MONEY: What are the rights of the creditor?


Recovering debt is a real challenge for creditors and debt collectors. Just as a consumer has debt collection rights, so does a creditor or debt collector.

MONEY: The difference between good debt and bad debt


It is impossible to go through life without borrowing anything, as a result, South African consumers are indebted. The National Credit Regulator reports that millions of individuals are behind in their debt repayments. But debt can be good if it is a strategic investment into your future.

MONEY: What to consider when applying for a loan


The process of applying for a loan is relatively easy, but you have to ensure that you have all the elements in place to qualify for one.

NEWS: Credit extension slows down


There’s been a slow down in credit extension for all credit types, this is according to the Consumer Credit Market Report and the Credit Bureau Monitor.

NEWS: E-toll reduction brings relief to consumers

An E-toll gantry is seen on the eve of the commencement of Gauteng's roads being tolled by the E-toll system tomorrow. Picture: DANIEL BORN. © THE TIMES

The new e-toll reductions will bring some relief to the debt-load of South Africans. Consumers have had a hard time with debt at R1.427tr.

MONEY 101: Debt review – your lifeline


When you are unable to pay your debt- it’s important to know what your consumer rights are. You might even have to consider going under a debt review.

BUSINESS: Awards ceremony for debt counselling industry


The introduction of The Debt Review Awards will allow industry experts and members of the public to select the best debt counsellor or debt counselling firm for the year. The event will take place at the Midrand conference centre on Saturday June 13.

INSIGHT: Time bomb- unsecured lending and employment


The results of the Levy Africa Network micro-lending and employment survey were released on Thursday, 26 February 2015. Founder, Sarah Levy explains the pressures on the over-indebted workforce caused by unsecured micro-lending.

NEWS: New regulations to curb reckless lending


South Africa has seen a worrying increase in levels of over-indebtedness. It has been announced that due to this problem, regulations to standardise affordability assessments conducted by credit providers, will be published by the Department of Trade and Industry.

NEWS: Credit Amendment Act passed

South Africa

The National Credit Amendment Act has been signed into law and promises to protect consumers against irresponsible or reckless lending practices. The Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies explains what the Act will do for South Africa.