PROPERTY INSIGHT: Foreign buyers and land ownership

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Foreign buyers of prime residential property have made a welcome return to the South African market. Lured by attractive homes at equally attractive prices, relative political stability, wonderful climate and a currency which is very much in their favour, these buyers hail from across the globe

INVESTMENT: Year-end to-do list for investors


You might be tempted to kick back and relax after a pretty brutal financial year, but Moxima Gama identifies five financial tasks you have to wrap up before getting into the festive mood.

MONEY: 6 tips to keep spending under control this Christmas

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Over-indebted South African consumers should avoid creating new credit accounts to fund Christmas spending, advises Compuscan Frank Lenisa. Here are six tips to help you keep spending under control over the holidays.

OPINION: Bigger asset managers less flexible


While investors might be tempted to entrust their assets to bigger asset managers, Alex Funk argues that these firms can’t offer the same agility as smaller managers.

MONEY: 8 ways to live below your means

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It can be so tempting to blow your entire salary within the first few weeks of the month, but setting aside a little money at the beginning of the month is the easiest road to financial freedom. Here are 8 ways to get there.

MONEY: 6 things to consider before buying a new car


It might be tempting to spend your December bonus on a deposit for a new car, but you might be adding unnecessary pressure to your finances if you don’t consider all the financial implications.

MONEY: When penny-pinching doesn’t pay

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Sometimes trying to save money in the short term can end up costing you more in the long term. Here are three instances where the cheapest option is not always the best.

PROPERTY: International investments protect wealth

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Investing your wealth in offshore property is a good way to protect your wealth and sustain portfolio growth, says Monarch & Co CEO James Bowling.

INSIGHT: Professionals stressed by families


According to a recent survey of nearly 3000 of Profmed’s graduate professional members, families are the main source of stress in their lives. The Profmed Stress Index indicated how financial commitments and occupation doesn’t even come close to family stress. Finweek investigates.