhat emotional process. It’s one of the most important decisions you will ever make with regards to estate planning. We take a closer look.

MONEY: Back to investment basics


We’re sometimes unaware of the big events that life tends to throw at us. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be financially prepared for them. Leigh Köhler provides us with some tips on the basics of investing.

Finweek Quiz #33


We have a book to give away for today’s quiz – Why States Recover by Greg Mills features dozens of fascinating case studies from all over the world on how and why states fail and what is needed for them to recover. If you are interested in politics and economics, you definitely want to check out this book!

BLOG: One Rand Man #3

One rand man logo

The One Rand Man only has R240 left for the rest of the month. With a budget of R40 per day, will he see the 31st with a few coins left in his pocket?

MONEY: It’s tax return time for individual taxpayers


17 000 South African taxpayers have already submitted tax returns in mid-July, so it is wise to avoid the stampede when the deadline approaches. We look at tips and advice on what you need to know when filing your tax returns.

MONEY: Property as an investment strategy


With all investment endeavors the key element to success is knowledge. Regardless of what investment you’re making, one still needs to make the most informed decision and take into consideration all relating factors before deciding. We look at investing in property.

TREND: Crowdfunding that actually makes sense


Imagine if a student loan came with a mentor, career advice, professional connections and no interest? That’s the goal behind two US startups who are providing technology platforms for young people who don’t have the cash to launch their own careers. We take a closer look.

INSIGHT: Minimizing your digital footprint

Entrepreneur thinking

Finweek has been keeping tabs on the ongoing privacy debate, and exploring the various threats to Internet users. We take a look at ways to minimise your digital footprint and keep your data more private.

INVESTMENT: Make rising interest rates work for you


The rise in the Repo rate is very bad news for those not saving money but may be good for those who have started saving earlier on. We look at financial challenges people might face in the midst of this.

MONEY: Rise in Repo rate will affect households


The Repo rate has been raised with 0.25 of a percentage point on 17 July. We take a closer look at what the Reserve Bank predicts for the next few years.