BUSINESS: SMEs seek mutual relationship with government

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Government could play a bigger role to improve the success of SMEs. Working closely along SMEs, government can have a better understanding of the direct implications of policies on business owners.

INSIGHT: The upside of rising interest rates

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Rising interest rates are an opportunity to improve the country’s saving’s culture. Savings and investments are equally important to small and big businesses.

INSIGHT: Public-private partnerships create sustainability


Public-private partnerships are not only needed to benefit commercial enterprises, but also to boost the economies economies in which they operate. It is through partnerships and working together that public and private sectors can both attain their goals and objectives.

COVER: Iran- Opportunity beckons

This article originally appeared in the 30 July 2015 edition of Finweek. Click on the image above to download.

Multinational companies and trade ministers are scrambling to build relationships with Iran, the second-largest economy in the Middle East, after a historic nuclear deal between Iran and other world powers was reached in the middle of July. For some South African companies, the deal also opens up opportunities.

OPINION: Will the BRICS bank benefit SA?


South Africa has contributed R5bn to the BRICS bank. The question is whether this is money well spent. Are there substantial benefits to contributing to the BRICS bank?

INVESTMENT: Do credit ratings indicate investment merit?


Investors may use credit ratings when making investment decisions, but the real question is whether ratings are indications of investment merit. Are ratings ‘buy’, ‘sell’, or ‘hold’ recommendations, or a measure of asset value?

MANAGEMENT: 21st century skills for a 21st century workforce

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South Africa probably has the most diverse workforce in its history as three generations currently play in the same space – Baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials (or Generation Y). Kay Vittee explains that this requires business leaders, employees and job-seekers to adapt and hone their skills to succeed and grow in the 21st century business landscape. Such skills include emotional intelligence, tolerance and flexibility.

INSIGHT: What Greece can learn from Africa


Professor Ian Scoones from the University of Sussex explains what Greece can learn from Africa about the effects of austerity after a debt crisis. This article originally appeared in The Conversation.

NEWS: BRICS herald new era in international politics


The BRICS countries are becoming increasingly prominent in the international, political economy. Prof. Laurence Piper from the University of the Western Caper explains how the BRICS countries have reinforced their standing as both economic and political leaders in their regions. This article originally appeared in The Conversation.