BUSINESS: Limited access to market restricts growth of SMEs


Public and private sectors must help SMEs gain access to market for them to grow by being part of a broader supply chain.

OPINION: Government to translate SME talk into action


In South Africa, we have much to do to get SMEs on the path to success so that they can help create jobs and grow the economy, says Steven Cohen, MD of Sage One.

INSIGHT: Local franchise sector to continue boom in 2015


The flourishing franchise sector is set to continue making a major contribution to the economy in 2015. The franchise sector is critical for economic growth and job creation.

BUSINESS: Potential growth the basis for financing SMEs


Potential growth, rather than achievements, should be the basis for financing SMEs in future. This indicates a shift away from traditional criteria for assessing creditworthines

MANAGEMENT: SA businesses guard against liability risks

Business risk

With the introduction of the new Companies Act, South African businesses are guarding against negligent decisions that lead to liability risks.

BUSINESS: Reasons to take your small business into the cloud


SME adoption of the cloud is sure to explode as bandwidth increases, connectivity costs fall, and a new generation of digital entrepreneurs move into business, according to Ivan Epstein of Softline and Sage AAMEA. He gives five reasons to take your small business into the cloud.

BUSINESS: SMEs prepare for rising costs

Rise market

SMEs are facing a challenging second quarter of 2015 as there are rising costs for doing business. The rising fuel prices and individual tax increases will put more pressure on consumer’s disposable income.

INSIGHT: Economic conditions impact SMEs

Over worked

Poor economic conditions impact confidence levels of South Africa’s SMEs. Slow economic growth, rand volatility and load shedding, impacting business owners’ confidence levels, according to Ben Bierman of Business Partners Limited.

BUSINESS: SMEs # 1 Challenge gets attention

Work 4

The My Business Expo and Access to Finance Indaba are coming up for owners of SMEs to equip themselves in the best way to run their businesses. Different topics with tips for SMEs will be explored.

BUSINESS: Revolutionising business telephony forever


Founders of Euphoria Telecom, George Golding and Conrad de Wet are revolutionizing the way business owners run their communications. This phone service uses the internet as opposed to a traditional analogue landline cabling system.