ENTREPRENEUR: Put your SME in best position to get credit

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There are specific ways in which you can reassure a bank that your business is capable of repaying any money they lend you, increasing your chances of acquiring credit says Ethel Nyembe.

MONEY: How to fund your small business


When funding your small business, it is important to evaluate all the available opportunities. This includes government, franchising, loans and having a sound business plan.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 21 years of growth in SA

Entrepreneur thinking

Since the first democratic election in 1994, South Africa has witnessed the rise of small businesses and entrepreneurial growth in the past 21 years.

BUSINESS: Five social media pitfalls SMEs should avoid


Steven Cohen, Managing Director for Sage One Accounting AAMEA, shares some insight on social media pitfalls that small business owners should try and avoid to successfully manage their social media accounts and social conversations with customers.

MANAGEMENT: Five tools for better time management

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Time lost to administration tasks holds businesses back from keeping up with current trends. With the right smart technology in place, hours spent on routine tasks can be saved and redirected to growing profits with better time management.

BUSINESS: Reasons to take your small business into the cloud


SME adoption of the cloud is sure to explode as bandwidth increases, connectivity costs fall, and a new generation of digital entrepreneurs move into business, according to Ivan Epstein of Softline and Sage AAMEA. He gives five reasons to take your small business into the cloud.

BUSINESS: SME survival guide for load shedding

Namibia in power crunch

Small businesses should take steps to protect systems and data from sudden power cuts due to load shedding and power surges that may damage devices when electricity is restored. Daryl Blundell provides some suggestions about how you can manage this reality of daily South African life.

BUSINESS: Expensive internet holding back small business

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Expensive internet excludes small business from level playing field. Small start ups do not have the budget for high speed internet, whereas bigger businesses are benefiting with the playing field in their favour.

BUSINESS: Eight reasons why franchises fail


Buying a franchise doesn’t automatically guarantee success; commitment to developing the skills needed to manage a business is key, says Ethel Nyembe of Standard Bank.

BUSINESS: JHB to host global entrepreneurship conference

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The city of Johannesburg has won the bid to host Africa’s first-ever Global Entrepreneurship Congress in 2017.