INSIGHT: Expungement helps minor offenders find jobs


Increased qualification fraud means that prospective employers often doubt the honesty of job seekers. Minor offenders find it more difficult to secure jobs. However, expungement of criminal records relating to certain criminal convictions may help them find jobs.

Finweek Quiz #80


Let’s give that grey matter a workout! This week one lucky reader stands the chance to win a copy of Douglas Kruger’s ‘Relentlessly Relevant: 50 Ways to Innovate’, which guides business owners away from traditional thinking where customer needs are concerned, setting them on the path to becoming trendsetters in their industries. Good luck!

PROPERTY: Risks and rewards of buying off plan


Buying property off plan could be a good investment, under the right circumstances. Buyers should do research before buying into a development.

INVESTMENT: Deriving value from derivatives

Warrants are still an option

Derivatives can help investors manage risks. there are three main financial strategies investors can take, these being options, futures and forward contracts and swaps.

MONEY: Protect your children’s financial future

Online child

An up-to-date Will and an insurance plan can ensure that your children are financially and emotionally protected in the event of your death.

PROPERTY: Homeowner insurance needs

Property insurance.

Homeowners can save some money and ease financial pressures by assessing their current home insurance policies and making appropriate changes. Homeowners can reduce their monthly premium or find lower insurance offerings.

MONEY: Improve your savings strategy


It is important to look for financial products and services that meet savings and equity needs? Individuals often settle for traditional savings products.

INVESTMENT: Do credit ratings indicate investment merit?


Investors may use credit ratings when making investment decisions, but the real question is whether ratings are indications of investment merit. Are ratings ‘buy’, ‘sell’, or ‘hold’ recommendations, or a measure of asset value?

Finweek Quiz #79


Welcome to yet another Finweek quiz! This week, we are giving away a copy of the book ‘How South Africa works and must do better’ by Jeffrey Herbst and Greg Mills to one lucky reader who gets all the answers right. The book details the reasons behind South Africa’s high unemployment rate and offers solutions to this massive problem.