MONEY: The value of obtaining the right financial advice


Many people are not equipped to mange their personal finances effectively. Getting the right financial advice from a financial planner makes a huge difference in your standard of living.

VIDEO: Tell your money where to go

Marriage savings

In the second episode of the “Change in your pocket” series by BrightRock focuses on making that pay cheque work for you. Financial Journalist Maya Fisher-French in this episode talks to you about taking control of your money by drawing up the ideal budget.

MONEY: Drawing up a budget is not a one-off process


Debt is a bad idea but it is hard to stay within your personal income limitations. Drawing up a personal budget will help you manage your finances better and help you avoid unnecessary spending and debt.

INSIGHT: Run your personal finances like a business

money laundering

There are similarities in the way successful business owners operate their companies and financially stable individuals control their personal finances. Approach wealth building with an entrepreneurial mindset to manage personal finances.

MONEY: How to haggle prices down in any situation…

Moxima Gama

What most people don’t realise, is that they have the option to negotiate lower prices. To get the lowest price out of a transaction, one needs to follow a few rules, writes Moxima Gama.

MONEY: Invest for income

Simon Pearse

There is a difference between saving money and investing money. Simon Pearce discusses the rules of investing and more.

MONEY: Money tips for young adults

Selfie 2

As a young adult, you’re probably new to the world of budgeting and managing your finances. Here FNB shares a few tips to help you get it right the first time.

INVESTMENT: How news affects share prices

Simon Brown

How long does it take for the news cycle to affect the price of a share? Not long, writes Simon Brown in the 29 January 2015 edition of Finweek. Read the full article here.

PROPERTY: 5 steps to owning your dream home

House 2

Debbie Justus-Ferns of Renprop Residential Resales, says that those who are looking to buy property in the year ahead should ensure they are well prepared in order to ensure a smooth transaction.