PROPERTY: Home buyers discouraged by SA’s economy

House 2

Many potential home buyers are held back by South Africa’s lacklustre economy. Less than 35% are estimated to realize their ambitions within the next ten years.

INVESTMENT: Understanding cash as an asset class


Portfolio manager Paul Bosman looks at cash as an asset class and the risks and benefits associated with it as an investment instrument. He also gives insight on the different options available to investors.

PROPERTY: Inheritance- making the right call for your heirs


Unless it is held by a trust, property is not an easy asset to deal with as part of an estate. Determine whether property adds value to the inheritance you leave behind for heirs.

MONEY: 5 tips to fix-up your finances

money laundering

With National Financial Planning Week coming up, get a head start in fixing your finances in 5 simple ways.

PROPERTY: Airbnb raises concerns over home insurance

Property insurance.

The rise of Airbnb is raising questions about insurance implications for homeowners. Renters face the risk of financial loss due to stolen and damaged property or liabilities to guests if precautions are not taken. Homeowners need to ensure that adequate cover is in place.

PROPERTY: Markets can turn on a dime

property investment

Property prices may not continue on their upward streak. Buyers’ demand in the Atlantic Seaboard has been slowing and sellers can’t remain complacent for too long.

INSIGHT: Foolproof your password and avoid cybercrime


Cybercrime costs South Africans between an estimated R2.5bn and R5.8bn annually. A study by researchers, Rika Butler and Martin Butler, from Stellenbosch University reveals that South African password users often neglect to make an effort when choosing a password for cyber protection. This article originally appeared in The Conversation.

INSIGHT: Statistics show more women have access to credit


There are over 9m credit-active women in South Africa, presenting opportunities for them to embark on entrepreneurial ventures, invest in property and finance their vehicles.

Finweek Quiz #82


A lot has happened these past few days. Take our quiz and find out if you’re up to speed with current affairs.

PROPERTY: What late-blooming homeowners need to know


Planning on buying a home? Shaun Rademeyer of BetterLife Home Loans shares on what future homeowners should know.