NEWS: Education and training for South Africans in Japan

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Applications are now open to young South Africans to study towards a post-graduate degree in Japan. The African Business Education of ABE Initiative will allow successful applicants to intern at a Japanese company for six months upon completion of the degree.

NEWS: SA avoids recession, but economic growth constrained


South Africa’s economic growth is curbed by energy shortages, lower commodity prices and global uncertainty, according to report by rating agency, Moody’s.

INSIGHT: Local start-ups can transform Africa’s seed industry


Africa’s seed industry is currently dominated by local start-ups and they are well positioned to promote food security and improve livelihoods among marginalised rural communities. However, better access to credit, research facilities and human resources are necessary for the industry to achieve its full potential, writes Prof. Calestous Juma of Harvard University. This article originally appeared in the Conversation.

NEWS: SA to adopt measures to preserve agriculture sector


South Africa’s agriculture sector needs to be properly secured against the inconsistent weather patterns wreaking disaster on crops. The financial losses have damaging consequences for industry and consumers.

INSIGHT: What Africa can learn about growing its agribusiness


Agriculture averages 24% of the GDP across the African continent and the World Bank projects that the agribusiness sector will grow to US$1tr by 2030. but there are a number of lessons Africa can learn from China when it comes to achieving this outcome, writes Calestous Juma of Harvard University. This article originally appeared in The Conversation.

OPINION: Youth to take agriculture into new era


Agriculture is no longer about planting crops or running herds of cattle. It is about planting the seeds of the future. Modern agriculture places almost no limits on people who wish to make an impact on the way the world works. It has the potential to boost employment across multiple sectors.

NEWS: Rebuilding Liberia


Despite the past challenges of the war-torn country, the impact of the global crisis and the loss of development gains by the resurfacing of Ebola, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf describes Liberia as a well-endowed country with business opportunities.

INSIGHT: Global trends impact agribusiness in Africa

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Africa is becoming an increasingly attractive hub for foreign investors, resulting in a positive environment for the agribusiness. Agribusiness CEOs are very positive towards the possibility of expansion into African countries outside their own, with 72.7% indicating that they would pursue such opportunities, according to a survey by PwC.

INSIGHT: South Africa could face food shortage


South Africa could face a food shortage in next decade as ageing farmers near retirement. Additionally to dealing with electricity shortages, arable land conditions, the loss of and limited skills in the industry calls for action.

INSIGHT: Ebola’s global economic impact


While the human impact of the Ebola crisis in West Africa is undeniable, the larger economic impact is also starting to become apparent. Industries ranging from agriculture to luxury goods can expect to take a knock, should the spread of the disease not be curbed, explains Moxima Gama.