INSIGHT: Mobile payment adoption on the increase

money road

One of the biggest challenges faced by small enterprises these days are issues around card-based payments for services rendered at customer sites or local markets. This is due to the high cost of point-of-sale devices needed to process sales. Finweek takes a closer look at the SnapScan trend.

INVESTMENT: Insurance for small businesses

Rain cover

It’s a known fact that insurance is one of the most neglected small-business responsibilities, and not having insurance can create immense complications with your assets. Moxima Gama gives some reasons why a small business should cover itself.

OPINION: Let’s stop throwing stones in the well


Anton Ressel took some time to explain how small and medium businesses in South Africa are perceived and how they affect jobs, opportunities and overall growth in the South African economy.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How your business can prosper


Tough economical times for consumers usually mean very tough times for small businesses. We take a look at the importance of balancing costs and finances in a company during hard times.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The perks of business mentors

Ravi Govender

Starting your own business as a new entrepreneur can be very hard work and very lonely. We take a look at business mentors, someone who can provide support and valuable advice when times get tough.

MANAGEMENT: Grow your small business as if you’re raising a child


Many would argue that raising a child is a lot like growing a business. We take a look at the development process of both a child and business in a highly competitive environment.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: James Caan on the entrepreneurial journey – Pt1

James Caan, Lisa Lllingworth

Journalist Lisa Illingworth spoke to James Caan of Dragon’s Den fame about his Step Up 2 a Start Up initiative for the next edition of Finweek. In this article she speaks to Caan about his own entrepreneurial journey and who is really responsible for the development of SMMEs.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: A business plan is not enough

Entrepreneur thinking

Through the years entrepreneurs have come to rely on business plans to plot a trajectory for their small businesses. However, with more and more companies offering business plans on behalf of entrepreneurs, a new approach is needed to ensure that the entrepreneur is ready for the arduous journey to success.

MANAGEMENT: Surviving 2014 as a Small Business


With the Rand/Dollar exchange rate reaching a record high for the first time in five years, economists continue to emphasize that the South African economy is not out of the woods yet. We look at how small enterprises are going to be affected this year.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEA: How to navigate securing finance for your business in 2014


A common issue raised among local entrepreneurs is the ease of access to business finance, which is often criticised due to the difficulties experienced when attempting to secure funding to either establish, or grow, a business. The reality is that there is money available for entrepreneurs with the right idea.