INVESTMENT: Related costs of repo rate

Repo rate 2

Many people are surprised when they realise that the repo rate not only affects the general cost of living, but also loans. It is therefore vital to understand all costs relating to the repo rate in order to avoid financial distress.

MONEY: Beware when buying a used car

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When purchasing a second-hand vehicle, it might be a good idea to learn how to spot a lemon – a word used by the motor industry to describe what is commonly known as a dud. Auto Mart’s Esta Pretorius gives a few tips on what to look out for.

MANAGEMENT: Important financial management mistakes

Ravi Govender

Managing your personal finances apart from your business can result in financial stability for both. In this article, Standard Bank’s Ravi Govender takes us through mistakes to avoid when managing business and personal finances.

INSIGHT: Become a Chartered Financial Analyst

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It is a well known fact that local charter holders are in high demand in South Africa. Garth Theunissen looks at how choosing chartered accounting as a career may just open a few doors in the international investment industry.

INVESTMENT: Importance of life assurance and life insurance


Many people are confused when it comes to life insurance and life assurance. Moxima Gama took the time to simplistically explain the difference between the two policies.

INSIGHT: How to ensure safe online trading


The use of online trading has increased immensely over the past few years. But some traders still fear online trading due to safety reasons. Mabyanine Phiri from ACM Gold shares some guidelines to remember when trading online.

LEGAL: Buying a farm fraught with pitfalls

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Buying a farm in South Africa is an involved and complicated process. Pierre le Roux from Werksmans Attorneys highlights some of the pitfalls of buying a farm in South Africa and emphasizes on what you need to know.

MONEY: Secured, unsecured or credit card?

money road

Without loans in South Africa, people won’t be able to afford many lifestyle related expenses. Consumers take out loans for different reasons, but often they don’t consider the type of loan they take. We help you understand the different types of loans.

MONEY: Income protection imperative for women

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As an increasing number of South African women are attending tertiary institutions and entering the workforce, the contribution of women to households is on the increase. Protecting themselves and their dependants financially should therefore be an important part of every woman’s financial plan.