PROPERTY: What late-blooming homeowners need to know


Planning on buying a home? Shaun Rademeyer of BetterLife Home Loans shares on what future homeowners should know.

PROPERTY: Buy-to-let properties 101


Buy-to-let properties can generate returns as rental income and capital growth for investors. If managed correctly, it can be a good starter investment.

MONEY: Toeing the line on tow truck assistance

car petrol vacation

Choosing the wrong tow truck driver can lead to confusion and tedious administration when trying to retrieve your car. Bertus Visser of PSG Insure tips to keep safe on the roads and to make the right decisions in the case of an accident.

PROPERTY: Leave no room for buyer’s remorse


If you buy the wrong home, you may have to bear the consequences for a number of years. Richard Gray of Harcourts Real Estate shares tips on how to avoid buyer’s remorse when choosing a property.

MONEY: Implications of depression for your insurance cover

Insurance 2

Your mental health can also play a role in the cost of your insurance. Suffering from depression does not mean that you will not get life cover.

MONEY: A guide to a tenants’ insurance

Property insurance.

Tenants should not make the mistake of thinking that their personal belongings are covered by their landlord’s insurance cover for the property. Tenants should take out their own household insurance policy.

MONEY: Protect your wealth through effective risk planning


Financial planner David Hawkes gives tips on how to protect your wealth. besides insurance, individuals should get expert financial advice.

INSIGHT: The social context of debt

Meeting 2

It is common for South Africans to lend and borrow money from friends and family. Drawing from social capital from communities is not necessarily irresponsible debt management.

MONEY: Have you insured your personal generator?

Telephone cables

Generator owners should consider the insurance implications related to owning and using a generator. Policyholders need to ensure that they have proper insurance cover in place in the case of a generator getting damaged or stolen.

PROPERTY: Buying distressed or bank repossessed properties


Distressed estates could be a good opportunity for investors to snap up well priced properties. Banks will sell an insolvent property for less than open market value.