INSIGHT: Professionals stressed by families


According to a recent survey of nearly 3000 of Profmed’s graduate professional members, families are the main source of stress in their lives. The Profmed Stress Index indicated how financial commitments and occupation doesn’t even come close to family stress. Finweek investigates.

MONEY: How Alzheimer’s can impact your will

wiil and testament

The number of people afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease is increasing worldwide. Clive Hill, a legal adviser talks about a few scenarios where Alzheimer’s disease affects your will. Read more here.

MONEY: No debt for the New Year


If you’re thinking about what your next New Year’s resolution is going to be, consider a debt free lifestyle. Here are a few tips on how to wisely manage your money when turning over a new leaf in 2015.

MONEY: Surviving festive season expenses


We’re approaching the end of the year and people are getting ready to go on holiday. Before spending your bonus on unnecessary expenses over the festive season, consider these tips on how to prepare for unexpected situations.

MONEY: 7 bad money habits you’re teaching your kids

family savings

Children learn by watching others, and in this case, by watching their parents. If you want to instill good financial habits in your kids, you need to teach them by setting a good example. Consider these seven habits you may be passing on to your children.

MONEY: Tips for a safe holiday season


If you are still planning your holiday accommodation, be sure to take note of the following tips on how to adequately prepare for scams and false advertising. Finweek investigates.

MONEY: 5 financial New Year’s resolutions to keep


Instead of making weight loss or not smoking a New Year’s resolution for the umpteenth time, Moxima Gama recommends trying this financial fitness regime in 2015.

INVESTMENT: Investing in your child

Satrix CEO Helena Conradie

Are you already thinking about Christmas gifts for your kids this year? Why not invest in their future by saving for them and teaching them to do the same over time. Finweek looks at how you can start a savings plan for your child from an early age.

PROPERTY: Proper planning essential

Online home

Before we head into the new year, it might be wise for aspiring homeowners to reassess their financial situation before making any decisions. Financial institutions have fairly stringent lending requirements and it has become increasingly more important for prospective homeowners to keep their financial affairs in order.

INVESTMENT: Expert-led estate planning is important

Key to success

Many people don’t realise just how much of their legacy will be eaten away by capital gains- and estate duty taxes when carrying out comprehensive estate planning. Finweek takes a look at why expert-led estate planning is so important.