MANAGEMENT: Forget about employee loyalty

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According to a survey of approximately 250 000 employees at Fortune 500 companies, people are increasingly leaving their jobs for greener pastures. Other global studies also show that employee loyalty is at record lows. We take a closer look.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The secret to a lasting legacy


The average lifespan of a company shrank from 61 years in 1958 to only 18 years today. If you make it past the already gruelling start-up phase, how do you ensure the longevity of your company? Blair Burmeister investigates.

INVESTMENT: What a P/E tells you


Simon Brown talks about P/E ratios (price earnings ratio) when it comes to investments. He looks at the value of the stocks specifically, and when to know that you’re not making a profit.

INVESTMENT: SA sees significant growth in online trading


Online trading in South Africa has increased significantly. Around 10% of the population are expected to trade online in the next five years. We look at factors that have affected the growth spurt in the industry.

DEBATE: Google tax dodge hurts SA online advertising


Google clearly has a significant position in the South African market, but due to an offshore entity, Google has avoided paying local taxes. This makes competing for revenue by digital publishers in South Africa very hard.

Google Reveals 2013 Year in Review


The tech giant releases its list of the topics that got the world talking in 2013.

MANAGEMENT: Lessons in innovation from FNB


Companies who hope to make innovation part of their everyday business could learn a thing or two from one of South Africa’s most innovative brands, FNB.

TRADE IDEA: Google could go to $925


South African investors keen to access international technology companies may be keen to look at tech bell-weather Google Inc. This is according to Serge Berger who operates and comments for Saxo Capital Markets on the platform.

NEWS: BlackBerry looking for a buyer

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What now for BlackBerry? Who would possibly be interested in picking up the pieces – and should users abandon ship? The answer to the latter is “not just yet”. The carriers that provide BlackBerry devices and services will have to keep them running for now, no matter what. So if you have a BlackBerry you can keep it – but you’re highly unlikely to be replacing it with another BlackBerry in the future. If you’re in the market for a phone right now, I’d look elsewhere.

Why the Workplace Matters…and how Google Gets it Right


Fortunately, a handful of companies, mostly in the technology and creative industries, are pioneering a fresh and forward-thinking approach to the workplace. Search-giant Google, which has topped Fortune’s “Best Places To Work” list for the past two years, is a great place to look for inspiration. Beyond providing perks such as bowling alleys, billiard tables, free food, gym memberships, and Wi-Fi-outfitted shuttle rides to the office, the company is conscientiously fostering the emotional and intellectual wellbeing of its staff.