OPINION: Youth to take agriculture into new era


Agriculture is no longer about planting crops or running herds of cattle. It is about planting the seeds of the future. Modern agriculture places almost no limits on people who wish to make an impact on the way the world works. It has the potential to boost employment across multiple sectors.

NEWS: Rebuilding Liberia


Despite the past challenges of the war-torn country, the impact of the global crisis and the loss of development gains by the resurfacing of Ebola, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf describes Liberia as a well-endowed country with business opportunities.

INSIGHT: Global trends impact agribusiness in Africa

Expropriation bill

Africa is becoming an increasingly attractive hub for foreign investors, resulting in a positive environment for the agribusiness. Agribusiness CEOs are very positive towards the possibility of expansion into African countries outside their own, with 72.7% indicating that they would pursue such opportunities, according to a survey by PwC.

INSIGHT: South Africa could face food shortage


South Africa could face a food shortage in next decade as ageing farmers near retirement. Additionally to dealing with electricity shortages, arable land conditions, the loss of and limited skills in the industry calls for action.

INSIGHT: Ebola’s global economic impact


While the human impact of the Ebola crisis in West Africa is undeniable, the larger economic impact is also starting to become apparent. Industries ranging from agriculture to luxury goods can expect to take a knock, should the spread of the disease not be curbed, explains Moxima Gama.

INSIGHT: KZN’s key position in SA economy assured


KwaZulu-Natal is the second-largest contributor to the South African economy despite its size. Research conducted by Standard Bank shows that the province’s economy will remain strong, despite numerous challenges in the agriculture, manufacturing, construction and energy sectors.

MBA: Real world benefits for graduates

Marietjie Wepener

At the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), big companies often scout for MBA graduates. In this article, Marietjie Wepener of USB talks about the real world benefits to MBA graduates.

“We can’t force the industry not to use machines”

A new sectoral determination for farm workers, including a new minimum wage, can only be implemented in April next year, labour minister Mildred Oliphant said this afternoon. This, coupled with increased mechanisation on farms is likely to create continued tension between employers and their employees in the coming months.

W.Cape agri employment annihilated


For the government who are calling for a “boycott” of South African wines, this should give you a bit of a wake-up call.

The scariest number from the Adcorp Employment Index


South Africa needs to start paying attention to its agriculture sector if it is serious about tackling unemployment