ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Six ways to raise your kids to be entrepreneurs


We as South Africans – especially the youth – can no longer rely on someone else for financial and career security. We should try to train as many young minds to become entrepreneurs so they can create jobs. We look at six things to include when teaching your kids about entrepreneurship.

OPINION: How the porn industry has driven Internet innovation


We have a lot to be grateful for when it comes to the global porn industry. This sounds a bit strange, but think about it. Thanks to porn we have access to streaming video, online payment systems and live video chat. Colette Symanowitz takes a deeper look into the extent of this industry on the web.

MANAGEMENT TIP: Want to make better decisions? Give it time


Research suggests that time (sleep and meditation) can help you make better business decisions, even tapping into your creative side, according to Colette Symanowitz. As a business leader, often you’re faced with complex, high-impact situations that call for big decisions. Do you make your decisions immediately, or give yourself time to weigh up all the options?

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Raising funding – learnings from Everlytic


Choosing the right path when it comes to raising capital is a tough one when you’re an entrepreneur. Finweek interviewed Everlytic managing director Walter Penfold recently about the company’s capital raise and what they learnt from it. Find out how it all started and how they plan to break into more markets in the future.

MBA: Time management advice for prospective MBAs


In the 2013 Finweek MBAconnect.net MBA Life Impact Survey, prospective MBAs get invaluable advice from MBAs who’ve been down the road before. Colette Symanowitz explains in the first of a few themes, how to manage you time more effectively when taking on an MBA.

Why talented people battle to get jobs


Why is it that in the midst of the global crisis of unemployment, companies still complain about not having access to good enough applicants? Where is this disconnect coming from, and how can be go about fixing it? Colette Symanowitz examines the hurdle talented people face when struggling to find jobs.

Too young to start a business? Think again

Colette Symanowitz

In this exciting era where entrepreneurship isn’t constrained by age, Colette Symanowitz introduces Finweek readers to some of the world’s youngest entrepreneurs and their remarkable businesses.

MANAGEMENT IDEA: Why do CEOs get fired?

Colette Symanowitz

It is not easy being a chief executive officer (CEO) of a business and Colette Symanowitz from MBAConnect.net takes a look at 6 different reasons that CEOs can lose their positions.

Taking the Gap – 18 December 2012

Simon revisits the top four interviews from 2012; staffing, meetings, thank you and apps.