MONEY: Cashing in on your bonus

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Christmas bonuses seem to disappear into the December madness. Here Simon Brown tells you how to spend your bonus wisely.

MONEY: 10 ways to save for your child’s education

Young business education

Parents tend to underestimate the cost of education. In this article we share ten tips to help you secure a good education for your bundle of joy.

MONEY: 5 saving tips you don’t hear enough

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Saving doesn’t have to be dreadful. Here we share five easy-as-pie savings tips to help you get your finances under control by just making a few small changes.

MANAGEMENT: Important financial management mistakes

Ravi Govender

Managing your personal finances apart from your business can result in financial stability for both. In this article, Standard Bank’s Ravi Govender takes us through mistakes to avoid when managing business and personal finances.

SAVING SAVVY: Five habits of women with financial flair

Women and money

Every woman can be financially savvy with the right mindset, a good plan and the ability to say no. In this article, FNB’s Eunice Sibiya offers five tips to help you take control of your financial future in August.

PERSONAL FINANCE TIP: Seven mistakes for young professionals to avoid


When young graduates enter the worklplace, many are often faced with confusion and uncertainty when it comes to managing their finances. We look at seven tips on how young people can determine their financial situation and take control of their financial well being in the long-term.

OPINION: Money for Millennials

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If I had to sum up my journey to personal financial independence at Finweek magazine over the past seven months in one word, I would have to say control. Read more to see what the past seven months has taught me.



Drawing up a budget is often the first step to financial independence. In this article we tell you how to draw up a budget and what to budget for.

BOOT CAMP: Top personal finance tips


It’s never too late (or too soon) to start taking control of your finances. Our boot camp candidates started their journey to financial freedom and now it’s your turn. Here we share a few tips to get you started.

PERSONAL FINANCE: Understanding investment fees

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Before investing it is important to understand how the costs are calculated and charged. The more transparent the costs are, and easy to understand, the more likely the better possible outcome for you. If, however, the costs are complicated or not easy to identify, be very wary as this is a clear sign that you might be in for an unpleasant surprise later on.