INVESTMENT: Opportunities within business rescue

Business risk

For a business rescue plan to work, there should be a degree of financial support to assist with the recovery.

OPINION: Government to translate SME talk into action


In South Africa, we have much to do to get SMEs on the path to success so that they can help create jobs and grow the economy, says Steven Cohen, MD of Sage One.

BUSINESS: Get the tax basics right from the start


Get your SARS red tape for your business right from the start if you want to avoid problems and penalties with the tax authorities later, says Madelein van der Watt.

INSIGHT: Local franchise sector to continue boom in 2015


The flourishing franchise sector is set to continue making a major contribution to the economy in 2015. The franchise sector is critical for economic growth and job creation.

ENTREPRENEUR: Put your SME in best position to get credit

savings culture

There are specific ways in which you can reassure a bank that your business is capable of repaying any money they lend you, increasing your chances of acquiring credit says Ethel Nyembe.

BUSINESS: Potential growth the basis for financing SMEs


Potential growth, rather than achievements, should be the basis for financing SMEs in future. This indicates a shift away from traditional criteria for assessing creditworthines

BUSINESS: eCommerce opportunities for local entrepreneurs


Technological advancements have changed business leading to many opportunities for local entrepreneurs to take in the eCommerce environment.

BUSINESS: Eight reasons why franchises fail


Buying a franchise doesn’t automatically guarantee success; commitment to developing the skills needed to manage a business is key, says Ethel Nyembe of Standard Bank.

BUSINESS: Knowing your customer is crucial for success

Moxima Gama

Knowing your type of customer cements the success of your business. Unhappy customers share bad word-of-mouth of their experience. Moxima Gama gives tips on how you can keep your customers happy so that they can spread positive word-of-mouth instead.

INVESTMENT: Angel Investing could answer your entrepreneurial prayers

Fingers crossed

Getting the capital you need is difficult as an entrepreneur. Banks are wary of giving loans to start-ups. Angel investing is an option you should consider.