PUNT 15 AUG 2013: Barclays Africa

Barclays - 15August2013

On 15 August 2013 Simon Brown recommended a buy on Barclays Africa. Find out why in this post.

PUNT 1 AUG 2013: Vodacom Group

Vodacom - 1August2013

The main attraction with Vodacom is its largely ex-growth status and, as such, chunky dividend payments, writes Simon Brown. He recommends a buy on Vodacom.

PUNT 18 JULY 2013: Satrix Indi

Indi - 18July2013

Simon Brown explains the kangaroo tail reversal pattern and recommends a buy on the Satrix Indi.

MONEY: The ins and outs of personal credit

Business Failure

Everyone wants nice and expensive things like cars and houses. Very few of us have the money on-hand to purchase these without the help of finance from a financial institution. A person’s credit history or behaviour is very important when trying to apply for loans.

MONEY: Insurance implications for multi-generational households

Insurance 2

Due to the rising costs of living, many South Africans have decided to live in multi-generational homes. Families however, don’t always realise the insurance implications that go along with multi-generational living arrangements. Finweek identifies a few important factors to keep in mind.

PUNT 11 JULY 2013: More upside in Omnia

Omnia - 7July2013

In July 2013 Simon Brown recommended a buy on Omnia. “A strong set of results showed serious growth in mining, modest growth in agriculture and weakness in the chemicals sector, but this stock has three legs to stand on and this set of results saw only one leg really firing, when the other two get fully up to speed we’ll even better results,” he writes.

PUNT 4 JULY 2013: Local rental space squeezes margins

Growthpoint - 4July2013

Preferring property ETFs to individual stocks, Simon Brown sticks to his guns, recommending a sell on property group Growthpoint.

PUNT 27 JUNE 2013: USD ETN contrary play

USDETN - 27June2013

Absa’s Newwave USD ETN tracks the rand/dollar exchange rate, which seemed appealing to many investors hoping to cash in on rand weakness, but in this punt Simon Brown recommends a sell.

PUNT 6 JUNE 2013: City Lodge

CityLodge - 6June2013

With a growing number of travellers from neighbouring countries visiting South Africa, City Lodge’s product offering in the lower- to middle-income markets is perfectly positioned for growth, which is why Simon Brown suggested a buy in June 2013.

PUNT 20 JUNE 2013 – New Gold Platinum preferred entry point

NewGoldPlatinum - 20June2013

Simon Brown previously suggested the New Gold Platinum ETF is as a ‘Buy’, but revised his view in June 2013 due to rand weakness during the period.