PROPERTY: How to get the price right for a smooth sale


When selling your property, you need to make sure you put the right price tag to it. The asking price will determine how long it will take to sell your home.

PROPERTY: The dawn of the new property market


The new property market is online. Traditional estate agents will have to compete on digital property portals.

INVESTMENT: Opportunities in Portugal


Portugal is offering foreigners investment opportunities as well as lifestyle benefits with the possibility of citizenship through its Golden Visa Programme.

MONEY: South Africans cut back on spending

savings culture

Cut backs in spending by South Africans point to a greater sense of financial responsibility. Balancing household budgets and protecting their prime asset – their property, is the way to go.

MONEY: Addressing bad debt through good faith

Debt 2

The Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index found that consumer indebtedness accounted for 78.3% of South Africans’ disposable income – higher than previously estimated at 73%. Consumers have to act in good faith and prioritise debt repayments to avoid bad debt.

INSIGHT: What to do after the death of a loved one?


Are you prepared for the financial implications that follow the death of a loved one? Kelsy Moodley, Acturial Analyst at Alexander Forbes Financial Services, offers advice on the financial checklist to consider.

MONEY: You can save up to 20% of car insurance


When it comes to getting the best deal on car insurance and finding a car insurance solution that fits your needs, you need to shop around, because rates and products vary from one insurance provider, writes Moxima Gama.

MONEY: Vendor bidding is different to ghost bidding


When it comes to auctions, many people confuse the legal practice of vendor bidding with the highly unethical and illegal ghost bidding. This is mostly because people regard auction as bargain purchases.

MONEY: Energy savings are crucial this Winter

Namibia in power crunch

Electricity charges are expected to rise and South African home owners have to find ways to cut down energy costs, says Tony Clarke, Managing Director of the Rawson Property Group.

PROPERTY: You can put a price on security


Security still remains one of the main factors influencing home buying decisions. There is a significant difference in prices between access-controlled areas and neighbouring areas without such controls.