MONEY: Load shedding leaves consumers vulnerable

Telephone cables

Consumers need to consider taking out short-term insurance policies to protect themselves and their assets financially from the damages caused by load shedding.

INVESTMENT: IS launches a flexible fund of funds


Investment Solutions has launched the Flexible Fund of Funds product. The product is set to benefit investors through diversification.

MONEY: Your choice of first car can influence your retirement


Young professionals thinking of investing for their futures should consider the effects of compound interest, good and bad. The choice of your first car will determine if your life will be filled with debt repayments.

PROPERTY: Global property acquisitions more popular

Le Parc de Mont Choisy Villas du Golf 2

South African investors continue to demonstrate appetite for global property acquisitions. This follows the announcement that South African residents’ foreign capital allowance will increase.

MONEY: No need to keep up with the Jones’ for kids’ birthdays

birthday party

Your child’s birthday is probably the most important day on their calendar. There are ways to give them a wonderful birthday party without breaking your budget.

Property: Best kept secrets for sectional property buyers

Apartment block

As living in the city becomes more attractive, demand for sectional property has increased. David Rebe shares some tips for those looking into buy sectional title homes.

PROPERTY: How to get the most from your bond

Online home

A mortgage can be a useful tool for finance. Mike van Alphen shows the pros and cons of using your bond as short-term finance.

INVESTMENT: Greed often leads to investment ruin


Trading on the stock market is a risky task but what happens when you get to greedy? Moxima Gama advises you on how to make good investment choices.

INVESTMENT: Watch for risk hidden in offshore returns

Investing offshore

A weakened rand means great returns for offshore investors but when the rand starts to fair up against other currencies what should offshore investors look out for?

LIFE: The petrol price is down, but now what?


Most consumers don’t feel the benefits of a decrease in the petrol price. This is because the money saved often gets absorbed in household expenditure.