NEWS: Exchange controls not a permanent solution for Grexit


South African organisations need to do scenario planning ahead of a potential Grexit, exchange controls will only be a short-term solution.

COVER: Where is future black wealth going to come from?

This article originally appeared in the 9 July 2015 edition of Finweek. Click on the image above to download.

The amended BEE codes of good practice will help turn thousands of black South Africans into entrepreneurial players instead of economic spectators. Black entrepreneurs and investors venturing into mining, agriculture and infrastructure can now have a piece of the pie that was previously reserved for minorities.

NEWS: The world needs a new alliance to lead it


Is it time for the world to forget about the G7 and find a global leadership that is fit for the challenges of the 21st Century? This article originally appeared in The Conversation.

INSIGHT: Greek-creditor referendum called for 5 July


A referendum has been called for Greek creditors on 5 July 2015. Tristan Hanson discusses what the implications will be for Greece, Europe and the rest of the world.

MONEY: The need to educate over-indebted consumers

Debt 2

The state of the economy and the ever-increasing cost-of-living all contribute to the daily financial struggles faced by South Africans. Even though there is help for these consumers, many are still unaware of how debt counselling can assist them. There is a need to educate the over-indebted consumers concerning the debt counselling process and how they can benefit.

INSIGHT: Are exports SA’s solution for economic growth?


The stumbling block to South Africa’s economic growth is the limited export activity. By investing in the manufacturing sector and diversifying the economy, SA may achieve the 5% growth rate.

MONEY: Credit cards offer great budgeting benefits


South Africans are becoming more concerned with sticking to their budgets. Credit cards can be an effective budgeting and cost saving tool.

NEWS: US Economy Looking Up Ahead of Possible Fed Rate Hike


Although the US economy experienced negative growth during the first quarter, it looks like the nation’s economic outlook is looking positive.

VIDEO: The state of SA’s economy

South Africa

In this episode economists discuss the state of South Africa’s economy and what needs to be done to create change. Finweek Money Matters is a weekly programme aired every Friday 13:00 CAT on CNBC Africa (DSTV Channel 410). The programme focusses on trends, investment analysis and economic debates.

NEWS: Agoa renewal- Local poultry industry loses out


South Africa’s poultry industry gets the shorter end of the stick with new agreements to America’s African Growth and Opportunity Act. From next year, at least 65 000 tons of US chicken pieces will be sold in local supermarkets. The imports are likely to negatively impact local farmers.