PROPERTY: Hot tips for home sellers


Home sellers have to consider a few things before selling their property. Jan Davel of RealNet provides a guide.

MONEY: Retirement challenges of increased life expectancy

Retired couple

Clients are becoming increasingly concerned that they may run out of money in the last years of their retirement, as their life expectancy improves.

PROPERTY: Patience in post-divorce home purchases


Buying a home after a divorce can be hard, especially if you still are the co-owner of a property with your former spouse.

PROPERTY: Middle class battle with upfront payments


Emerging middle class buyers battle to afford the extra upfront costs of property buying.

MONEY: 10 things you should know before marriage


One of the leading causes of divorce is money. It is important that couples plan their finances accordingly for marriage.

PROPERTY: Impact of interest rates on commercial property

Attie Anderson 2

The impact of interest rates on commercial property will depend on scale and frequency of rate increase, says Attie Anderson of FNB Commercial Property Finance.

OPINION: Making insurance easier


What should one expect when making an insurance claim? Rory Judd of MiWay insurance provides a guide.

INVESTMENT: The three myths of hedge funds


South Africa is the first in the world to offer regulated hedge funds as CISs. together with FSb changes to Regulation 28, hedge funds now have a rightful place within the pension fund space.

MONEY: Top reasons insurance claims may not be paid out


The number of insurance claims people are making has increased. However, there is also an increase in the number of claim repudiations. Bertus Visser of PSG Insure gives the five top reasons insurance claims may not be paid out.

MONEY: Winter insurance tips

Insurance 2

With winter approaching, there is increased risk of power cuts as energy consumption rises. Gari Dombo, of Alexander Forbes Insurance, gives insurance tips for your home, vehicle and office.