BUSINESS: Expensive internet holding back small business

Internet transaction

Expensive internet excludes small business from level playing field. Small start ups do not have the budget for high speed internet, whereas bigger businesses are benefiting with the playing field in their favour.

INSIGHT: E-commerce changing traditional business


New age, e-commerce consumers are challenging traditional business models, especially in Africa. Brands need to adapt their business models and strategies in order to remain relevant to consumers.

MANAGEMENT: Brand leadership in the 21st century


The world of business is shifting its focus to brand leadership and management. A brand delivers a unique meaning to add value and connect a product with its target audience, explains Dr Carla Enslin of Vega School of Brand Leadership.

ENTREPRENEUR: Google SA offers workshop to women


With International Women’s Day approaching, Google SA is offering a workshop to women entrepreneurs. The workshop will focus on encouraging women to start digital businesses.

MANAGEMENT: When good enough is enough

Management 2

The “good enough” principle seems counter-intuitive, but it has stood software companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook in good stead. Francois Swanepoel demystifies agility when it comes to innovation.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Why we need competitors


Most entrepreneurs dream of having a market to themselves, free from the threat of competitors. But competition is actually good for business. Colette Symanowitz gives us seven reasons why.

MANAGEMENT: Forget about employee loyalty

happy employees

According to a survey of approximately 250 000 employees at Fortune 500 companies, people are increasingly leaving their jobs for greener pastures. Other global studies also show that employee loyalty is at record lows. We take a closer look.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The secret to a lasting legacy


The average lifespan of a company shrank from 61 years in 1958 to only 18 years today. If you make it past the already gruelling start-up phase, how do you ensure the longevity of your company? Blair Burmeister investigates.

INVESTMENT: What a P/E tells you


Simon Brown talks about P/E ratios (price earnings ratio) when it comes to investments. He looks at the value of the stocks specifically, and when to know that you’re not making a profit.

INVESTMENT: SA sees significant growth in online trading


Online trading in South Africa has increased significantly. Around 10% of the population are expected to trade online in the next five years. We look at factors that have affected the growth spurt in the industry.