INSIGHT: IRR warns on tourism and travel regulations


The new travel regulations may negatively impact South Africa’s tourism industry, says Mienke Steytler of the SAIRR.

BUSINESS: Load shedding and the economic implications


Heino Gevers of Mimecast explains the implications of load shedding for business in South Africa and how a robust business continuity plan can soften the blow.

INSIGHT: Revised Visa rules may impact tourism

Parade of Sail in Cape Town, South Africa, at the start of Race 4 to Geraldton, Western Australia, in the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race.

Although South Africa’s economy has weakened, the hotel industry in 2014 has benefited from an increase in foreign visitors and rising room rates. However revised Visa regulations pose challenges.

INSIGHT: Nepal’s earthquake cost could exceed GDP


The 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Nepal is affecting an estimated 8m people. Up to 56% of the population is living below the $2 per day poverty line and the economic cost of the earthquake will be devastating.

PROPERTY: SA’s residential property market’s resilience


The rise in first-time home owners is an indication of South Africa’s healthy residential property market and compares favorably to global markets. This is according to Dr Andrew Golding, CE of Pam Golding properties.

MONEY: Tighten cash flow management in a difficult economy


It’s important for SMEs to manage their cash flow amidst tough economic times. Donovan Marais of Sage Pay gives ten tips.

NEWS: SA Business optimism plummets


Research by Grant Thornton indicates South African businesses are pessimistic about the future of the nation’s economy. The uncertain business environment increasingly impacts growth prospects. Rising crime, increased energy costs, exchange rate fluctuations, lack of skills, over regulation and economic uncertainty constrains local business.

PROPERTY: Slow growth in housing prices benefits buyers

House cost

The on-going slowdown in South African home price growth, could benefit less affluent buyers. This is according to ABSA’s 10th April Home Loans Report.

INSIGHT: Healthcare system on a time bomb


South Africans face a growing risk of developing chronic disease and the threat of non-communicable diseases may wreak havoc on South Africa’s healthcare system, workplaces and economy.

BUSINESS: New B-BBEE codes can stimulate competition and innovation


Companies which don’t have an effective long-term empowerment strategy in place could fall behind their competitors that have proactively embraced the new B-BBEE codes. As a result, companies have been scrambling to ensure they have updated empowerment certificates prior to the deadline of 1 May and to ensure they do not have their B-BBEE Ratings reduced.