MONEY: Why are South Africans not saving more?


South Africa never really had a savings culture to begin with but now according to the FinScope Consumer Survey South Africa 2014, we only have a household savings rate of about 1.7%. This is currently the lowest number in the world. Finweek takes a closer look.

INSIGHT: Stronger regulations needed for e-cigarettes


As expected, e-cigarettes have come under some serious scrutiny over the possible side effects it poses to smokers. There is no doubt that stronger regulations and controls are needed to reduce the risks associated with the use of e-cigarettes, writes Dominique Stott at PPS.

NEWS: Increase in online fraud among South Africans


According to the Norton Cybercrime Report of 2013, South Africa is ranked as the third leading cyber-crime hotspot in the world. Education about the different types of online fraud is key to avoid becoming a victim. Take note of the following three types of online fraud that consumers can fall victim to.

MONEY: Understanding poor saving habits


South African consumers have a very low savings culture, with the FinScope SA 2013 Consumer Survey proving that 58% of adults don’t save any money. Finweek journalist, Lisa Illingworth talks about why South Africans have very poor saving habits.

PUNT 6 NOV 2014: Time to buy ETFs!


Simon Brown explains the theory behind his Lazy Trading system in this informative video. If you’re sick of stressing over your next trading move, this video is for you.

PUNT 5 NOV 2014: Richemont


This week, Simon Brown finds value in luxury goods company, Richemont. Calling it a “rare opportunity to buy at a decent price”, Richemont is a buy.

INVESTMENT: Resilient Property Fund


One of the attractive features of listed property as an income generating asset class is the consistent and stable above-inflation distribution growth generated by the sector. Paolo Senatore from Ashburton Investments talks about the growth in listed property in SA.

INVESTMENT: South Africans are ready to start saving

Savings 2

According to the latest research by Barclays Africa, Africans are more willing to save than ever before. The youth of Africa would rather invest their money to fund further education than to spend it on flashy consumer goods. Finweek investigates.

RETIREMENT: Free retirement-ready seminar

announcement 2

The Wealth Corporation will be hosting a series of coaching seminars across South Africa to offer advice and practical know-how, to help attendees look at their retirement needs practically. Read more to see when the seminar will be in your area.

MONEY: When a student loan is your only option


In a country with a high unemployment rate, you have to be prepared to go the extra mile in order to secure a job. Having higher education can only be beneficial. The price of higher education however is getting steeper, with tuition and residence fees climbing into the tens of thousands. Moxima Gama explains.