BUSINESS: Eight reasons why franchises fail


Buying a franchise doesn’t automatically guarantee success; commitment to developing the skills needed to manage a business is key, says Ethel Nyembe of Standard Bank.

BUSINESS: Knowing your customer is crucial for success

Moxima Gama

Knowing your type of customer cements the success of your business. Unhappy customers share bad word-of-mouth of their experience. Moxima Gama gives tips on how you can keep your customers happy so that they can spread positive word-of-mouth instead.

INVESTMENT: Angel Investing could answer your entrepreneurial prayers

Fingers crossed

Getting the capital you need is difficult as an entrepreneur. Banks are wary of giving loans to start-ups. Angel investing is an option you should consider.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 3 marketing tips for beginners


Not all entrepreneurs are natural marketers. Here Donna Rachelson on Branding & Marketing You shares three easy tips to get you started.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How to shave 10 hours off your work week


It’s essential for entrepreneurs and business owners to master the use of their precious and irreplaceable time. Pieter Scholtz from ActionCOACH gives a few tips on how to effectively take 10 hours off your work week without sacrificing income.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Is your start-up making these marketing mistakes?

Donna Rachelson 2

You may find that start-up entrepreneurs don’t always know how to approach marketing effectively. Donna Racheslon gives a few tips on how to avoid certain mistakes in order to enjoy long-term business growth.

NEWS: Tourism as part of community development


As part of the Tourism and Community development theme on World Tourism Day (27 September 2014), much attention is being shifted towards local community development and the ability of tourism to empower individuals within these communities. Finweek investigates.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Entrepreneurs can win

Petra Rees2

With the high unemployment rate in South Africa, it can be wise to consider starting your own business. Finweek considers a few factors any entrepreneur should think about when starting a new company.

MANAGEMENT: Skills required to grow a business

Ravi Govender

SA entrepreneurs are often faced with the challenge of retaining skilled and experienced people in their businesses. Standard Bank’s Ravi Govender looks at ways in which to attract and keep skills within a company to ensure long-term growth.

NEWS: Mercantile Bank opens centre for entrepreneurs

announcement 2

Mercantile Bank has opened a new business centre to improve the ease of banking for entrepreneurs – a first for the South African banking sector. Finweek takes a look at how the new centre will cater exclusively to business owners.