OPINION: Trading for a living

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Anyone can try their hand at trading, regardless if you have specialised background information or little money to put up. The markets’s technology changes and increasing exchanges have allowed low barrier-to-entry trading career options, writes Shaun van den Berg of PSG Wealth.

INSIGHT: 8 things to keep in mind about life cover

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The research and product development team at Alexander Forbes compiled a list of eight tips individuals should consider when taking out life cover. Ranging from simply understanding the structure of the policy to options and benefits.

PROPERTY: Beware of criminal syndicates


A number of criminal syndicates are operating in sectional title complexes, in which they fraudulently apply for lease agreements, warns Sheree Peach of Renprop.

PROPERTY: Avoid these home pricing mistakes


Homeowners placing their houses on the market want to get the best possible return on their investment. having a good pricing strategy for your home is essential. CEO of Remax, Adrian Goslett gives tips to avoid home pricing mistakes.

MONEY: Fire- Are you adequately insured?


Making sure your assets are insured from fire disasters can save you from costs related to property damage. Rikus Visser, CEO of PSG Insure discusses a few things to bear in mind regarding home insurance for when the fire season blazes.

PROPERTY: A plan of action for your new home


You’ve moved into your new house, now all you have to do is make it a home. CEo of Remax, Adrian Goslett advises.

PROPERTY: The science of Gearing

property investment

Why does gearing make property investment attractive? Bill Rawson, chairman of Rawson properties explains how increasing the size of your investment increases your returns.

MONEY: An app to simplify international money transfers


Riovic, an app that enable family members, friends and business partners to send and receive money globally in real-time is the brain child of founders Phiwa Nkambule and Naledi Mokoena.

PROPERTY: Consistent repo rate good news for households

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It was decided at the second Monetary Policy Committee meeting of 2015 that the interest rate would hold at its current level. This means that the prime lending rate will remain at 9.25% and the repo rate will remain at 5.75%.

MONEY: Do home renovations affect your insurance policy?

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Before making home improvements, inform your insurers to make sure your insurance policy remains in effect during the period, says Bertus Visser of PSG Insure.