VIDEO: Introducing The One-Rand Family


Last year Sanlam ran the award-winning One-Rand Man campaign for National Savings Month. This year, they bring us the One-Rand Family: a middle-class family living in suburban Johannesburg and think they have their finances handled. They have swapped their bank cards for R1 coins, which they will use for all their transactions this month. Watch […]

MONEY: Winning the savings game

Taxes 3

Set aside money fro your children’s future with a tax-free savings investment. these accounts can be opened in your child’s name and they can take over the account once they start working. No tax is paid on the growth of the investment, or when the money is withdrawn.

INVESTMENT: Compounding – the 7th World Wonder


The power of compounding has the potential to offer you greater earnings through compound interest growth. Joanna Barker of CFP explains the interest growth.

MONEY: What to consider when applying for a loan


The process of applying for a loan is relatively easy, but you have to ensure that you have all the elements in place to qualify for one.

INSIGHT: Six ways to minimise the impact of load shedding

Electrical spark between two wires (space for text).

Load shedding is becoming unanimous with the South African way of life. Rory Judd of MiWay gives tips on how to minimise the impact of power failures on daily life.

MONEY: Budget for the car-buying journey


Buying on impulse should be avoided. It is best if consumers plan their purchases within a budget, so that they are not surprised later by the additional expenses of car ownership.

INSIGHT: Top tips for 2014/15 tax filing season


Tax filing season is under way and all returns should be completed by November. Tax expert Ettiene Retief gives individuals top tips for filing.

MONEY: Five money tips to teach teenagers


Teaching children to be savvy with their money from a young age is important for their future. Eunice Sibiya has four important principles all parents should teach their children.

INSIGHT: Unpacking the concept of alternative investments


In the past, alternative investments were attractive to the very wealthy and big corporates. Today however, more people are seeking alternative investment options. Find out what advantages and risks are involved.

MONEY: How do I budget?


Budgeting ensures the future health of your finances. Annaline van der Poel of Debt Rescue gives tips on how to budget.