INVESTMENT: Boutiques- High risk, high value


Boutiques offer savvy investors the opportunity to reap higher returns, but following a multi-manager approach is recommended, says Greg Flash, Chief Investment Officer of GCI Asset Management.

BUSINESS: Three technologies for any growing business


It is important for small businesses to make investments in “technology fundamentals”. James Smith of Vox Telecom advises on these important technologies to help your business grow.

INSIGHT: The upside of rising interest rates

Repo rate 2

Rising interest rates are an opportunity to improve the country’s saving’s culture. Savings and investments are equally important to small and big businesses.

BUSINESS: 6 Tips for kick-starting an e-commerce site


Joining the world of e-commerce may seem daunting if you’re running a small business, but it is easier than ever to get up-and-running with a digital storefront.

BUSINESS: Top tips all SMEs must know

Idea 5

Real business success is about getting the basics right. Emma Meyer has managed to sustain her family-run business for almost 50 years by doing just that. She shares some of the business tips that have helped her along the way, in providing real solutions for both her customers and her business.

BUSINESS: Best apps and online tools for small businesses


Head of products at MWEB, Rihana Hoosain gives small business owners the low-down on some of the latest and greatest tech solutions to transform their businesses.

ENTREPRENEUR: Last chance to enter competition

Entrepreneur thinking

Entrepreneurs should take their rightful place as pillars of strength in communities and the economy. There’s a chance for them to win prizes, mentorship and media exposure by entering the 2015 Sanlam / Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year competition. Entries close on 16 June 2015.

ENTREPRENEUR: Put your SME in best position to get credit

savings culture

There are specific ways in which you can reassure a bank that your business is capable of repaying any money they lend you, increasing your chances of acquiring credit says Ethel Nyembe.

MONEY: How to fund your small business


When funding your small business, it is important to evaluate all the available opportunities. This includes government, franchising, loans and having a sound business plan.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 21 years of growth in SA

Entrepreneur thinking

Since the first democratic election in 1994, South Africa has witnessed the rise of small businesses and entrepreneurial growth in the past 21 years.