OPINION: All you need is air… and bandwidth


South Africa’s bandwidth is due for a new round of disruption with fibre rollout to consumers and the growth of international “over the top” (OTT) services like WhatsApp.

INSIGHT: Google, size and the success paradox


The rise of mobile point-of-sale services in emerging markets has presented opportunities for business, especially in the informal sector. Finweek contributors Mandy de Waal and Jon Pienaar spoke to experts in the digital environment to see how Google is stepping up to shape business.

INVESTMENT: Avoiding “too good to be true” scams


Simon brown unpacks two investment scams. Any offer of quick wealth should be viewed with scepticism, especially if it comes from a stranger cold-calling you.

BUSINESS: eCommerce opportunities for local entrepreneurs


Technological advancements have changed business leading to many opportunities for local entrepreneurs to take in the eCommerce environment.

COVER: Are we heading for another dot-com crash?

This article originally appeared in the 3 April- 9 April 2015 edition of Finweek. Click on the image above to download

In 2014 venture capitalists invested $48.3bn (R581bn) into tech deals. The rise in investment of tech companies has resulted in talk of another dot-com bubble burst. The question it seems, is not whether it will happen but when we should expect it to. Larry Claasen sheds some light.

BUSINESS: Expensive internet holding back small business

Internet transaction

Expensive internet excludes small business from level playing field. Small start ups do not have the budget for high speed internet, whereas bigger businesses are benefiting with the playing field in their favour.

INSIGHT: E-commerce changing traditional business


New age, e-commerce consumers are challenging traditional business models, especially in Africa. Brands need to adapt their business models and strategies in order to remain relevant to consumers.

MANAGEMENT: Brand leadership in the 21st century


The world of business is shifting its focus to brand leadership and management. A brand delivers a unique meaning to add value and connect a product with its target audience, explains Dr Carla Enslin of Vega School of Brand Leadership.

ENTREPRENEUR: Google SA offers workshop to women


With International Women’s Day approaching, Google SA is offering a workshop to women entrepreneurs. The workshop will focus on encouraging women to start digital businesses.

MANAGEMENT: When good enough is enough

Management 2

The “good enough” principle seems counter-intuitive, but it has stood software companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook in good stead. Francois Swanepoel demystifies agility when it comes to innovation.