MONEY: Choose your medical scheme wisely


Understanding the difference between health insurance products and medical scheme cover is of grave importance. We look at why it’s wise to choose the appropriate form of cover for your family.

MONEY: Annuities and Divorce


One of the biggest questions in the case of a divorce is, why can’t a spouse claim from an annuity? Lize de la Harpe from Glacier by Sanlam provides some much needed clarity on this issue.

NEWS: Astral acquires Western Cape poultry assets


Poultry assets previously owned by Darling Fresh Chicken has been acquired by Astral Foods Limited, one of South Africa’s leading poultry producers. We take a closer look.

PERSONAL FINANCE NEWS: 30% earnings on retirement for average pension fund member


There has been a lot of comments on recent media reports that the average pension fund member is likely to obtain a pension of just 30% of their current income. We take a closer look.

INVESTMENT NEWS: Capitalise on higher interest rates to earn maximum returns

Elize Giese

In January, South Africa experienced its first interest rate increase since 2008. We look at the opportunities the increase presents for people with savings and investments.

PERSONAL FINANCE NEWS: Rehabilitative maintenance during a divorce

Gillian lowndes 3

Gillian Lowndes from Lowndes Dlamini Attorneys discusses the ‘rehabilitative maintenance’ concept during a divorce. A certain set of criteria has to be followed in order for payment of maintenance to occur. We take a closer look.

PERSONAL FINANCE NEWS: Fluctuating rand could leave consumers underinsured

Christelle Fourie

According to statistics presented at the State of the Nation address, the continuing weak rand will result in consumers being at additional risk of underinsurance. This is due of the declining rand against major international currencies. We take a look at the long term affects of rising inflation.

PERSONAL FINANCE NEWS: What is the South African consumer up to?


According to the Credit Suisse Emerging Markets Consumer Survey 2014, South African consumer spending differs significantly from other developing countries. Lisa Illingworth takes a look at the spending characteristics of the South African consumer.

INVESTMENT NEWS: Investors with staying power rewarded after six-year ride


Those who held on to their investment strategies over the past six years, might just get some unexpected rewards. According to ASISA, investments made six-years ago, would have grown significantly, with an annualised return of 9.7% per year.

PERSONAL FINANCE NEWS: Fundisa fund declares bonus of R6.3m in 2013


A record bonus payment of R6.3m was shared between low-income families who are beneficiaries of the Fundisa unit trust fund. This initiative aims to motivate South Africans to save for the higher education of children from these families.