VIDEO: SA school kids ask just one thing of mobile operators


During the course of 2012, Finweek technology journalist Simon Dingle had the opportunity to interview Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales who discussed the role his organisation plays in the transfer of knowledge across the world. Simon alerted us to a recently released video from students at Sinenjongo High School in Cape Town who wrote an open letter on Facebook requesting free access to Wikipedia on their cellphones so that they can do their homework. Check it out:

Cashing in on social


Some companies put a lot of effort into their social networking presences, but until now haven’t been able to receive direct reward for it. It’s also difficult to separate the real influencers online from the blowhards who buy followers. Webfluential is a start-up that wants to change that by rewarding influencers on social networks and helping communicators to connect with them.

Ride like a rock star


Finweek technology guru Simon Dingle reviews the Uber service and he is thoroughly impressed

REVIEW: Cat B15 – Built like a bulldozer


Finweek technology guru Simon Dingle reviews a serious phone for serious okes with serious jobs

EDUCATION: Schools should be using technology


Technology is constantly evolving and we have to keep up with it in order to be able to make use of it. While teaching learners to use tools such as Microsoft Office is valuable, the changing pace of technology means that these may not be relevant 10 years from now with the increasing evolution of applications like Google Docs. Teaching how the technology works and how students can get the desired outcomes using the technology is far more beneficial.


U2 frontman and humanitarian Bono during his 2013 TED talk.

When TED founder Chris Anderson approached U2 frontman Bono and asked whether he could condense the past 25 years of anti-poverty campaigning into a 10-minute speech, the singer and humanitarian went one step further, taking the audience back 3 000 years to when human beings first started protesting against inequality and poverty. Read more…

A “rude awakening” for tech investors…

Controversial telecoms analyst John Strand lays down predictions for the year ahead

Big sound for iFans

The sound quality of the DC390 is seriously impressive

The mobile messaging explosion

A new Western Cape mobile social network is gaining traction fast

Cyber-Warfare: Is Corporate SA Losing?

If you think your data is safe, think again