INSIGHT: Nigeria’s dominance of the African continent

Dave Mohr

To measure overall economic activity, statisticians calculate gross domestic product (GDP). In Nigeria’s case, GDP calculations were done until recently using 1990 as the base year. The economy has changed substantially since then and only 33 sectors were covered in the calculation. The rebased GDP estimate now includes 46 sectors.

South Africa: The party is over


“The long and the short of it is that Government is panicking about the state of the consumer but they are also aware that it will be politically unpopular to raise interest rates ahead of the general elections,” writes Finweek Editor Marc Ashton.

BIG IDEA: Investing in Stellenbosch


Economists have been having a hard time since the global financial collapse in 2008. In this series we take a look at how out-of-the-box economic thinking can transform South Africa in 2014 and attempt to restore the humble economist to her former glory.

OPINION: Retrenchment – a misfortune or opportunity?

Moxima Gama

The word retrenchment is no longer taboo – a vast majority of professionals have been directly or indirectly affected by retrenchment at some stage in their working lives. Moxima Gama looks at the sectors in SA that have been affected with retrenchments the most and how people can survive a situation like this.

OPINION: I am voting EFF to support my capitalist tendencies


Finweek editor Marc Ashton tells us why he thinks that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) might be worth backing in the 2014 elections. Do you agree?

PERSONAL FINANCE: A financial concept South Africans just don’t get


14 years of phenomenal returns in the domestic property and equity markets coupled with indifferent returns from the US, Japan and Western Europe has given South Africans tunnel vision when it comes to their personal wealth. However a report from Credit Suisse shows that the majority of South Africans have been getting poorer because they fail to consider the impact of the Rand on their portfolios.

Zuma sends Secrecy Bill back to parliament and addresses economic issues


President Jacob Zuma unexpectedly announced that he has decided to refer the much criticized Protection of State Information Bill back to parliament. The bill had been passed by parliament earlier this year and was passed to Zuma for signing into law. The bill was the target of many campaigns including one by the Right to […]

NEWS: V&A Waterfront contributes R198bn to South Africa’s GDP

Aerial view(sml)

According to the results of an economic impact study conducted by economists, it was found that the V&A Waterfront should be viewed as an economic hub which has contributed some R198 billion to the South African economy over the last ten years alone. Read more to find out how it has contributed to South Africa’s tourism industry.

NEWS: Record disbursements for industrial development by IDC


The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) announced that it had disbursed a record R16bn into the economy in the 2012/2013 financial year. In addition to this achievement, the corporation sustained its funding approvals at the R13bn mark recorded in the previous financial year. Find out what IDC Chief Executive Officer, Geoffery Qhena had to say about the results.

Goodluck to Jonathan


President Jacob Zuma and his Nigerian counterpart, President Goodluck Jonathan, today put aside their perceived differences and signed nine Memorandums of Understanding and agreements in Cape Town.