OPINION: Let’s stop throwing stones in the well


Anton Ressel took some time to explain how small and medium businesses in South Africa are perceived and how they affect jobs, opportunities and overall growth in the South African economy.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Risking your way out of the nine-to-five

Caprese_Pizza_ 012

How does one make real money in the current South African economy? Bruce Whitfield explains.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Thinking like a thief


Research shows that thieves steal things that they know they will be able to sell quickly and easily. Gareth Osche explains why we should be building businesses with the same mindset.

MANAGEMENT: Grow your small business as if you’re raising a child


Many would argue that raising a child is a lot like growing a business. We take a look at the development process of both a child and business in a highly competitive environment.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Mentorship opportunity with The Hope Factory

Rain cover

The Hope Factory presents struggling businesses in Gauteng with the help of professional business mentors. They have assisted many black-owned small businesses in Johannesburg to get the businesses back on track and profitable over the past two years. We take a look.

REAL ENTREPRENEUR: Edward Moshole’s Chem-Fresh

Edward Moshole

From humble beginnings in Ga-Kgapane in Limpopo to African millionaire, Edward Moshole is working to turn his Chem-Fresh into a R15bn company by 2018. Here he shares his thoughts on company culture and the value of mentorship programmes.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The corporate world or entrepreneurship?

Old entrepreneur

Is it sometimes better to start looking for work immediately after graduating, or should you rather consider starting your own practice? Kobus Engelbrecht from Sanlam Business Market explains what the advantages are for starting your own practice and how you can get started.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: James Caan on the entrepreneurial journey – Pt1

James Caan, Lisa Lllingworth

Journalist Lisa Illingworth spoke to James Caan of Dragon’s Den fame about his Step Up 2 a Start Up initiative for the next edition of Finweek. In this article she speaks to Caan about his own entrepreneurial journey and who is really responsible for the development of SMMEs.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Six ways to raise your kids to be entrepreneurs


We as South Africans – especially the youth – can no longer rely on someone else for financial and career security. We should try to train as many young minds to become entrepreneurs so they can create jobs. We look at six things to include when teaching your kids about entrepreneurship.

STEP RIGHT UP: This week in Finweek


In the 5 June edition on Finweek, we bring you the latest market insights, investment advice, entrepreneurship stories and a word of warning. Find out what to expect here.