MONEY: When a student loan is your only option


In a country with a high unemployment rate, you have to be prepared to go the extra mile in order to secure a job. Having higher education can only be beneficial. The price of higher education however is getting steeper, with tuition and residence fees climbing into the tens of thousands. Moxima Gama explains.

RETIREMENT: Why retirees come up short


According to statistics from the Pension Funds Adjudicator (PFA), the main complaint received from retirement fund members (after contributing to a pension fund with a promised return), are that the fund payout does not correlate with promises made by their broker or the product provider. Finweek investigates.

MONEY: Secured, unsecured or credit card?

money road

Without loans in South Africa, people won’t be able to afford many lifestyle related expenses. Consumers take out loans for different reasons, but often they don’t consider the type of loan they take. We help you understand the different types of loans.

RETIREMENT: Do not fear retirement fund reforms


There have been rumours circulating that retirement fund members’ savings will be locked up, taken or used elsewhere, this is simply not true. All fears surrounding this issue should be alleviated. We take a closer look at the new proposed retirement reforms.

INSIGHT: Consumers still prefer in-store shopping


According to the Accenture Seamless Retail Survey, the majority of consumers in South Africa still prefer shopping in-store as opposed to online or mobile. This highlights the immense importance of the shopping experience. We take a closer look.

MONEY: It’s tax return time for individual taxpayers


17 000 South African taxpayers have already submitted tax returns in mid-July, so it is wise to avoid the stampede when the deadline approaches. We look at tips and advice on what you need to know when filing your tax returns.

MONEY: Rise in Repo rate will affect households


The Repo rate has been raised with 0.25 of a percentage point on 17 July. We take a closer look at what the Reserve Bank predicts for the next few years.

PERSONAL FINANCE: Beware of the interest rate increases


According to market commentators, inflation is expected to increase and remain above 6% for the rest of the year. In addition, the prime interest rate is expected to peak at about 11% by 2015. We look at effective ways to manage one’s budget.

INSIGHT: UK student loan difficulties in SA


Due to the high cost of education and poor management in the education system, graduates may continue to pay off their student loans well into their 50s. This is a growing problem which seem to be worse in the UK already. We take a closer look.

JSE Direct #146

Simon Brown

In this week’s JSE Direct, Simon Brown talks about the latest Finweek cover story called, “Hot sauce, big money” by Blair Burmeister. He takes a look at what’s happening to gold, when to take profits and The Investment Checklist by Michael Sheam.