BUSINESS: Financial literacy skills crucial for SMEs

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Many owners of SMEs do not have the financial literacy skills to effectively manage the full financial component of a growing business. SMEs need to be given support by equipping them with the ability to understand and manage financial structures and to grow business sustainably.

BUSINESS: Why SMEs struggle with cash flow


Delayed payments by clients or customers to SMEs is impacting cash flow in these businesses negatively. This restricts opportunities for expansion and job creation.

NEWS: SA’s emerging companies face multiple challenges

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A report by PwC reveals the challenges some emerging and small enterprises face. Among these are limited market access, funding and skills shortages.

BUSINESS: Building a digital business? Don’t sacrifice agility


If your business is going digital then one of the things to focus on is creating agility. Mobility, cloud computing and connectivity are key aspects for digital business.

NEWS: SA’s top entrepreneurs recognised across sectors


Gil Oved and Ran Neu-Ner, founders and owners of The Creative Counsel were the overall winners of the 2015 Sanlam / Business Partners Entrepreneur of the Year competition. The entrepreneurs were chosen due to the success of their business over the past 14 years of operation.

INSIGHT: What Africa can learn about growing its agribusiness


Agriculture averages 24% of the GDP across the African continent and the World Bank projects that the agribusiness sector will grow to US$1tr by 2030. but there are a number of lessons Africa can learn from China when it comes to achieving this outcome, writes Calestous Juma of Harvard University. This article originally appeared in The Conversation.

MONEY: Africa’s invisible sector- SMEs adopt prepaid SIMs


More consumers have opted for prepaid SIM cards as they are beneficial in monitoring their spend. Small businesses have followed suit as increasing numbers of their employees need mobile connectivity.

INSIGHT: SMEs to promote savings culture


South Africans are not disciplined in savings and it is often up to the employer to initiate savings behaviour. SMEs which account for approximately 60% of the country’s labour force can drive savings culture.

BUSINESS: Choose the right tech to boost your business


Small business owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to technology to create efficiency in their daily operations. What should you look out for when choosing IT solutions for your business needs?

BUSINESS: Pioneering service boosts e-commerce startups

Mobile Payment

There are a number of entrepreneurial e-commerce start-ups but few of them mature into sustainable online businesses. One of the challenges is starting to accept payments for products or services online.