INSIGHT: Local franchise sector to continue boom in 2015


The flourishing franchise sector is set to continue making a major contribution to the economy in 2015. The franchise sector is critical for economic growth and job creation.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 21 years of growth in SA

Entrepreneur thinking

Since the first democratic election in 1994, South Africa has witnessed the rise of small businesses and entrepreneurial growth in the past 21 years.

BUSINESS: Franchise sector growing entrepreneurial base

Entrepreneur thinking

Growth in the franchise industry makes it an attractive entrepreneurial investment.

ENTREPRENEUR: Franchise sector to grow entrepreneurship


The franchise sector has a lower failure rate than start-up business. In this article, Gerrie van Biljon explains how franchising can grow entrepreneurship in South Africa.

BUSINESS: JHB to host global entrepreneurship conference

Entrepreneur thinking

The city of Johannesburg has won the bid to host Africa’s first-ever Global Entrepreneurship Congress in 2017.

ENTREPRENEUR: Why some business plans are rejected


Having a good business plan is important to secure investment. Moxima Gama explores why some plans fail to get the desired outcome.

BUDGET: Entrepreneurship to boost employment


Sanlam spokesperson, Gugu Mjadu comments on the entrepreneurship as part of government’s plan to boost job creation through tax incentives.

BUDGET: SME-friendly budget to boost economy


Government’s budget should contribute towards the formation, sustainability and success of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to reduce the unemployment rate and develop the economy. Nazeem Martin says government should support SMEs by encouraging South Africans to pursue entrepreneurship opportunities.

ENTREPRENEUR: Build legacy through succession planning

Old entrepreneur

In order to keep a business’s legacy alive, entrepreneurs need to make sure they have trained up the right people to keep the core business values alive long after they leave.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 10 ways to run a more productive business


Turning your business into a streamlined, productive entity will not only save you time, but also have an impact on your bottom line. Here we share ten ways to make your small business more productive.