BUDGET: Tax reforms for retirement and social security

SEB_David Gluckman_Head of Special Projects Sanlam Employee Benefits (sml)

Despite goals set for tax reforms in retirement funds and social security in Budget 2014, not all of them have been met. Will finance minister Nhlanhla Nene continue the work of his predecessor Pravin Gordhan? Budget 2015 will provide more clarity on government’s future direction.

COVER STORY: 2015 movers and shakers

Cover 15 January 2015

We profile 24 people in business and politics to watch in 2015 in the 15 January 2015 edition of Finweek. Find out what it’s all about here.

NEWS: Solidarity addresses electricity crisis


The trade union Solidarity made a public appeal to all South Africans to help solve South Africa’s electricity crisis. The union, whch has publically criticised power supplier Eskom in the past, says SA has to unite to solve the problem.

MARKET SNIPPET: 10 November 2014

- Mabyanine Phiri – Portfolio Associate: ACM Gold & Forex Trading

Labour unrest may be fuelled by the expulsion of NUMSA workers by COSATU over the weekend after it withdrew support for the African National Congress (ANC). Mabyanine Phiri talks more on this in today’s Market Snippet.

REWIND: Guarding the guardians


In South Africa, the media plays a significant role in guardianship. But we all know the history behind the Protection of State Information Bill and the ANC’s relationship with the press. Who then can be regarded as the guard of guardians?

ANALYSIS: SA is capable of 5% growth pa


20 years after the start of democracy in South Africa, we have a country that boasts BBB grade investments, achieving an average of 3,2% annual growth over the past 10 years and inflation is under control. We look at a few pros and cons of what the government has done thus far.

INSIGHT: The economic impact of the 2014 general elections

South Africa

This year South Africa can look forward to the national elections, especially considering our most recent economic shifts. We take a look at the complicated relationship between COSATU and the ANC, the Public Protector’s report on the infamous Nkandla and predictions around low interest rates and the weak rand.

CORPORATE NEWS: Labour relations and unions in SA


The number of man-days lost due to strikes has averaged 3.4 million for the nearly two decades since democracy. That is the average; the actual number fluctuated wildly from less than 1 million to over 12 million in some years. JP Landman provides us with an analysis and opinion on the current labour relations situation in South Africa.

Zuma sends Secrecy Bill back to parliament and addresses economic issues


President Jacob Zuma unexpectedly announced that he has decided to refer the much criticized Protection of State Information Bill back to parliament. The bill had been passed by parliament earlier this year and was passed to Zuma for signing into law. The bill was the target of many campaigns including one by the Right to […]

Filling the gap on the left

JP Landman

There are 13 political parties represented in Parliament. The ANC has 65.9% of the MPs. To the left of the ANC are two parties, the PAC and Azapo, and they have 0.5% of MPs. These numbers are the result of the national elections of 2009 and reflect Parliament’s current composition.Things have changed a lot over the four and a half years since the last elections and the numbers understate the DA’s current support.