MONEY: Ensure debit order legitimacy


To prevent unauthorised debit orders, people need to accept that there is a mutual responsibility for both the service provider and the customer to ensure that debit orders are correctly authorised. Finweek explores a few rules on how to prevent any fraudulent activity.

MONEY: Spring into less wasteful spending


Winter is over and Spring introduces an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ approach. This generally applies to unwanted clutter but today Finweek explains how this can apply to your finances.

OPINION: Because I could…

money road

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan has been warning us that South Africans have been living beyond their means for years and yet some don’t seem to feel the pressures of rising living costs. Marc Ashton provided some insight on what he thinks about these big spenders.

INSIGHT: PIN safety still top priority


According to research, some people still share their bank card PINs with others despite being aware of crime and fraud statistics in South Africa. Finweek looks at a few factors to ensure the safety of your cards and accounts.

INVESTMENT: Five tips for investing offshore

Investing offshore

There are many advantages and disadvantages for investing in offshore property. Finweek examines five very important guidelines to keep in mind throughout the process.

MONEY: Leave a lasting legacy – charitable bequests

wiil and testament

Many people prefer leaving a part of their estate to their favorite charity these days. It is called a charitable bequest – which is simply a distribution from your deceased estate to a charitable organisation by a bequest in your will. We take a look.

MONEY: Women retire longer

Michele Ongley

According to recent statistics, women tend to live much longer than men, making the retirement preparation period much longer than their male counterparts. We look at the importance of women’s financial needs.

MONEY: Saving for the next generation is a big deal


Imagine bringing your child into the adult financial world, completely financially independent. We look at why it’s so important to start educating your child about saving from a young age.

MONEY: How to supersize your income


If you’ve drawn up a budget and have noticed that your expenses are more than your monthly income, you might want to consider supplementing your income. We look at a few ways in which to boost the amount of money you have left at the end of each month.

MONEY: Insurance and divorced couples

Christelle Fourie

During a divorce, insurance needs usually fall to the bottom of the priority list, placing the separated couple at an increased risk of insurance claim rejections or underinsurance. We look at the importance of individual insurance policies for each party at the time of divorce.