MONEY: Saving for the next generation is a big deal


Imagine bringing your child into the adult financial world, completely financially independent. We look at why it’s so important to start educating your child about saving from a young age.

MONEY: How to supersize your income


If you’ve drawn up a budget and have noticed that your expenses are more than your monthly income, you might want to consider supplementing your income. We look at a few ways in which to boost the amount of money you have left at the end of each month.

MONEY: Insurance and divorced couples

Christelle Fourie

During a divorce, insurance needs usually fall to the bottom of the priority list, placing the separated couple at an increased risk of insurance claim rejections or underinsurance. We look at the importance of individual insurance policies for each party at the time of divorce.

MONEY: Retirement for youngsters


The concept of compound interest is at the core of all finance and takes place when the interest on a sum of money attracts interest itself. We take a look at compound interest as part of early savings for youngsters.

MONEY: How Warren Buffett really makes money

savings culture

One guy who has a pretty good track record of making money is Warren Buffett. While a lot of books have been written on how he does this, we look at what a few authors have to say on how he generates investment advantage.

INVESTMENT: Art of war applied in the stock market

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It’s been made clear that the richest people in the world usually own a large block of shares in either a public or private corporation. However, many people still remain sceptical. Moxima Gama talks about an interesting theory to simplify the world of trading concepts to individual investors.

PROPERTY: Things to consider when buying a home


When deciding to buy property – whether it’s for investment or not – you need to keep a few important things in mind. We take a look at what to consider when taking the big step in buying property.

MONEY: Buying property with a partner


The rising cost of living in South Africa have prompted people to buy property with a partner. Co-ownership is becoming a very attractive option for unmarried buyers who want to get into the market as soon as they can. We take a closer look.

MONEY: Learn to say no during wedding season


Weddings have become a complete money-making industry on its own, so attending a wedding can be costly these days. We look at a few tips on how to attend a wedding and contribute gifts without breaking the bank.

INVESTMENT: Financial security for SA women

Christelle Fourie

A recent study conducted by Visa, proved that 70% of women in South Africa do not have short-term insurance cover for their everyday valuables. We look at tips on how women can ensure the safety of their property by following the correct steps.