INFOGRAPHIC: Medical marijuana in numbers

medical marijuana statistics

In this edition of Finweek, journalist Glenda Williams looks at the economic potential of legalising medical marijuana. This infographic illustrates the earning potential of marijuana and how legislation can change the economic outlook for many South Africans.

TED TUESDAY: African innovation to solve real problems


In this TED Talk, South African technology journalist Toby Shapshak makes a case for African innovation and how it’s changing the world. A must-see talk for South African innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How to raise a million


This week Finweek is all about making a million. In our cover story various industry experts gave us tips on raising a million. Here we speak to Seed Engine’s Marc Elias about raising a million in funding for your business.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEA: How to navigate securing finance for your business in 2014


A common issue raised among local entrepreneurs is the ease of access to business finance, which is often criticised due to the difficulties experienced when attempting to secure funding to either establish, or grow, a business. The reality is that there is money available for entrepreneurs with the right idea.

University grows small business academy in Mitchells Plain


The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) will extend its Small Business Academy (SBA) to Mitchell’s Plain in 2014. This follows the huge interest from all areas after the first group of small business owners from Khayelitsha graduated in November this year.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEA: Importance of ‘personal stock taking’ for SA’s SME owners


Over its last few editions, the Finweek team has been warning entrepreneurs and business owners to be careful of burning themselves out and not having an opportunity to recharge their batteries. Here is another view.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEA: Small businesses getting ahead in SA


With the right guidance and support, small businesses in South Africa seemed to have grown significantly over the past decade. We look at a few examples of small companies that have escalated due to great opportunities and explore the underlying factors that make these companies so successful.

YES! This is how South Africa needs to teach entrepreneurship


One of the biggest challenges facing South Africa at the moment is the question of how to foster an entrepreneurial culture amongst the youth. Unfortunately much of the teaching that takes place in schools and support initiatives is very theoretical in nature and doesn’t capture the realities of being an entrepreneur.

TED TUESDAY: The link between unemployment and terrorism


In Mogadishu, 70% of young people suffer from unemployment and often end up involved in terrorism, violence or gangs. According to human rights activist Mohamed Ali, the the solution may lie in entrepreneurship.

Khayelitsha entrepreneur is top student for USB initiative


Thembi Tsotetsi, owner of Kaltsha Glass, a small business in Khayelitsha, is the top student of the Small Business Academy (SBA) of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB). This was announced at a certificate ceremony in Cape Town on 15 November.