PROPERTY: Stable interest rate for housing market

property investment

South Africa’s housing market, continues to demonstrate noteworthy stamina and resilience in the face of economic challenges.

NEWS: E-toll reduction brings relief to consumers

An E-toll gantry is seen on the eve of the commencement of Gauteng's roads being tolled by the E-toll system tomorrow. Picture: DANIEL BORN. © THE TIMES

The new e-toll reductions will bring some relief to the debt-load of South Africans. Consumers have had a hard time with debt at R1.427tr.

NEWS: Banking sector offers women’s health benefits


The banking sector partners with Department of Health and Metropolitan Health to offer women’s health benefits to address their specific health risks.

PROPERTY: Be optimistic about residential property


Interest by investors buying expensive residential property has risen and the average value of individual bonds have also increased significantly. If trends continue, property will continue to attract investors.

PUNT 2 MARCH 2015: Momentum


Simon Brown recently rebalanced his Momentum stocks and will be holding them.

NEWS: Risks to cashing out your pension early

Karin Muller

More civil servants are resigning to cash out their pension savings. Unaware that they are putting their financial future at risk, they may struggle to make ends meet later in retirement.

PROPERTY: HOAs can now block home sales

House for sale

Homeowners Associations now have the jurisdiction to block the transfer of a property to a new owner, if the current owner has outstanding levies and payments. The decision was granted by the Supreme Court of Appeal.

NEWS: Mango set to reduce fares across the board


Low cost airline Mango is set to reduce air fares. The decision comes with the fall in fuel prices and the weakening Rand.

NEWS: SAA to enforce hand luggage allowances


SAA allows an extra kilogram of hand luggage, the airline announced it will start enforcing these regulations soon, which might result in delays at security checkpoints.

INVESTMENT: Retail stocks remain depressed


Oil prices remain low and the central bank will probably keep rates on hold for longer, which means the average household will have a little more disposable income in 2015, but don’t rely on the retail sector for returns, writes Jaco Visser.