INVESTMENT: SA stock market ups and downs


Despite the weak economic performance in South Africa, the stock market has hit record highs. We take a closer look.

INVESTMENT IDEA: 10 stocks for your child


Garth Mckenzie, from, is often quoted in Finweek and provides some fascinating insights into the world of JSE-listed investments. He has recently become a father and, as such, has put together a list of 10 stocks that he is going to buy for his child:

The Business of Pleasure

Finweek gets up close and personal with an industry bursting with nipple clamps, trippers, adult DVDs and dominatrixes to discover if hot trends can drive surges in margins and profits. Mandy de Waal and Jonathan H Pienaar investigate the business of pleasure.

TRADERS’ ALLEY: 5 April 2012

A snapshot from various portfolio managers, brokers and analysts giving their views on listed shares they like.