ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 10 ways to run a more productive business


Turning your business into a streamlined, productive entity will not only save you time, but also have an impact on your bottom line. Here we share ten ways to make your small business more productive.

AFRICA: Greater stability stimulates greater investment

Africa 5

According to Ashburton Investments, the pace of improvement in the leading African economies and regional powerhouses is on the increase, making Africa a worthy investment option.

ENTREPRENEURS: 10 ways to start 2015 on the right note

Meeting 6

With a new year around the corner, the December period is the perfect time to get your affairs in order to rock your business in 2015.

CEO WATCH: Investec’s Stephen Koseff

Stemming oor Fedsure en groep se buitelandse sake knou Investec

In the latest edition of Finweek editor Jana Marais chats to Investec CEO Stephen Koseff about the future of the bank, opportunities on the continent and lessons from the 2008 crisis.

ENTREPRENEUR: Basic accounting knowledge leads to sound decisions

Accounting Value Cycle

Not all entrepreneurs are natural bean counters, but a basic understanding of accounting could be the difference between poor decisions made out of desperation and good decisions based on facts.

OPINION: Youth troubles may be solved through entrepreneurship

Ideas 2

Have you ever thought of an effective solution to youth crimes in under privileged areas? Abram Molelemane from Fetola seem to think entrepreneurship is the answer to keeping young people out of trouble. He talks about tips on how to create youth entrepreneurship.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Using invoices to free up cash

Finweek 16 October 2014

Invoice discounting could offer a quick solution to cash flow troubles for small and medium enterprises, but FNB’s Michael Naidoo warns that this form of financing does have its pitfalls.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Tips to effectively brand your business

Investment 3

Customers often have interaction with the brand of your business long before they interact with your products or services. Ravi Govender, Head of Small Enterprises at Standard Bank offers a few tips on how go effectively go about branding your business.

START-UPS: In discussion with Arthur Attwell

Arthur Attwell

Arthur Attwell is the brain behind Paperight. Kelly Berold spoke to this impressive entrepreneur and Shuttleworth Foundation fellow about shop and about the future of responsible publishing in Africa.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Awakening your entrepreneurial spirit

Old entrepreneur

Dr John Demartini from the Demartini Institute took some time to explain what entrepreneurship really consists of and how to activate one’s entrepreneurial spirit in today’s busy market.