ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEA: Fighter pilot strategy for ICT entrepreneurs

30-Allon Raiz COLOUR

Opportunities in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry are in abundance. In fact, it is growing so quickly, failure may just surprise you. Allon Raiz shares some challenges with Finweek on this sector.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEA: Doubling down on yourself


When trying to be the next big entrepreneur, consider doubling down in order to achieve success quicker. Gareth Ochse explains how doubling down on yourself rather than diversifying too much may help you and your business prosper at the right time.

VIDEO: Key lessons for entrepreneurs

Ashiah Thakkar

Africa’s youngest billionaire, Ashish Thakkar, gives a couple of quick but pertinent lessons that every entrepreneur could benefit from hearing. He says to get rid of ego and arrogance, persist and get things done, be authentic and stay focused.

VIDEO: Growing entrepreneurs in Africa

Clem - GIBS

Clem Sunter, scenario planner and author, says that because of South Africa’s consolidated economy, we don’t have enough space for entrepreneurs. He elaborates on how space should be made for a new generation of entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Is there still hope in BEE?

Moxima Gama

A few years ago, the sound of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) resonated loudly and was the showcase of ‘many business opportunities’ or ’a rapid move up the corporate ladder’. The excitement after university was irrepressible; just the thought of having the red carpet rolled out because I was ‘previously disadvantaged’ and, therefore, qualified for special treatment, made me ever grateful for being black. Over the years, however, the excitement faded, and I began to question whether I really benefited from all the perks of the BEE policy.

Why small business owners struggle to get homeloans


Self-employed people have a lower probability of having their application for a new home loan approved, as compared to the people they employ. Here are some ideas for entrepreneurs who have variable cashflows coming through their business

Liquor marketing action increases


In obvious anticipation of the not-too-distant day when liquor advertising is banned, alcohol producers are rushing to market to create new brand propositions or restate old ones. Once the lights go out, and distributors have to fall back on “dark marketing”, the brand market becomes frozen in time. Market shares that took years to build are now strongly entrenched and almost immune to attack. How do you launch a new brand when you can’t advertise it?

Taking the Gap – 18 December 2012

Simon revisits the top four interviews from 2012; staffing, meetings, thank you and apps.

SA still tops for SME credit says World Bank

According to the World Bank’s 2013 Doing Business Report, South Africa has been joint-ranked, along with Malaysia and the United Kingdom, as the easiest country in the world for small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) to access credit.

SA should look to African entrepreneurs for inspiration

“African entrepreneurs definitely operate in a more challenging environment and thus need to be more creative and resilient in order to make their businesses succeed.”