PROPERTY: The importance of insuring sectional title schemes

Property insurance.

Most sectional title schemes end up with no or inadequate insurance cover. This is often because members are uninformed because they do not attend annual general meetings.

MONEY: How to maximise your medical scheme

Medical cost

Medical scheme members often complain that they have run out of benefits by the middle of the year. john Cranke suggests a few ways for members to get the most out of their cover.

MONEY 101: Debt review – your lifeline


When you are unable to pay your debt- it’s important to know what your consumer rights are. You might even have to consider going under a debt review.

PROPERTY: Tips for selling your second property


There is a difference between selling a primary home and a holiday home because the buyers of the property seek different things. As a seller, you need to focus on various selling points. Adrian Goslett shares some advice.

PROPERTY: How the Gautrain has boosted home values

Gautrain Station Sandton (pic resized)

Studies from overseas show that home values tend to rise faster in areas close to bus, train and underground stops. The same thing is happening in SA suburbs served by new transportation networks, especially areas close to Gautrain stations.

PROPERTY: Translate amortisation into big savings


It’s important to understand how amortisation works as it is key to managing your mortgage well, explains Shaun Rademeyer of BetterLife Home Loans.

MONEY 101: Breaking the debt cycle

young couple worried need help in stress at home couch accounting debt bills bank papers expenses and payments feeling desperate in bad financial situation

Debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Debt obligations may escalate into a cycle of spending and repayment, writes Kristia van Heerden.

PROPERTY: A bond originator is useful for your application


A bond originator’s assistance makes a difference in a bond applicant’s chances of success. Find out why.

MONEY: What you didn’t know about student spending


Find out what students are spending their limited budget on. Is varsity really just a time to splurge on parties and fun times? There are 10 things about student spending you didn’t know.