OPINION: Investing in shares is like investing in a farm


Investing can be likened to farming. Phillip Mjoli of Sanlam Investments explains why farming is like a long-term investment.

NEWS: JSE improves accessibility and liquidity in the maize market


The JSE improved market accessibility and liquidity in the mini-maize commodity derivatives market by successfully switching the mini-maize contract from a physical settlement to a cash settled contract. Investors can now trade the financial instrument, rather than the physical maize product more easily.

LEGAL: Buying a farm fraught with pitfalls

counting money

Buying a farm in South Africa is an involved and complicated process. Pierre le Roux from Werksmans Attorneys highlights some of the pitfalls of buying a farm in South Africa and emphasizes on what you need to know.

“We can’t force the industry not to use machines”

A new sectoral determination for farm workers, including a new minimum wage, can only be implemented in April next year, labour minister Mildred Oliphant said this afternoon. This, coupled with increased mechanisation on farms is likely to create continued tension between employers and their employees in the coming months.