NEWS: Mercantile Bank opens centre for entrepreneurs

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Mercantile Bank has opened a new business centre to improve the ease of banking for entrepreneurs – a first for the South African banking sector. Finweek takes a look at how the new centre will cater exclusively to business owners.

FRANCHISE: Successful franchising


The fact that franchising is based on an existing system does not guarantee its success. Like any other job, owning a franchise requires interest and passion. Finweek takes a look at what it takes to manage a successful franchise.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Rely on family and friends for support

Ravi Govender

When starting a new business, entrepreneurs often face several risks and obstacles. Support from family and friends are therefor crucial in order to achieve success. Follow this approach when taking on the responsibility.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Three myth-defying women

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Businesses owned by women now account for a third of entrepreneurs around the world. In light of women’s month, Finweek explores the myths surrounding female entrepreneurship.

ECONOMY: SA is for the daring and the brave


Glacier by Sanlam and TIME held the fifth of their successful thought-leadership forums, (The Insiders), at the Hilton Hotel in Durban. The panel discussed key issues surrounding the state of the nation as well as other relevant economic and political issues.

TREND: Crowdfunding that actually makes sense


Imagine if a student loan came with a mentor, career advice, professional connections and no interest? That’s the goal behind two US startups who are providing technology platforms for young people who don’t have the cash to launch their own careers. We take a closer look.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: New reality show to reward entrepreneurs

Ravi Govender

Standard Bank and SABC 3 have partnered to bring you the most prestigious and financially rewarding business reality TV series in South Africa. This show aims to find a business that epitomizes passion, energy and entrepreneurship. We take a look.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Boost your business by taking risks

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Although the ability to take risk is an essential trait in an entrepreneur, many entrepreneurs are more cautious and risk-averse than what is perceived to be. We look at ways in which entrepreneurs can manage their risks.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Communal offices enticing for young entrepreneurs


Many people leave their corporate jobs in hopes of starting a business from home. With that sense of freedom comes the isolation of home offices and the lack of a social office environment. We look at co-office work spaces, a collaborative ecosystem without the corporate structure.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Why the youth should carve their own future

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South Africa’s growing youth unemployment rate remains a very serious issue. We look at how young people in SA should rather start their own businesses to make ends meet and create employment instead of searching for jobs.