MONEY: 6 tips to keep spending under control this Christmas

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Over-indebted South African consumers should avoid creating new credit accounts to fund Christmas spending, advises Compuscan Frank Lenisa. Here are six tips to help you keep spending under control over the holidays.

INVESTMENT: Credit health should build form the bottom


Having a good credit record or history is very important to South African consumers when trying to purchase houses or cars. But being denied credit is increasing among a certain percentage of the population. Glenda Williams talks about credit health and behaviour in South Africa.

INSIGHT: Miners over-indebted after strike

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Things are slowly getting back to normal after the five-month platinum strike ended in June 2014. One of the major concerns now however, is the immense amount of debt the mine workers face. We take a look at the long road ahead.

INSIGHT: Identity fraud and your credit record


Identity theft is growing in South Africa. This is according to the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service. We look at how this can influence the credit records of the South African people.

Santa probably has a better credit score than you

Credit bureau, Compuscan, reveals that South Africans over the age of 60 fare best at managing their credit repayments over the festive season. On the whole though, South African credit consumers are unlikely to make it onto Santa’s good list when it comes to their credit behaviour.