INSIGHT: SA graduates confident about workplace


According to a recent study conducted by PPS, South African students are optimistic about entering the workplace. We take a closer look.


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The Talk Radio 702/ 567 Cape Talk Small Business Awards is in full swing. The competition aims to identify great small businesses and help them grow by generating exposure. Read more here to see how the competition works.

INVESTMENT: Investing in real estate vs the stock market


It’s no secret South Africans have a severe savings-culture problem. We regularly discuss numerous ways in which to save money, but today Moxima Gama compares investing in real estate versus the stock market as successful platforms to saving.

AFRICA: Nigeria’s expanding economy


According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the Nigerian economy has the potential to become one of the world’s leading economies by 2030. But we look at continuing challenges in Nigeria that might restrain development.

ECONOMY: In the age of low interest rates

Innovative Entrepreneurs

We have a generation of traders and investors who see any dip as a buying opportunity and policy makers who argues everything being equal. Steen Jakobsen from Saxo Bank talks candidly about what we know as the stock market bubble.

INVESTMENT: SA stock market ups and downs


Despite the weak economic performance in South Africa, the stock market has hit record highs. We take a closer look.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The 7 habits of highly successful SME supply chains


It is important for entrepreneurs across the globe to take a good look at their supply chain for long term business stability. We look at seven keys to supply chain management that will guarantee success.

ECONOMY: Why SA is lagging behind the globe


The biggest risk to the economy at the moment would be a rapid rise in inflation due to a further sharp depreciation of the rand, forcing the SARB to hike rates. It won’t take too many rate increases to push us into recession. But every cloud has a silver lining, the economy is still growing. We take a look.

NEWS: Weak economy reason behind stable interest rates


The Reserve Bank Governor, Gill Marcus has announced that interest rates will remain unchanged. We look at the numerous risks and reasons behind this announcement.

INSIGHT: Why public holidays are bad for business


All the public holidays around this time in South Africa has some serious financial implications for businesses and in turn, the economy. The effect of one public holiday can cost the country around R1bn. We look at other ways in which public holidays are negatively affecting South African business.